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Top 10 Best Weighted Blankets in 2019 Reviews

A weighted blanket basically refers to a special kind of blanket that’s used to help in calming people who usually have trouble sleeping. This blanket is normally filled with a unique lightweight beading which applies gentle pressure to the body. This pressure is essentially a sensory input for people with disorders that prevent them from sleeping. This pressure offers proprioceptive input to one’s brain, leading to the release of serotonin within the body.

Serotonin hormone refers to a calming chemical. When it’s released in the body, it can help people to sleep peacefully. Any person who’s having trouble sleeping might benefit from this calming effect of weighted blankets. Patients and doctors have seen many drastic improvements in their sleep patterns by using weighted blankets for various conditions.

With many weighted blankets on the market today, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best blanket that will meet your personal needs. If you’re looking for the best-weighted blanket, then don’t worry. This article highlights the top 10 best-weighted blankets in 2019 reviews along with the pros and cons of each product.

Best Weighted Blankets Reviews

ZZZhen 1 Weighted Premium Heavy Blankets-Calm Sleeping for Adult and Kids, Durable Quilts and Quality Construction for Year-Round Use-48''72'' 15LBs, Grey
YEMYHOM 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets Adult 15 lbs 48
Good Knight Weighted Blankets For Autism | ADD | Stress | Anxiety | 60
Amy Garden All-Seasons 7 Layers Cotton Preminum Weighted Blanket (48
YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket with Bamboo Viscose, Cold to Touch 100% Bamboo Face, 20 lbs 60
Premium Weighted Blanket, Perfect Size 60
ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket 15 lbs | 48''x72'' | Cooled Weighted Blanket for Adults 130-160 lbs | Grey | Premium Cotton with Glass Beads | Gift for Your Loved
YnM Weighted Blanket (10 lbs for Kids, 41''x60'') | 3.0 Heavy Blanket | 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads, Deers Print
YnM Weighted Blanket (15 lbs, 48''x72'', Twin Size) | 2.0 Cool Heavy Blanket | 100% Cotton Material with Glass Beads.
Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover | 20 lbs | 60

10. BUZIO Weighted Blanket

BUZIO Weighted Blanket

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LUNA Weighted Blanket generally make quality weighted blankets in several color choices, materials, and sizes. As such, there’s something for everyone. They have a 100 percent organic cotton weighted blanket that feels amazing. The blankets have also featured on the NBC’s show Parenthood.

LUNA Weighted blankets come in many different sizes ranging between 30 by 48 inches up to 41 by 72 inches. The weight ranges between 4lbs to 20lbs. The blankets also come in different materials like flannel, cotton, and fleece so there’s a perfect material for any climate that you live in.

  • Great for the sensory input
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Not quite portable enough for travels


9. Cotton Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea for Adults

Cotton Weighted Blanket by Weighted Idea for Adults

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Do you need a safe and naturally healthy weighted blanket as couples? This is one great pick of the blanket that will serve you better and longer. It is 100% breathable and with the natural cotton, you will find it excellent for daily use. Other than this, the weighted blanket is filled with non-toxic material that is also hypoallergenic.

This makes it ideal for all couples as it will give the best relieve to both anxiety and stress. Apart from this, the weighted blanket is sold in all sizes; hence depending on the size of your bed, you will definitely get the best selection. It is simple to maintain since it is machine wash blanket. In addition to this, the blanket is also cost-effective and a perfect pick for you.

  • Different sizes and weight
  • 100% breathable natural cotton
  • Cost effective blanket
  • Last relatively long
  • Though its fabric feels soft, this blanket overall doesn’t feel fluffy enough


8. Good Knight Weighted Blankets

Good Knight Weighted Blankets

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This New Version Weighted Blanket is among the best-weighted blankets that you can get today thanks to the added puffiness of padding that makes the sensory pressure to be more enjoyable. The blanket comes in 3 soothing color combinations with sizes from 40 by 30 inches up to 72 by 54 inches.

The weighted Blanket comes in weights that range from 5lbs to 25lbs. in addition, the tufted pattern distributes the weight evenly throughout this blanket. This feature will also prevent it from sliding off your bed at night. The pillow’s soft texture is also amazingly comfortable.

  • This product comes with the customization features as per your required weight and size
  • They are 100% cotton which has been evenly spread out by the professional sewer
  • Made from pure cotton so they won’t be able to go on for longer time period

7. Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

Amy Garden Weighted Blanket

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The NAP blanket from Brookstone is a preferred model for many people because of thanks to its NapSoft fabric. The super soft materials usually feel ultra-luxurious against the skin, and it will lure you into a peaceful and calming rest.

The model measures 54 by 72 inches, and it comes in a beautiful champagne color that shall compliment all home decors. This weighted blanket weighs around 12 lbs. as such, it’s the best pick for people weighing more than 120 lbs. In addition, it has a great machine washable cover which makes it easy to keep clean.

  • Actually helpful for many sleeping disorders
  • Soft and lush
  • Beads usually fall away from the side sleepers


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6. CALMFORTER Premium Weighted Blanket

CALMFORTER Premium Weighted Blanket

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The CALMFORTER Premium Weighted Blanket looks appealing and luxurious at the same time. The fabric also comes in 4 color choices and it feels extra smooth. Furthermore, it features a dotted texture pattern on each side of the cover for users to grab in case of fidgeting. Its cover comes off easily which means the washing process is less of a hassle.

This blanket has TECHNOLOGY for the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. It is highly recommended for adults because it’s a full-sized weighted blanket. The Evenflow technology ensures that pressure is distributed evenly around the blanket. In case you’re an adult with a relatively small body structure, you can adjust its dimensions by folding this blanket. By doing so, you’ll be able to use just portions of this blanket.

  • Easy to carry around the house
  • Visually attractive super soft
  • Not easy to carry it around


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5. Premium Weighted Blanket

Premium Weighted Blanket

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TheWeighted Blankets for Adults and Children is one convenient blanket that all couples will find perfect. This is due to the fact that the blanket works by reducing stress and anxiety as it utilizes organic compression. It is of the best quality with sensory sensitive Minky dots to bring about the smoothness whenever you sleep.

Other than this, the blanket is available in multi-colors, which you can easily choose from. Apart from this, the natural remedy of the blanket aids in boosting the stimulation of pressure and triggers the brain. In addition to this, the weighted blanket features the tactile comfort that will offer a gentle and soft protection nook. This will also enhance the stimulation of a perfect feeling.

  • Comes in many different colors, sizes, and weight
  • 100 percent cotton fabric and non-toxic hypoallergenic plastic pellets
  • The blanket is quite expensive


4. ZonLi Soft Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Soft Weighted Blanket

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You can now enhance the sleep and get the best stress relief by getting this quality weighted couple blanket. The blanket is known to have extra-weight that will aid in calming the nervous system of the body. This is what brings about the best relaxation when you sleep. It is recommended for the couples since it has a relatively large size.

This will suit different bed sizes; hence an excellent pick for all couples. The 100% washable cotton material aids in easy cleaning of the blanket. Additionally, the quality weighted blanket also helps with the sensory conditions. This is due to the fact that it enhances the nervous benefits to both adults and teens. Besides aiding in relieving pressure, the blanket is also recommended for aiding with ADHD, ADD, and sensory. It is also available in different weights to choose from.

  • Has a greater value for money
  • Offers comfortable sensory flexibility and stimulation
  • Improves sleep
  •  Ideal size for everyone
  • Aids in sensory conditions
  • Budget-friendly blanket
  • The cleanup process is quite difficult


3. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket


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This premium weighted blanket form InYard is a cozy tufted comforter and perfect for all types of weather. The blanket is made in the USA, and it is a great option for the younger kids. It also comes in different weight sizes ranging from 4 to10 lbs. You also have the choice of picking a cool navy blue color, or a fun safari print.

The InYard weighted blanket comes in different sizes from 36 by 48 inches up to 41 by 60 inches. The blanket will make you feel like you’re receiving a giant hug! The navy weighted blanket is fleece on one of the sides, with polyester material on the other side. On the other hand, the safari print blanket is all cotton. The navy option is a better pick in case you live in cold weather climates, while the cotton blanket is great for those in warmer areas.

  • Evenly distributed weight all over the blanket
  • Designed by perfectionists
  • Not quite easy to clean


2. YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket, 100% Natural Bamboo Viscose

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YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket by weighted for Adults is exceptional because they’re made out of soft and minky cuddle fabric. Every blanket features a removable case thus making it easy to be washed by machine. In addition, it is available in 3 calming color options that are perfect for relaxation.

The Weighted Blanket usually range in sizes from 40 by 30 inches up to 72 by 54 inches, and they come in various weights ranging from 5 to 25lbs. They’re among the comfiest blankets around. However, they might not be the best choices for people who usually get hot when sleeping, since the blanket’s fabric is quite warming.

  • Luxury material
  • Machin washable
  • Dryable and easy to wash
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Quite expensive

1. Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

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Quality Premium Adult blankets is a delightful addition to any bedtime atmosphere. The feature that sets these weighted blankets apart from competitors is the sand pellet filling. Glass or plastic pellets are usually fine but some people might still want to avoid the feeling solid forms of the pellets. Sand pellets usually give these blankets more flexibility and delicacy. The inner cotton layers combined together with sand pellets and the soft microfiber filling makes the blanket squishy just like other higher priced models.

The safety of the weighted blanket is determined by the types of material filled in the blanket. This weighted couple blanket has been filled using odorless premium beads, which are hypoallergenic. This makes it 100% safe; hence ideal for the couples. Other than this, the blanket comes in all sizes and colors you may need. Due to this, you will always get the right size and favorite color selection. It has a new sewing design that makes it perfect for any bed. The blanket is also machine washable, which makes the maintenance easy. Besides this, it is relatively lightweight and this will aid in relieving pressure from the joints. The cost is affordable and provides up to three years warranty.

  • Great for anxiety, OCD, ADHD, autism
  • Available in many different sizes and weights
  • Premium material
  • Soft to touch removable cover
  • None


There is the top list provides for your consideration, this information you will need so as to see how your sleep patterns can be improved using a weighted blanket. Just remember to consult a physician concerning the perfect size, more so if you’re purchasing for your child.

Weighted blankets usually make great gifts for those who are fussy sleepers, people who travel quite often, and people with light sleep. Ensure that you choose one that’s made of your favorite material, and you will have a weighted blanket that you will be using for years to come! Happy shopping!















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