Top 10 Best Bones Reds Bearings in 2020 Reviews

The Bones Red Bearings are the best bearings you will find in the market right now for longboards now. Their popularity is attributed to the ease of cleaning that they have and the less friction they have which makes you enjoy a smooth ride. They also spin fast due to their strong nylon inner track construction. You will also not have to spend too much cash on owning one even with the fact that you get them with spacers.

However, even though the brand is known to produce quality bearings, some bearings are more superior to others. That is why you need to be informed before buying one to ensure you get Bones Reds Bearings that will give you a smooth ride. Below is a guide on top 10 best Bones Reds Bearings in the market right now.

Best Bones Reds Bearing Review

10. Bones Reds Bearings Precision

Bones Reds Bearings Precision

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This is a pack that comes with two bearings which are sufficient for one skateboard wheel. With an inner diameter of 8 mm and 22 mm for the outer diameter, you can trust these bones reds bearings to give you a stable and smooth ride.

Maintaining the bearings clean is not a problem. You only need to remove the shields for convenient cleaning. This will make them last for a long time. If need bearings for just one wheel, this product can be a good try.

  • Has a good fit
  • Ideal for the center in spinners
  • Have two single bearings
  • Easy to clean
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9. Bones Super Reds Bearings

 Bones Super Reds Bearings

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This comes as an eight pack set consisting of speed rings, speed cream, and spacers. Installing of these bearings is not a problem. You will not need any special tools or skills or even have to hire professional help. Their exceptional performance will amaze you.

They are relatively low priced which makes it affordable for the people with a low budget but still want to acquire some quality set of Bones Reds Bearings. Despite being cheaply prized, these bearings will serve you for a long period.

  • Installation is simple
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent performance
  • Speed rings and Speed cream are included

8. Bones Reds Bearings Race X8 608mm


Bones Reds Bearings Race X8 608mm


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These are uniquely designed bearings that will give you a nice experience when using them. Speed rings or spacers are not required to use these bearings which make it easy to change wheels. This comes in handy when you will be in different environments which will require different wheels. When you want to clean the bearings, you only need to remove the Non-contact frictionless shield for thorough cleaning. Each bearing’s inner race has a groove in the inside to get rid of weight and give you the flexibility to remove and insert easily using a Bones Bearing tool.

When you buy these bearings, you won’t need to buy washers or spacers. The extended race replaces their need. Besides this, the race offers ideal alignment to you added axle support and greater speed. To keep the bearings operating smoothly, you need to lubricate them using Bones Speed Cream R.F. If you are the kind of person that likes to do high speeds or slide around, these bearings can be your ideal choice due to their high level of stability. You will enjoy a fast ride with worrying about falling accidentally.

  • Removable Nylon ball retainers
  • Extended race
  • Integrated bearing spacer
  • Very fast Nylon ball retainers that are removable
  • Stable
  • Professionally designed

7. Bones Reds Bearings 16 Pack

Bones Reds Bearings 16 Pack

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This is a set of bones that consists of 16 bearings, spacers, and washers. The bearings have high spinning speed which will make you enjoy a fast ride. They are a good choice if you want a replacement for your old bearings or want to enjoy a superior experience. They are easy to install and won’t give you any trouble in the process. Cleaning is not a problem because you can easily remove the single, non-contact rubber shield for convenient cleaning. This also minimizes friction which prevents wear and tear.

The excellent design and quality materials used to construct these bearings make them accommodate users of heavy water and even regular and extreme exercises. You will enjoy a long service time without the need to buy a replacement any time soon. You can buy the bearings and start using them right away because they are already lubricated at the time of purchase. Just insert them into the wheels and enjoy a smooth and fast ride.

  • Strongly constructed
  • Pre-lubed during purchase
  • Fast spinning
  • Highly durable
  • High-speed nylon ball retainer
  • Affordable price
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6. Bones Reds Bearings Super Bearings


Bones Reds Bearings Super Bearings


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If you want Bones Reds Bearings for regular and rough exercises, these bearings can be what you have been searching. You will receive these bearings when they are already lubricated using speed cream to enable you to start using them right away after buying them. It will be your best partner in high-speed skating crime. The best thing is they last for a long time.

Whether you are going uphill or downhill, these bearings are well built to give you a smooth ride. They use top-quality steel races to enhance their efficiency. You will have the right momentum to cruise through either uphill or downhill smoothly. Even with all these exceptional features and functionalities, these bearings are available at an affordable price.

  • Uses high-quality steel races
  • Durable
  • Superior surface finish
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent performance
  • Lubed before purchase
  • Rubber shield is removable

5. Bones REDS Super Bearings


Bones REDS Super Bearings


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Most people buy bearings for skates. However, if you are special and needs bearings for your longboard, you have found the right solution. These bones reds super bearings are compatible with longboards. They have excellent performance that will leave you not getting enough of your ride. Loading them into your wheels is not a problem. It’s easy and doesn’t require any special tools or skills.

With the flexibility and great performance that these bearings have, you can expect to be very costly. However, the opposite is true. They come at an affordable price and will last for long due to their quality construction. They are smooth, fast, and good value for your cash.

  • Eight bearings
  • Top-quality and grade balls
  • Comes lubricated
  • Standard size 608 bearings
  • Uses quality steel races
  • Fast speed Nylon ball retainer

4. Bones Reds Spacers and Washers Bearings

Bones Reds Spacers and Washers Bearings

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If you are looking for bearings that you can rely on no matter the environment you will be riding in; these bearings can give you that. They come as a set 8 bearings with washers and spacers. These bearings are meant to be used by people from all levels. Even those who have never interacted with bearings before, they can easily learn how to use these using the convenient manual it comes with.

When you buy these bearings, you get a single, non-contact rubber shield that facilitates easy cleaning. It has less friction which prevents wear and tear. When you can easily clean the bearings, and there is less friction, it means they will last for a long time. You won’t need to buy any replacement any time soon. This means it is cost-effective.

  • Removable rubber shield
  • Pre-lubed using speed cream racing lubricant
  • User manual for easy usage
  • High-speed nylon ball to boost the strength and speed of the bearings
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3. Bones Reds Ceramic Bearings


Bones Reds Ceramic Bearings


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Want Bones Reds Bearings that are affordable and will last you for a long time to come? Search no more, these bearings are designed to cater for people with a low budget but want something that will serve them for a long time. These bearings are made of ceramic which not only makes them strong and hard but also lighter. Ceramic is known to be stronger than steel which explains why these bearings have long durability. They are also waterproof which keeps them safe from any water damage.

The rubber shield that they come with is removable which makes easy to clean the bearings. Proper cleaning is one approach to help prolong the life of most items, and these bearings are not exceptional. The rubber also minimizes friction to prevent wear and tear and also facilitate a smooth ride. If you engage in rough activities, you will like these bearings because they are skate-rated bearings. This means they can tolerate being subjected to rough impact associated with hard or sudden turns or landings.

  • Comes pre-lubricated using a quality lubricant
  • Less friction courtesy of the removable rubber shield
  • Sturdily made using ceramic
  • Easy to clean
  • Great strength and speed due to the high-speed nylon ball retainer
  • A set of 8 bearings
  • Offers fast and smooth rides

2. Bones Reds Skate Precision Bearings

Bones Reds Skate Precision Bearings


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If you want reliable bearings for your scooter or skateboards, these bearings can offer you reliable services for such. They come as a set 8 bearings, spacers, washers, and speed cream. This ensures you have what you need to keep the bearings clean and also well lubricated for smooth rides. Proper cleaning will also prolong the life of your bearings meaning you won’t have a replacement any time soon.

If you have a longboard, these bearings can work well too. Installation is not a problem with these bearings. The reduced friction facilitated by a removable rubber shield ensures it lasts for a long time. You can expect the bearings to have strength and speed due to the high-speed nylon ball retainer they have.

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Comes with quality lubricant
  • Quality construction

1. Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

Bones Bearings Reds Bearings

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These are the best bearings you will find in the market right. This can be supported by the fact that they have the highest number of reviews from customers and a good rating. They are the most reliable bearings that can help you enjoy a smooth and fast ride using your skateboard. This pack comes as a set of 8 bearings which are more than enough for your skateboard’s wheels. You can easily set these bearings by following the instructional manual that it comes with.

You can care for your bearings by cleaning them thoroughly. This is facilitated by the removable rubber shield which also reduces friction to avoid wear and tear to extend their lifespan. The high-speed nylon ball retainer enhances the speed and strength of these bearings. On buying these bearings, you can start using them because they are already lubricated using high-quality lubricant.

  • Eight sturdily built bearings
  • Pre-lubricated for immediate use
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Can withstand regular and rough usage
  • Prolonged life

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Bones Reds Bearings

  • Riding Means: Are you planning to use the bearings in a skateboard’s, longboard’s or scooter’s wheels? Check this to ensure you buy something that is compatible with your riding means.
  • Ease of Cleaning: Always choose something that you can easily clean. Clean bearings will last for long.
  • Design: Go for bearings that are professionally designed. They should also be constructed using quality materials to ensure they give you quality and long-lasting service.
  • Stability: Choose bearings that are stable enough to allow you to slide or ride as fast as you can without endangering your life.
  • Installation: Good bones reds bearings will be easy to install. Don’t go for something that will require special skills or expert help to install. This will make you incur extra costs.
  • Cost: Balance the cost of the bearings you decide to buy with the features its offering and its functionality. Don’t be cheated the more expensive bearings are, the better the quality. That is not a guarantee. Similarly, don’t buy the cheapest option. Cheap is expensive. You may end up buying something that doesn’t give you the riding experience you wanted. Be careful and check your budget when considering cost.


If you like to skate, you need to find the best Bones Reds Bearings for the wheels of your skateboard, scooter or longboard. Use the above guide to find the best bearings in the market. You cannot go wrong by choosing any of the reviewed Bones Reds Bearings.

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