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Top 10 Best Motorcycle Lifts in 2017 Reviews

Do you own an ATV or a bike? Then you can be in agreement with the fact that regular maintenance is paramount. This is because it is not a single time that you have been required to go under the belly of your bike in order to fix one or two things. This is the reason why numerous motorcycle lifts have come to develop.

Best Motorcycle Lifts in 2017

Today, motorcycles are common than they were a decade ago. This means that the motorcycle lifts have also been developed at a greater rate since the demand is also high. It is for this reason why you should be keen on which motorcycle lift you intend to purchase since you should only get the best. Below is a list of the top 10 best motorcycle lift in 2017 and they come in high quality for top-notch performance.

10. Titan MLJ-1000B Motorcycle Lift, Black

10. Titan MLJ-1000B Motorcycle Lift, Black

This is a motorcycle lift that comes with great capabilities and superior features. It is a motorcycle lift that since it was introduced on the market the world of lifts has gone to a new whole level. It comes with features that only specific to it, you cannot find them on other models on the market today. Some of the unique features include the steel safety bar which has 6 positions for locking.

This is dependent on the choice of height that you choose to lift your bike. These locking positions play an important role of providing you with extra safety degree just in case you face an unforeseen mishap. It has 2 saddle adapters that it features and are easily adjustable depending on your bike’s belly size. The adapters are fitted with rubber pads for your bike’s frame scratch prevention.


9. Central Hydraulics motorcycle lift

#9. Central Hydraulics motorcycle lift

This is a heavy duty motorcycle lift and so it can be used with a heavy motorcycle or ATV. This is a hydraulic lift that has been introduced on the market by Central Hydraulic. If you are looking for a hydraulic operated motorcycle lift, then you would never be wrong with this one. Its maximum working height is 16 inches.

This is above the floor and the motorcycle lift has a capacity of 1500 lbs. to increase its convenience, you can make a choice of locking it at 4 various heights. A foot-activated pump is what it uses making it one of the best hydraulic motorcycle, on the market today.


8. Dragway 350 LB motorcycle lift

#8. Dragway 350 LB motorcycle lift

Do you have a light bike and you are searching for the best motorcycle lift for it? Then this is the best motorcycle lift for light bikes and it is highly affordable. It has entirely been constructed using steel in a sturdy manner. It can handle up to a maximum of 350 lbs. it is highly portable due to its size as well as its weight.

Therefore, you can be able to move it from the garage to the track or shop. It can either be used for storage or maintenance purposes. To prevent your bike from slipping when it is on this lift, there is a safety guarantee by a rubberized pad.


7. ATD 7461 motorcycle lift

#7. ATD 7461 motorcycle lift

You do not have to risk breaking your back while trying to move or lift heavy tools from one location to another. This is because you should use this motorcycle lift as your help to raise your lawn, garden tractor, snowmobiles and motorcycles among others.

This means that the motorcycle lift is highly versatile as you can use it for various purposes. It has 3 locking positions for your safety. As you work with it, there is increased stability from its tie down straps and rubberized saddle. It is highly portable.


6. Pro380047 hydraulic motorcycle lift

#6. Pro380047 hydraulic motorcycle lift

This is a motorcycle lift that has been constructed in such a way that durability is enhanced and also in a way that lifting heavy objects turns into a breeze. It has an amazing load weight capacity of 1700 lbs as enhanced by its hydraulic powered pump.

To keep you as well as your bike from accidents, this motorcycle lift comes with the automatic safety lock, which is a unique feature. The hydraulic pump of this motorcycle lift is operated with your foot. As a result of this, you can stabilize or support your motorcycle or ATV with your hands.


5. Zeny wide deck motorcycle lift

#5. Zeny wide deck motorcycle lift

This is a scissor motorcycle lift that is an ideal addition to your workshop and carport. This is because it is highly affordable and also because it is highly versatile.

It comes with a development that is very sturdy and can easily support at most 1100lbs. This lift is crank operated and it can easily be removed when the need arises. It comes with a lifting range of between 9 and 43 centimeters.


4. XtremepowerUS scissor center motorcycle lift

#4. XtremepowerUS scissor center motorcycle lift

This is a motorcycle lift that has been highly rated by its users. The users have also recommended it to anyone who has not used due to its top notch performance. It comes with an entire solid steel construction and blue and black powder coated finish.

The load is lifted using a crank on the adjustable deck. You can be able to lift various bikes effortlessly through the help of its 2 screw adapters.


3. Black window motorcycle lift

#3. Black window motorcycle lift

Are you in search of a compact and lightweight motorcycle lift? Well…. This black window motorcycle lift is something you should take interest into. It squarely fits the description of what you are looking for. It is a lift with an irresistible compatible with touring bikes and cruisers.

It comes with a maximum weight capacity of 1100 lbs. The maximum height it can lift a load is between 3.75 inches and 16.25 inches. However, you can add to the height with the help of its 2 adapters that are removable.


2. Powerbuilt 620422E triple lift

#2. Powerbuilt 620422E triple lift

This is one of the best motorcycle lifts that you will find on the market today. It is highly versatile and affordable as well. It features a heavy duty construction which makes it be highly durable. It is very user-friendly and it does not need skills to operate it.

It can lift up to 4000 lbs and features a patented design. The design of this motorcycle lift makes it and helps it to accommodate various vehicle frames.


1. Dragway wide deck motorcycle lift

#1. Dragway wide deck motorcycle lift

This motorcycle is one of the best that you will find on the market. It tops the top 10 best motorcycle lift in 2017 list. It can support various motorcycle models according to how it has been designed. It is really wide as it comes with a platform that measures 16 inches by 10 inches. The platform for lifting features a rubber padding which grips your motorcycle’s bottom firmly for stability and balance. It can be accessed from the track and garage shops.

While you have to choose between buying a scissor or a hydraulic motorcycle lift, the best between the two is hydraulic lifts in this niche. However, any of the above motorcycle lifts is a great choice for your motorcycle. They all come with a reasonable price tag on them so that anyone interested can be able to afford them. Buy one of the above motorcycle lifts today for an easier and effortless motorcycle lifting experience.



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