Top 10 Best Baby Bath Tubs in 2022 Reviews

At the early stages of childhood, babies are taken care of in every possible way; parents and guardians are solely responsible for child care. One way to take care of them is to give them a nice bath in a good tub. It is so sad that not many can boast of a great tub to use at home for kids, which is why this guide on the top 10 best baby bath tubs in 2022 is crucial.

Many brands have done so much to introduce top-quality bathtubs on the market, but not all are perfect as it seems. In some instances, the material may be less; in others, the size may not be the perfect fit. As you go through the following reviewed products, ensure you are intentional about what you want; also, use the buying guide section if you ever need help.

Best Baby Bath Tubs 

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10. TOLEAD Collapsible Small Pets Bath Tub with Drainage Hole


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One of the ideal choices of bathtubs with unlimited use is the TOLEAD Collapsible Small Pets Bath Tub. It is quite multifunctional and even suitable for most outdoor occasions, including camping. This bathtub works best for babies, but could also be used for small pets, less than 22 lbs.

This foldable bathtub is a good space-saver, as it gives room for more storage; its collapsible and lightweight body makes it more useful in different scenarios. TOLEAD Bath Tub comes with a unique feature that makes water removal easy and seamless – a Drainage Hole. Since it is made of durable, heavy-duty plastic with no smell and toxicity, it is indeed BPA-free and safe to use.

  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Removes water easily
  • Perfect also for small pets
  • Good space-saver
  • Suitable to use both indoors and outdoors
  • None
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9. Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub

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Are you looking for a two-stage bathtub, and it seems almost impossible? Boon Naked 2-Position Collapsible Baby Bathtub is a good choice you’ve got. It is known for its comfort and convenience and its stable and secure positioning of toddlers and newborns.

The baby tub features a perfect recline position for newborns and a fully-expanded basin for older babies. Also, it comes with a slim one-piece design with a hook that makes storage simple and easy. With the presence of a drain plug, getting water out of the bathtub quickly and efficiently isn’t a problem.

  • Perfect for all baby ages
  • It gets rid of water easily
  • Fancy design for easy storage
  • Stable and Secure
  • Durable body material
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • None

8. EZYCOK Inflatable Baby Bathtub with Air Pump


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For children who would like to spend some quality time having fun and taking a bath, the EZYCOK Inflatable Baby Bathtub is an executive choice out of many. It comes with an air pump to improve its use, especially for toddlers. Moreover, it is a foldable tub, making it travel-friendly and easy to use.

This baby bathtub is BPA-free, which means it contains standard PVC materials that are non-toxic, durable, and soft on a baby’s skin. Also, safety and comfort are guaranteed due to the tub’s non-slip design. EZYCOK Inflatable Baby Bathtub with Air Pump is indeed a safe option for indoor and outdoor use.

  • A perfect gift idea for babies
  • Safe and durable PVC material
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Travel-friendly and Portable
  • Worth a good value for money
  • None

7. Ganen Portable Baby Bath Tub

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The traditional look of Ganen Portable Baby Bath Tub makes it one of the best family choices. It is a flexible tub suitable for newborns and toddlers, as it is plain simple in design. Although it looks a little extra from a distance, it is uniquely foldable; thus, it is a space-saver, making storage easy and seamless.

This bathtub is made of high-quality TPE and PP materials that guarantee safety and durability – BPA-free. The interior of the tub contains a non-slip base to prevent slipping and sliding in any way. More importantly, Ganen Portable Baby Bath Tub is perfect to use both at home and during travels.

  • Safe and Convenient for toddlers and newborns
  • Durable and Easy to use
  • A good space-saver
  • Perfect for all indoor and outdoor use
  • Deep roomy
  • None

6. Boon Soak Adjustable Three-Stage Baby Bathtub

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Another perfect choice of Boon Soak bathtub is the Adjustable Three-Stage Baby Bathtub, for infants, toddlers, and newborns. It is known for its adjustable positioning (the bump) and water temperature aided by the drain plug.

The tub is made of a solid piece of plastic and polyvinyl chloride with no holes to prevent bacteria’s growth. Furthermore, its design consists of a contoured back wall with non-slip foam for good positioning. Boon Soak Adjustable Three-Stage Baby Bathtub is no doubt useful and fits perfectly even into double sinks.

  • Adjustable bump to maintain position
  • Limits the growth of bacteria
  • Good temperature control
  • Quite versatile and effective
  • Suitable for all kids between the ages of 0 to 18 months
  • A perfect freestanding bathtub for homes and travels
  • None

5. Summer Splish ‘n Splash Baby Bath Tub


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From newborns to toddlers, Summer Splish’ n Splash Baby Bath Tub comes at a great value for use. It includes a newborn fabric sling, a cushioned support, a parent assist tray, and a drain plug for maximum efficiency. There is also a drain plug that makes bathing and cleaning easier and faster.

The bathtub comes with a simple and convenient design that makes it easy to go through three different bathing stages. Furthermore, the bathtub has a padded recline and support to ensure babies sit comfortably in it without slipping or sliding. Summer Splish’ n Splash Baby Bath Tub is a good space-saver, and it guarantees ultimate convenience with several features.

  • Supportive and Comfortable
  • A good space-saving design
  • Sturdy and Lightweight
  • Convenient to use
  • It comes with a ton of vital features
  • Gets through the three bathing stages easily
  • None
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4. Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub

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If what you want from a baby bathtub has to be more than most conventional ones, Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling’ n Seat Tub is an ideal option to choose. This four-stage convertible bath center comes with several features: a squeeze bottle, a whale scoop, etc., so kids could have fun while bathing. It is quite attractive since its design is holistic, with multicolor.

The first stage of Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Sling’ n Seat Tub is a soft mesh sling, perfectly made for newborns for a good bathing experience. The second and third stage is for infants – a baby stopper to prevent slipping and sliding and sit-me-up support. The final stage is a roomy toddler tub design, making it versatile and suitable for long-term use.

  • It comes with 4 unique bathing stages
  • Comfortable and Convenient
  • Packaged with different accessories for gentle rinsing and playing
  • Beautiful multicolor design
  • Good space-saver and easy to clean
  • None

3. Blooming Bath – Baby Bath

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An incredible way to bathe your baby with Polyester Plush is with Blooming Bath – Baby Bath. This tub is an extraordinary alternative to most traditional baby baths that you have encountered in the past. It is worth the value for money, based on the kind of features and convenience it offers to kids.

Blooming Bath – Baby Bath is only suitable for kids between 0 to 6 months; however, it is soft and cuddly, making it a good choice for newborns. This bathtub’s design is quite perfect since it could fit into most sink sizes effortlessly. Overall, the baby bathtub has a cradle and cushion material that enhances a hassle-free bathing experience.

  • Comfortable and Cuddly
  • Suitable for all sink sizes
  • Fun with exclusive features for ultimate use
  • Only a good choice for newborns and early infants

2. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub: Moby 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub

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Of the many names on the market, Skip Hop is one of the best producers of Baby Bath Tubs with top-tier quality and performance. The Moby 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub is yet one of their best products with a freestanding installation and an oval shape for comfort and convenience. It is made of Plastic and Polyvinyl Chloride for easy use and the prevention of bacteria in holes.

This baby bathtub has an ergonomic design, following both upper and lower positions, with the Comfort-Edge Support and Locks. It also features a drain plug and swivel hook to get rid of water without giving a chance to microorganisms. Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub: Moby 3-Stage Smart Sling Tub has a non-slip interior, making it safe and a good choice for newborns to toddlers.

  • Easy installation
  • Safe and Easy to use
  • No sliding or slipping
  • Ergonomic positions for comfort and convenience
  • No toxic smell
  • Grips well with secure footing
  • None

1. W WEYLAN TEC Large Foldable Bath Tub


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A more advanced bathtub bath suitable for newborns and even kids above 18 months is W WEYLAN TEC Large Foldable Bath Tub. It is an impressive choice, as it can fit in two babies for a bubble bath without losing its quality. Moreover, it keeps a kid warm for as long as possible, with no risk of bacteria growth that could affect health.

This baby bathtub is a chest-deep water tub with a solid and stable interior to prevent slipping and sliding. Also, the Plastic, Rubber, and Polypropylene materials are thick and durable; thus, it is BPA-free and safe. W WEYLAN TEC Large Foldable Bath Tub is a good choice to have both indoors and outdoors due to its multifunctional and space-saving design.

  • Safe and Durable
  • No odor
  • Versatile and Useful
  • Suitable for small apartments and outdoor purposes
  • Maintains warmth
  • None

Buying Guide of Best Baby Bath Tubs

If you are thinking of choosing any of the best baby bathtubs reviewed above, then you should consider the following factors to pick what is right for your kids:

  • Size: Every child has different weights or sizes; using a less bathtub would only make it uncomfortable and inconvenient. Therefore, pick a bathtub with a size equivalent or more to get a great bathing experience.
  • Bath Stages: Most bathtubs’ design comes with a different number of stages for effective use. These stages describe the category of kids that can use them – Newborns, Infants, or Toddlers. If you have a toddler, going for a 2-stage bathtub is only a waste of money.
  • Material:  The material used to make these bathtubs are quite important, as they guarantee stability, sturdiness, durability, longevity, and most importantly, safety.


As you prepare to get any of the top 10 best baby bathtubs in 2022, you should realize that your kid’s comfort and convenience during bathtime is of the essence. Therefore, you should try to pick what you think would be great for them and use it properly for a hassle-free experience.

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