Top 10 Best Women’s Tap Shoes in 2023 Reviews

Are you a great tap dancer and would like to comfortably enjoy the dance? Getting the appropriate tap shoe that will provide the ultimate comfort. The tap shoes now feature in different styles, colors, and shapes; hence you will have a lot of things to check out in making the purchase. There are also myriad tap shoes meant for the adults and kids. With this, you can always select the perfect tap shoe that will offer you the comfort needed. So, what do you need to put into your consideration when buying the tap shoes?

It is vital that you check out a number of features like; style, size, quality of material, and comfort. In addition to this, you will also need to find out the sound and color where necessary. By considering these factors, you will definitely end up with the appropriate tap shoe that will make the dancing enjoyable. Below is a perfect tap shoe buying guide that will help in making a better decision.


Best Tap Shoes Reviews

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10. Bloch Women’s Tap-Flex Tap Shoe

Bloch Women’s Tap-Flex Tap Shoe

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Do you wish to enjoy the best comfort when in the tap dance? In case you do, the Bloch Women’s Tap-Flex Tap Shoe will be a great choice of tap shoe. This quality tap shoe is generally durable and stylish. It is because it has been constructed from quality leather.

In addition to this, the tap shoe also features a leather stacked heel; hence will produce a great sound. The leather split sole is ideal for getting the best support besides allowing for a better freedom to move easily. To offer the intended comfort, this classic shoe features the Kashmir lining. This will help in reducing moisture as it brings about comfort.

  • Leather sole
  • Heel notch
  • Shockwave tap plates
  • Kashmir lining

9. Adult Slide Buckle T9200 Tap Shoes

Adult Slide Buckle T9200 Tap Shoes

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Irrespective of the color you would like when in your tap dance, getting this tap shoe gives you the chance to find your favorite. The tap shoes are now available in tan and black color among others. It is an extremely comfortable tap shoe that features the Achilles pads. With this, you will dance with a lot of freedom.

Additionally, the shoe features the non-lip tap and heel taps that make sure that the shoe offers you more support. You will find these smart shoes excellent for your dance. The buckle straps that have adjustable slide buckles will help in producing an amazing sound.

  • Adjustable slide buckle
  • Achilles pad
  • Non-skid rubber
  • Cushioned sock lining
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8. Theatricals T9500 Adults Lace Up Tap Shoes

Theatricals T9500 Adults Lace Up Tap Shoes

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The lace-up tap shoes are known to be more comfortable and can fit different users. This is due to the fact that one can always adjust the lace to gain the ideal comfort level. This elegant tap shoe is very safe and will guarantee you of the best comfort. This will be attributed to the non-skid rubber patch that has been included to offer safety.

Other than this, the tap shoe also produces the soundboard that you will like. This is because they have the screws on the sole that can be easily adjusted. Since they also feature the cushioned sock lining, they will bring about a great comfort.

  • Soundboard
  • Non-skid rubber patch
  • Cushioned sock lining
  • Lace-up

7. American Ballet Theatre for Spotlights Mary Jane Tap Shoe

 American Ballet Theatre for Spotlights Mary Jane Tap Shoe

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Are you a beginner who needs to learn the tap dance? In case you need a perfect comfort and extra-comfort, then you will require the American Ballet Theatre for Spotlights Mary Jane Tap Shoe. This is one ultimate girls’ shoe that will offer the best comfort needed by the beginners.

The tap shoe has been endorsed as an excellent shoe for all girls. It has been made of the best synthetic material; hence will serve you long enough. The tap shoe has got a hook and loop closure that always makes it simpler to wear and take off. This is also meant for adding additional support and safety.

  • Synthetic material
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Soft cloth insole
  • Modest inches heel

6. Capezio N625 Women’s Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe

Capezio N625 Women’s Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe

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The comfort and fitness of the tap shoes are always some vital factors you have to think about while making the purchase. With the Capezio N625 Women’s Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe, you are guaranteed the best comfort and fitness needed. It is because the shoe features a brushed micro ploy lining that provides excellent comfort.

The shoe also features a synthetic sole with adjustable screws; hence will offer a better support as it boosts the sound system. This great tap shoes will keep the feet secure on the foam-padded footbed and with the synthetic construction, they provide a long-term service.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Grosgrain ribbon tie
  • Tele tone taps
  • Brushed micro ploy lining

5. Dance Class Mary Jane Tap Shoe for Kids

Dance Class Mary Jane Tap Shoe for Kids

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When you have a little kid who would like to begin learning the tap dance, then you will have to get her this smart tap shoe. The tap shoe has been recommended by experts to offer the kids a better and conducive learning condition. This is because they have a lightly cushioned footbed with the arch support.

With this, the kid will easily balance when dancing. The shoes also feature the synthetic sole, which is safe and offers better freedom of movement. Besides this, the tap shoes come in different sizes. There are those meant for kids of 1-4 ages and for 4-8 ages.

  • Synthetic sole
  • Lightly cushioned footbed
  • Faux leather dance shoe
  • Attached taps at toe and heel

4. BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Shoes

BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Shoes

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For an enhanced sound in the tap dance, these high-quality tap shoes will perfectly suit you. They have got cast aluminum taps that are meant for producing the best sound. The smart tap shoes are also known for providing a great support.

It is because they feature the heel counter that will always add an extra-support. They are ideal tap shoe for adults and have been constructed with synthetic vamp and rubber outsole.

  • Cast aluminum taps
  • Rubber outsole
  • Heel counter
  • Full toe box

3. Capezio 3800 Mary Jane Tap Shoe

Capezio 3800 Mary Jane Tap Shoe

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The Capezio 3800 Mary Jane Tap Shoe is one great tap shoe that has been recommended for the little and big kids. They are safe tap shoes that feature shock-absorbing foam insole. This will make sure that you stay comfortable and stable. The shoes also have rubber soles and taps that will improve the sound quality. These manmade shoes have been constructed to enhance the learning ability of all beginners.

They now come in various colors that will make you find the kid’s favorite color. Other than this, they are also affordable shoes that will serve for relatively longer. With a heel of about one inch long, the kid will always move comfortable and with a lot of ease.

  • Rubber sole
  • Shock-absorbing foam insole
  • Attached taps at toe and heel
  • Removable clip-on bow

2. Theatricals Neoprene T9100 Adults Tap Shoes

Theatricals Neoprene T9100 Adults Tap Shoes

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Are you a tap dancer expertise and wish to enjoy the dance? These are the perfect tap shoes that will greatly enhance the dancing style. They are extremely comfortable and with the adjustable screws, they will produce a great sound. With the innovative neoprene arch insert, you will find it simpler to slip on and off.

Apart from this, these tap shoes are also versatile as they accommodate different foot widths. They also feature the molded taps that will improve the sound as you dance. With these budget-friendly shoes, you will definitely like the dance. Finding these shoes in the next 24 hours only require placing an order right away.

  • Molded taps
  • Innovative neoprene arch inserts
  • Leather upper
  • Non-skid rubber patch

1. Capezio N625C Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe

Capezio N625C Jr. Tyette Tap Shoe

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Here is another top quality tap shoe that is ideal for the kids. This tap shoe has been constructed from the quality synthetic material; hence will serve longer. The shoe features the foam-padded footbed that makes them extremely comfortable. This is the reason why the shoe provides a great comfort needed.

They also have synthetic soles that make them excellent for a perfect tap dance. These glossy tap shoes also feature the removable grosgrain ribbon tie, which is the appropriate style of tap shoes for the kids.

  • Foam padded footbed
  • Synthetic sole
  • Grosgrain ribbon tie
  • Firm heel counter

Tap Shoe Buying Guide

If you need to engage in the best tap dances, then finding the ideal tap shoe is always a priority. Here are some of the main things that will make it simpler getting the right tap shoe.

  •  Fitness and Comfort: These are the two main crucial factors that you will need to check out when shopping the ultimate tap shoe. The tap shoes come in various sizes, which mean that you will come across different sizes. Despite this, you are advised that you need to check out for the comfort and fitness of the shoe. The fitter and comfortable the tap shoe the more comfortable you will engage in the dance. It is also crucial to note that the sizes of the range of sizes of the tap shoes don’t match the normal shoes. You shouldn’t, therefore, buy based on the size of the shoes you always put on. In most cases, it is advisable that the ideal tap shoe needs to fit you snugly. This is due to the fact that the shoe requires stretching as they create some space for the feet of the dancer. This is what will offer you a perfect dancing condition.
  •  Tap Shoe Style: Other than fitting and comfort, the style of the tap shoe is another factor you will have to check out. It is because the style, color, and shapes of the tap shoes will always change based on the expertise and age of the dancer. For the beginners, you are advised to go for tap shoes with the one ribbon tied on the bow at the top. They are mainly referred to as the Mary Jane style tap shoes. This style of tap shoe is recommended for the beginners as it offers a great support for balance and security. With this, any young dancer will easily get used to the ropes of the tap dance. Even though the tap shoes with heels are kind of tricky to balance on, they are the most preferred by the experienced or adult tap dancers. The alternative to the heeled tap shoe is the flat leather oxford that is also used by a number of elder dancers. For the female dancers, you are advised to go for the split-sole shoes. These will allow you to double tap, which will aid in generating a number of clicks for every beat. Lastly, the pointe shoes are also preferred by the women as they enable the dancer to stay focused on the performance and center work.
  • Tap Shoe Sound: It is also important that you consider the sound of the tap shoe before buying it. Since these shoes have got different screws on the taps, you need to get a tap shoe with the adjustable screws. With this, you will be able to produce a great sound by either tightening or loosening the screw. Additionally, you will also think about the price of the shoe and color when making the order. With these simple considerations, you will finally end up with the modest tap shoe for a perfect dance. Here are the top 10 best tap shoes to check out.


For the ideal and comfortable tap shoes, the above selections give you a wide range of options. They are high-quality tap shoes that will make the dancing really enjoyable. The shoes have also been designed with the best taps on the soles to aid in producing an amazing sound quality. You will be able to find the best tap shoes for both kids and adults. Additionally, based on the color and style you prefer, you will always get it from the above options.

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