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Top 10 Best Massage Tables in 2017 Reviews

Massage tables are something much uses in order to help others attain the best comfort possible. You might wonder what the top 10 best massage tables are. This article will give you ten of the best out there, along with the pros and cons of every single table.

Best Massage Tables in 2017 Reviews

10. Master Massage 28610 Montclair Therma-Top Black

Master Massage 28610 Montclair Therma-Top Black
This is one of the best tables with ThermaTop technology out there, which means that the table is heated for extra comfort for the user. It keeps the same temperature the entire time, which will increase muscle relief, and it also helps with circulation. If you’re looking to become a pro at massage, this will help enhance your capabilities.

It has a 3” cushion of small cell foam, which is denser, oil and water-resistant, and is hard to puncture. It can hold up to 750 pounds, with the table only being about 37 pounds. The major con to this is that it requires a power supply, so you’ll need to have a fitting location for this if you choose to buy it.


9. Sierra Comfort RK-IO6FYA6L All-Inclusive

Sierra Comfort RK-IO6FYA6L All-Inclusive
The Sierra Comfort is an all-inclusive massage table bundle that’s worth the price. It comes with the table, accessories, and the sheet as well. It has a 2.5-inch foam desk, with removable face cradle, arm supports and rests, and it’s also water and oil-resistant.

It even comes with fitted sheets, a circle bolster, and oil pouch, and a towel hanger, which makes it one of the best for those that want something functional for a great price. It is a good starter package for those beginning. The most major con is that the patches tend to get dirty, so you’ll need to clean it a lot. They are removable though.


8. Best Massage U1 Burgundy with Carrying Case

Best Massage U1 Burgundy with Carrying Case

This is a beautiful massage table with about 2” of padding, but the frame is a birch hardwood, which means it’s durable and won’t buckle. It has a 450-pound weight capacity, and with the robust bitch, it allows for a sturdy and strong frame.

This is a good one for newer practitioners and students, and with a variety of colors, it gives you quite a few options. The biggest con to this one is that the foam is thin, so it isn’t as comfortable as the other ones might be.


7. Oakworks PKG 3532-T22 Sage

Oakworks PKG 3532-T22 Sage

Oakworks is a simple and basic massage table that’s super quick to install. It’s got an easy patented lock and switch that allows for quick opening and closing, so it’s super portable. The legs are made of North American maple, and it does have an access end panel along with a cable system for a shiatsu massage. The weight capacity of this one is about 500 pounds, and it’s got a 3” foam layer.

The face rest cushions are adjustable, and it also has an arm hammock. It’s a simple one that’s great for homes, small spa areas, and also gyms as well. It’s a compact system that can be kept just about anywhere. The biggest downside to this one is it’s very minimalistic, meaning that you won’t have many accessories included in this.


6. Earthlite Harmony DX Table Package

Earthlite Harmony DX Table Package

For those looking for an eco-friendly massage table, then look no further. This is one that’s made from natural materials, and even has an eco-friendly finish on it. If you’re concerned about the environment, this might be one for you. It’s a premium massage table that’s super easy to use, comes in four colors, and has many features including a face cradle, grip nobs, piano hinge, and some of the softest foam imaginable.

This table fits many of all sizes, and the foam has a soft dual-density so you won’t feel it bottom out. It’s durable, yet supple to touch. The biggest downside to this one is the headrest. It’s not very easy to adjust, and can be quite annoying if you’re working with multiple clients of various sizes.


5. Salonite Professional

Salonite Professional

If you’re looking for a low-priced, but great system, this is a good one for you. this comes with some steel support cables for the hardwood frame, along with a durable cover that is oil and water-proof. The foam is about 2” thick, with a high density, and comes with a headrest that detaches, armrests, and an arm sling.

This folds right up, so it’s quite easy to transport. The feet also don’t mar, so you don’t have to worry about scuffing the floors. The biggest downside to this is the foam isn’t’ very soft, and it’s kind of limited with use. It’s not super high quality, but it’s a great starter table.

buy-from-amazon4. Merax 3-Section

Merax 3-Section

This is a great one if you’re looking for a good table not just for a massage or spa, but for a gym or even a tattoo shop. It has a 27” width to it, so almost all body parts are supported, and it will adjust and support the pressure in an even distribution, making it smooth and comfortable. This is comes with removable side arm rests, along with a headrest that can be adjusted.

The Merax3 has a good backrest that can be adjusted if you plan to use this for different activities other than massages. It has a 500-pound weight limit. The biggest problem with this is that it’s not super thick, and it might be considered too narrow if you’re catering to a large variety of shapes and sizes. It might not be the most elegant table either, so if aesthetics are your concern, it might not be your best bet.


3. Massage Master Olympic LX

Massage Master Olympic LX

The Massage Master Olympic LX great one for those that do work with larger clients, since it is extra-wide and reads at about 32 inches. It’s ideal for those that don’t feel like the smaller tables because of the lack of stability. It is a sturdy model made of Canadian ash, and has a capacity of about 800 pounds. It comes with a music CD to set the mood if you don’t have that already, is super easy to set up, and it has a bolster for added comfort.

The biggest downside to this one, is probably the sheer lack of portability that this has, for it’s not easy to carry, since it’s about 78 pounds, and might be better for those that want to use it in a setting where they won’t be carrying it around. If you want to carry it though, go for it, just remember it’s not super easy to lug around, and you might need another means to move it.

buy-from-amazon2. Healthline Massage Pro

Healthline Massage Pro

For this one, it is a great three-section design that gives you a lot of versatility for those that want to position their clients exactly. It’s got a gorgeous color, that is perfect for really any salon, and the upholstery is super easy to clean. It’s not that hard to put together, and with a giant storage rack underneath, it’s perfect for those that want to have a great addition to their massage space.

It even comes with leg lock knobs that can be used to help hold the person in their better, and the padding is made of 2.5” high density foam deck, which means it’s super comfy to lie down on as well. As for cons, the biggest con with this is probably the fact that this one can’t be used for transport. It’s simply not made to be. You probably want this ideally as a stationary object. Also, the price might be steep unless you’re a professional.

buy-from-amazon1. Earthlite Ellora

Earthlite Ellora

Now this is one of the best stationary models to use in a salon. It has rounded corners on everything for safety, a cushion that is triple-layer and three inches, giving you the best and most comfortable experience you can have. It can be controlled simply by a button, can support about 600 pounds, and it’s super easy to move around due to the wheels at the bottom.

It’s whisper-quiet, hands-free, and it can even be operated with a foot pedal. This can save a therapist’s hands as well. The biggest downside to this one, is the price. It’s super expensive, and unless you’re seriously getting into massage therapy, you might not have the money for this. but, if you do, this is one to certainly check out.


These massage tables are the best around, and most of them are a great price, allowing anyone from a beginner to a seasoned massage therapist to get the table they need.



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