Top 10 Best Chicco High Chairs for Your Kids in 2023

A highchair is one of the best ways to bring the baby up to the table level. You can easily feed while the baby is in the highchair. That is why; these are pretty useful. When it comes to your baby, it is always better to go with the best brands available. One such brand is Chicco. When looking for Chicco high chairs, you will notice that there are quite a few options available.

If you keep on complaining based on aesthetics, it might not be easy for you to choose the best Chicco high chairs. A much better option is to consider a few different factors that will help you select the right one.


Best Chicco High Chairs in 2023

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10. Chicco Polly2Start Highchair

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With four reclining positions and eight height adjustments, there are plenty of ways to customize this highchair. It can accommodate newborns as well. Moreover, the Snap-On tray is easy to use. You can remove the liner to clean it.

The wipeable seat pad is easy to maintain. When not in use, you can fold it into a small space. The unique features of this chair make it the right choice.

  • Can accommodate newborns
  • Eight different height adjustment levels
  • Four reclining levels
  • Easy to maintain

9. Chicco Polly Magic Highchair

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The option which we are highlighting now has three reclining positions. It can support infants as well as newborns. Also, since it comes with the food tray, you can feed the baby easily. The removable insert means that it is easy to clean.

The fabric is extra soft in design. It is perfect for toddlers to learn how to eat. If you’re looking to encourage your child to eat on its own, you can go with this option.

  • Three reclining positions
  • Teaches baby how to eat
  • Removable child insert
  • Suitable for infants and newborns

8. Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Highchair

Chicco Stack 3-in-1 Highchair

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The highchair which we are discussing now is available in 2 different color options. It is a 3-in-1 highchair which you can use as a booster and a stool as well. With the help of 3 reclining positions, it is easy to customize this highchair.

Moreover, since you can adjust the reclining position with one hand, it is easy to use. This new snap-on tray helps you keep it entirely clean. The seat is wipe-able as well. With the help of tray storage on rear legs, you cannot ignore this option.

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Three reclining positions
  • Wipeable seat pad
  • Storage space on the rear legs

7. Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair

Chicco Polly Progress 5-in-1 Highchair

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There are three color options available in this highchair. It is a 5-in-1 multipurpose chair. You can use it in the way which you want. Since it is a wipeable one, it is easy to clean. You can incline the chair at four different positions. If you’re going to adjust the height, there are eight different options available. With the help of snap-on tray, it is easy to feed your child.

Also, the liner is removable, which means that cleaning it is not a problem. When not in use, you can easily fold it, which is another advantage. The thickness, once folded, is just 11.5 inches, which means that you can store it in any corner. With four different angles of the inclination, you can keep the baby entirely comfortable. All these features make it the right choice.

  • Available in 3 colors
  • 5-in-1 functionality
  • Easy to clean
  • Foldable

6. Chicco Progress Relax Highchair

Chicco Progress Relax Highchair

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The chair which we are highlighting now is again a 5-in-1 multipurpose chair. When you fold it, it is highly compact. You can clean the seat quite easily. The height adjustment levels available are 8 in number. It can carry up to 40 lbs of weight. The snap-on tray, along with the liner, means that maintaining it is not a problem. You can recline it at four different positions.

The footrest is adjustable as well. The reversible cushion means that you will not have to clean it again and again. If you want to remove the tray and store it, you can do store it on the rear legs of the highchair itself. Additionally, it has wheels at the bottom. Due to the versatility and customization options, it is a great option.

  • Four reclining positions
  • Eight height positions
  • 5 in 1 functionality
  • Foldable

5. Chicco Stack Highchair

Chicco Stack Highchair

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The advantage of this high chair is that you can use it as a stool, booster chair, and a highchair. The 3 in 1 functionality is a definite advantage. It has the high back mode and the lower back mode as per your requirement. With the help of stain resistant pad, it is easy to maintain. The backrest can recline at three positions. It also offers two-position footrest. The customization options of this highchair make it the right choice.

  • 3-in-1 functionality
  • Low and high back mode
  • Three reclining positions
  • Two position footrest

4. Chicco QuickSeat Hook-On Chair

Chicco QuickSeat Hook-On Chair

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The hook-on chair which we are highlighting now is again available in 2 color options. You can attach it to the dining table easily. It is portable and easy to clean. Additionally, you can remove the seat cover as per your requirement.

When not in use, it is completely foldable, which makes it easy for you to take it around with you. With the help of 3 point harness, your baby will be entirely secure when in the seat. The mounting mechanism is quite easy. The food tray comes in pretty handy as well. All of these features make it an excellent choice.

  • Easy to mount and unmount
  • Foldable
  • 3 point harness
  • Removable seat cover

3. Chicco Polly Highchair

Chicco Polly Highchair

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The highchair which we are speaking about now is available in 5 color options. With the help of soft fabric, your baby will be at complete ease. It is easy to fold. Moreover, it consists of the extra-large tray, which helps you in feeding your baby. With seven different adjustable height levels, you cannot complain about this chair.

It also reclines at three different positions as well and has adjustable footrest as well, which is another advantage. The snap-on tray makes it easy for you to attach and remove it. When you look at the combination of these features, it is easy to understand why it is such a popular option.

  • Soft fabric
  • Easy to fold
  • Large tray
  • Seven different height levels

2. Chicco 360 Hook-On Chair

Chicco 360 Hook-On Chair

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The next Chicco chair on our list is again a hook on chair. The advantage of this chair is that it comes along with the food tray. Additionally, you can mount it in 6 different positions, which mean that it is customizable. With the help of a food tray, feeding your baby is quite easy. The fabric seat is washable. You can even remove the food tray and put it into the dishwasher.

You can fold it and take it along with you wherever you go. It is suitable for children from 6 months to 36 months of age. Additionally, with the weight carrying capacity of 37 lbs, you cannot go wrong with this one.

  • Adjustable in 6 positions
  • The weight carrying capacity is 37 lbs
  • Suitable for children between 6-36 months of age
  • Easy to clean

1. Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

Chicco Caddy Hook On Chair

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The chair on top of our list is a Hook-on chair. With the help of twist-to-tighten design, you can easily mount it securely. Also, it has rubberized arms, which mean that there will be no scratches on the table. You can fold it as well.

The removable seat cover is easy to clean as well. The cushioned back means that your baby is always comfortable. It can accommodate babies from 6-36 months, and that is what makes it one of the most versatile highchairs which you can buy

  • Can accommodate babies between 6-36 months
  • No scratches on the mounting surface
  • Foldable
  • Easy to clean
  • Removable seat cover
  • Proper cushioning

Things to consider while buying Chicco high chair:

The parameters which you should consider while comparing the Chicco high chairs include:

  • Type: When looking for Chicco high chairs, you can choose the standalone highchair, or you can select the strap-on chair. You can strap the chair directly to the table, which means that it will work as a highchair. You have to look at the type of furniture which you prefer and then make a decision about the same.
  • Construction material: You also have to find out whether it uses plastic, wood, metal, or any other construction material. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Once you take that into account, it is easy for you to understand the one which you should choose.
  • Accessories: Most of the high chairs come along with their food trays. You have to look at the other accessories as well. If it is adjustable and if the food tray is removable, that is a definite advantage as well. Additionally, you should prefer a highchair which has a storage option in it as well so that you can attach the tray to the highchair itself once you remove it.
  • Limits: You have to take into account the weight and height limit as well. Once you take into account the weight and height limit, it is easy for you to understand whether it is suitable for your baby or not.
  • Cleaning mechanism: You have to take into account the recommended cleaning mechanism as well. If it is easy to clean, maintaining it will not be a problem. It will not require a lot of time on your part either. It is always better to find out about the cleaning mechanism in advance.

When comparing different Chicco high chairs, these are the factors to consider. Now, we will highlight the top 10 variants available when it comes to Chicco high chairs.


When you’re looking for the best Chicco high chairs, these are the options which you should consider. When you choose from these top 10 options, it is easy for you to pick the best Chicco high chairs.

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