Top 10 Best Dog Blankets in 2022 Reviews

Do you love your dog yet you’re worried about the cold seasons? If yes, then there’s no reason to worry anymore as we bring you the ideal solution. Getting a comfy dog blanket is the only thing that you need. A great dog bed blanket shall help to keep your dog warmer during all seasons. In addition, they’ll also help to give your furniture the protection required from pet hair. The materials used in making these blankets are Eco-friendly which makes it safe to use.

There are many different dog blanket options that you can buy on the market. However, getting the best blanket is a challenge. In a bid to meet the rising demands for dog blankets, companies have spent several hours to make sure that they offer this essential commodity. In turn, it has led to the emergence of several dog blanket types with unique designs. Below are top 10 best dog blankets in 2022 reviews:

Top 10 Best Dog blankets in 2022 Reviews

10. Pet Blankets Large For Dogs

Pet Blankets Large For Dogs

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This large and comfortable blanket is certainly among the best warmers for your pet during the cold seasons. The blanket has a good air barrier that helps in shielding your carpet, sofa, couch or bed from the annoying pet hair. This blanket is quite easy to clean and it’s 100-percent machine washable. The blanket is designed with several fun paw prints thus making it very attractive and beautiful.

The Pet blanket a comfortable model that will ensure your dog doesn’t feel the effects of cold weather. Furthermore, it stands out thanks to the beautiful and attractive design. Therefore, if you actually want your pet to enjoy excellent nights, then always consider this blanket.

  • Features a beautiful and fun design
  • Guarantees the dogs’ satisfaction
  • It’s super soft
  • Not suited for dogs that love to scratch and claw


9. Mambe Dog Blankets

Mambe Dog Blankets

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A peaceful sleep at night, after long playful days, is all that a dog needs. However, this comfort can’t be achieved minus the Mambe blanket. As opposed to other ordinary blankets, this model stands out as one of the warm and most comfortable blankets.

It is thick, soft and also has a fashionable and classy appearance. Your pet will certainly fall in love with this blanket to an extent of forgetting to wake up early in the morning. It’s machine washable as well and made of quality waterproof materials. This blanket doesn’t soak thus making it comfortable even when the dog urinates. Moreover, it’s available in 3 different sizes; medium, large and long.

  • The blanket is waterproof
  • It comes in 3 sizes
  • This model is very durable
  • It’s comfortable for the dog
  • It requires extra care when washing


8. Best 100% Waterproof Dog Blanket, Fleece

Best 100% Waterproof Dog Blanket, Fleece

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The Best 100-percent Waterproof Dog Blanket stands out as one of the best dog blankest on the market today. This model is designed using a waterproof and soft material that’s comfy enough to keep the dog warmer all night.

The blanket is perfectly-suited for all dog types irrespective of the size and breed. This is indeed a great blanket that will save your car seat, carpet, and couch, sofa from dirt and pet hair. Furthermore, this blanket does not shift as the dog moves. By being lightweight, the blanket is convenient to carry along when you travel with your pet. You can fold it easily and take it while hiking, camping or traveling.

  • Doesn’t shift as the dog moves
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • This blanket is very comfy
  • Keeps your pet neat
  • Too large for the puppies


7. DII Bone Dry Soft, Plush, Warm Microfiber Dog Blanket

DII Bone Dry Soft, Plush, Warm Microfiber Dog Blanket

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This dog blanket is fluffy and thick. It’s perfect for keeping dogs comfortable and warm. Bare floors might be harsh during the cold weather season, and this dog blanket makes a soft and comfortable mat for your pets. This model from Bone Dry brand is ideal for covering car seats or sofas. This dog blanket will give your dog a comfy spot while still protecting upholstery. It’s lightweight thus you can carry it when traveling with the dog making it a great when camping or hiking.

The dog blanket is embroidered with the bone designs and made of absorbent polyester material. It’s fairly large at 36 by 48 inches and available in a wide range of colors. The DII Pet Blanket is easy to maintain because it is machine-washable. Furs won’t attach to the blanket like other fiber materials and a little shaking off of wipe down will tide it right away. The dog blanket can also be used as a towel tank to the high absorbing quality.

  • It’s thick and fluffy
  • The blanket is machine washable
  • Made of absorbent polyester materials
  • Doubles up as a towel
  • Not recommended for the large dogs
  • The material does not breath quite well


6. Laura Ashley’s Reversible Dog Blanket

Laura Ashley’s Reversible Dog Blanket

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People have different requirements for their pets. However, if all that you need is a multi-option
and soothing dog blanket, then Laura Ashley blanket is the ideal choice for you. The model has the ability to gently warm your dog’s temperature and maintain it at the right constant position.

Comfort is precisely what the dog gets when it rests on the Laura Ashley blankets. In addition, it’s perfect for both outdoor and indoor use for the pet. If you go for camping regularly, then the right warmth provider ought to be this blanket.

  • It has a great micro-fur design
  • Versatile for a wide range of uses
  • The blanket offers a calm and gentle feel
  • Too large for puppies and smaller dogs


5. Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket

Animal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket

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If you’re searching for an amazing blanket for your dog that will work well and it’s durable, this is the best option for you and it has a good and decent price. The blanket is big enough and it works well at 48” * 42” and it suffices many dogs including the biggest. The Sherpa dog blanket is thick enough with ultra soft plush materials that are of high quality. This blanket is washable by machine and it measures 40 inches by 48 inches. It’s best for the medium build dogs. Both sides of this blanket are soft and most dogs tend to love the side with the white fleecy.

There are been complains that the Sherpa blanket is flimsy. This is just true when your dog is an excessive chewer or a warrior, if not the blanket resists just fine. It is not waterproof and doesn’t give the luxurious feel like other dog blanket models. But the good thing is, you can get the blanket at a fraction price. This Sherpa Pet Blanket is an amazing compromise unless for the avid chewer dogs. It also has an amazing look on the sofa.

  • Fleecy texture
  • Machine washable
  • Best for small and medium breed dogs
  • Can’t withstand the aggressive chewers
  • It is fairly thin even though it looks thick in photos


4. Bogo Brands Large Fleece Pet Blanket with Paw Print Pattern

Bogo Brands Large Fleece Pet Blanket with Paw Print Pattern

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The Bogo Brand blanket is a fluffy blanket designed with a printed paw. It comes in various colors; black, tan and grey. The fleece blanket has various uses like keeping your dog cuddled warm, as bedding since it makes the dog’s sleeping area comfortable, and also a material to cover the upholstery and the sofas that are frequented by the dog. This dog blanket brand is best for those dog owners with large breeds since it’s larger than other models. It measures 60 by 39 inches.

This dog blanket is among the best dog blankets because; it has 90 days warranty and it can be washed by machine. Most dog owners and pets love this blanket because it’s large fleece. The two both agree that Bogo blanket is very soft with a decent size. The blanket makes the sleeping area of the dog very cozier and it covers the large breed pets so well. The blanket works well in catching the hairs and ensuring that they don’t get in touch with furniture and clothing.

  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Larger than other blanket models
  • Machine washable
  • 90-day warranty
  • Fairly thin unlike other models
  • There is consumer concern with its quality


3. SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket

 SmartPetLove Snuggle Blanket

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Has it ever closed your mind on how the best dog blanket should look? Have you ever tried to note down one or two good things that a suitable blanket can do for your pet? If not, we have tried to help you out. A good dog blanket should protect your car seats, clothing, and furniture, and at the same time ensure that your dog is comfortable and warm. This blanket is snuggly and is constructed with fleecy and light material.

The blanket is designed with a cute zebra-print that gives your dog’s favorite seat an amazing looking the car or house. The SmartPetLove blanket’s material can attract shed hair thus making them not spread all over your space in the house or car. The Snuggle blanket is the pet blanket with all the above qualities. The blanket can snuggle all hair and dirt ensuring that they don’t get onto your car seat, couch or furniture. The SmarPetLove is very soft and warm to offer your pet a very peaceful sleep.

  • Durable and strong
  • Cute design and color
  • Best for medium and small dogs
  • Can’t accommodate large dogs


2. KritterWorld Blanket

KritterWorld Blanket

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If you’re searching for a good soft blanket for your dog, the KritrWorld dog blanket is your best option. It’s designed with the ultra-soft material. Buying this blanket for your dog is showing great love for it. This is because the blanket soothes and warms your dog’s body temperature. The KritterWorld blank is what your dog needs and you’ll never regret going for it. This blanket brings warmth and light in the cold and dark night that your dog may experience.

The blanket is unique and fashionable since it’s designed with the ultra-soft material that protects your pet from the extremely cold seasons. This blanket is machine washable and so easy to maintain and clean. It’s perfect for RV, couch or in your car.

  • Designed with ultra-soft plush material
  • Flexible with two different textures
  • Top-notch quality
  • Comes in various colors
  • Not best for non-winter seasons since it may be excessively warm


1. PAWZ Road Dog Blanket

PAWZ Road Dog Blanket

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The PAW Road blanket is the best blanket for your dog. The blanket is designed with coral fleece fabric. It’s made with breathable material and it’s best for those dogs that need good ventilation when fully covered, unlike other traditional fleece. The blanket is large enough preventing the cold from sneaking in and making your pet feel uncomfortable.

The blanket is made 100% made with twin-sided velvet coral fabric material that is durable and strong. This blanket doesn’t pill easily thus remains in its perfect condition for long. The cute design of the blanket is the main reason making it be so outstanding, unlike the other models. From the recent research, it was noted that most pet owners are going to PAWZ Road blankets due to its several advantages that come with it.

  • It’s versatile
  • It’s super soft
  • Presents various color options
  • The thinness makes some users uncomfortable with it



Whether you want to keep your dog warm or just to give it some familiar thing to sleep with, it is recommended to buy a high-quality blanket for your dog. If you are in need of an affordable, comfortable and high-quality blanket for the dog, look no more because you are at the right place.

It’s now clear dogs just like people need to be taken care of and be protected from cold as they sleep. You can’t achieve that without having a perfect and good dog blanket. Therefore, the dog blankets listed above are designed to keep your dog warm in winter seasons. All the above blankets are made of high-quality materials.


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