The drying of fruit and vegetables in the sun is an ancient conservation practice, which allows plants to be almost totally deprived of the water they are made of. However, the natural process requires long implementation times and adequate space available if you don’t have the right climate, you can always use the best electric dryer.

Artificial drying has been widespread in recent years, especially in the home environment, as an alternative and faster method of eliminating water from plants for their exposure to the sun. This practice allows you to preserve dried fruit and vegetables for a long time, leaving their flavor and nutritional properties unaltered.

Here we present the top 10 best food dehydrators.



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10. Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator



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This dryer Electric Countertop Food Dehydrator is in a low to medium price range. It, therefore, presents itself as an economical but efficient alternative, which focuses on its simplicity of use. It is therefore also suitable for less experienced users, who have never approached the world of these appliances.

It is a round-shaped dryer, with a wide rigid plastic base. On the base, you will also find the on and off button, and a small but practical knob to adjust the temperature from a minimum of 35 to a maximum of 70 degrees. It is therefore very easy to use and takes very little time to set up and run. A boon for housewives and housewives always busy!

It has five clear plastic trays that you can easily stack on top of the base. They are perforated and therefore allow a better passage of heat, which rises upwards starting from the base. Energy consumption is very low: only 245 watts for this dryer that is not afraid of mushrooms, fruit, and vegetables! You can even dry meat: despite its low energy consumption, this appliance proves to be very good and has nothing to envy to other competing models.

  • 5 transparent trays
  • Very practical to use
  • Resistant
  • Easy to wash
  • No timer
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9. Nesco Gardenmaster 075



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It is believed that metal dryers are a priori better than plastic ones. However, this is far from always the case, and Nesco Gardenmaster is a clear confirmation of this.  Food grade plastic does not melt or release harmful substances when heated. The touch controller allows you to set the drying temperature in the range from 35 to 65 degrees.

The capacity is fantastic: up to 30 pallets (though only 12 can be used for drying fruits)! The even distribution of hot air allows you not to “overcook” fruits and preserve vitamins in them. When drying different foods at different levels, the odors do not mix. The price is serious, but, according to reviews, Nesco Gardenmaster dryers justify their price.

  • High power.
  • large capacity.
  • Serious drying rate.
  • The ability to produce desserts.
  • Decent design.
  • Energy consumption.

8.  Elite Gourmet EFD3321



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Elite Gourmet EFD3321is a mid-range horizontal dryer with a rectangular shape. This characteristic allows a much more homogeneous distribution of heat, which will therefore easily reach all the trays. Very often during the drying operation, the aromas tend to mix, since the space on which to arrange the trays is not enough. You definitely won’t experience the same problem with this product, which instead offers you large surfaces and lots of space. At the same time, it is very practical to store, as the trays are easily removable. All trays are also perforated, to facilitate the passage of air but also the subsequent washing.

The motor has a power of 550 watts, and the temperature is adjustable. You can choose from a minimum of 40 to a maximum of 70 degrees, and manage the timer to your liking. Among other things, it is very intuitive and easy to read. This means that you can leave it to act undisturbed even at night, and it will turn off by itself at the end of the drying operation.

  • Powerful and fast adjustable motor
  • Large drying surfaces
  • Space-saving design
  • Instruction manual.

7.  DEVANT Food Dehydrator 


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K DEVANT 10 Trays Food Dehydrator with a modern design. The resistance/fan unit has been positioned in the rear and absorbs a power of 630 watts to ensure drying times that are not too long. Thanks to a practical LCD and simple controls it is possible to set the temperature, with the addition of a timer up to 40 hours. The trays are easy to remove, are made of BPA-free blue plastic, and can be cleaned by hand or put in the dishwasher. To underline the adequate distance of 2.5 cm between the departments to place food without difficulty.

In my opinion, this is a good product with all the necessary features to obtain appreciable results and is a recommended choice for those who have to dehydrate large quantities of food.

  • High capacity
  • Good power
  • Possibility of regulating duration and temperature
  • Trays made with a fairly delicate plastic material

6.  NESCO Snackmaster Digital Food Dehydrator, FD-79



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Excellent practicality that can be increased to 12 layers. NESCO from the United States has a worldwide reputation for its vacuum machines, and its food dryer also uses brand patented technology, enjoying excellent quality and performance. Its main feature is to use pressure to deliver hot air to evenly distribute it to every corner.

It is reported that it can save a lot of drying time. And if you feel that 4 layers are not enough, the manufacturer also has the same type of tray that can be purchased additionally, and can add up to 12 layers; and you can use the complimentary fruit puree tray to make a puree roll with full nutrition.

  • This machine is made of plastic.
  • Powerful Top Mounted Fan.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Expandable to 12 trays.
  • Doesn’t have a timer.
  • Not ideal for drying herbs.

5. Excalibur 3900B 9-Tray


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Excalibur3900B is a model presented by a US company. She is engaged in the development and production of dehydrators only. The narrow specialization allowed us to gain invaluable experience and present to the market functional, efficient, and easy-to-use models. Super-durable eco-friendly plastic is used for the production of the model.

It does not emit harmful substances, even when heated, and can withstand falls from great heights. Square shape, stylish design, ergonomic dimensions – Excalibur 3900B fits perfectly into any kitchen environment.

  • Large capacity.
  • Powerful heating and fan.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nonstick drip sheet
  • Trays are not a dishwasher.
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4. Elechomes UH0401 Food Dehydrator.



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The Elechomes UH0401 Food Dehydrator helps achieve these goals by taking food preparation to the next level. The dryer has 6 stackable trays, large flexible and expandable capacity. The frame and mesh of two trays can be removed, convenient to insert the cups to make yogurt.

The adjustable temperature with a thermostat between 35 and 70 ° C meets the safety standards for drying meat (70 ° C) and preserving the nutrients of fruit and vegetables. It has a fat collection tray (from the meat) which then allows you to easily clean it. The plastics are all BPA Free. It has a height of 27mm /1.0 inch). and a diameter of 260mm/10.2 inches.

  • Can also be used to coagulate.
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe.
  • Adjustable the timer for 30 min – 72 hrs.
  • Plastic trays.

3. NutriChef PKFD12   


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It is equipped with 5 discs with a diameter of 31 cm and it is possible to use from 1 to 5 discs at the same time according to the quantity of food you want to dry. Each disc can be adjusted on 2 levels, to be able to accommodate foods of different thicknesses.

The appliance provides for switching on with the on / off button. The declared temperatures are around 85 ° for the first level (near the heat source) and 70 ° C for the fifth disk level. It is advisable to change the position of the discs to ensure a more homogeneous distribution of the air. The measurements of the appliance are 33 x 33 x 20 cm.

  • It has small dimensions that allow it to be placed in a small space.
  • You can decide whether or not to use all five trays.
  • This appliance can also be used at night
  • Not possible to adjust the temperature.

2. Nesco Gardenmaster Food dehydrator



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It is no coincidence that this Nesco Gardenmaster is the best dryer for value for money! It is the cheapest household appliance on the market, but it does not show poor performance for this. Rather! What makes it very special is the motor, positioned in the lid and not on the base. Therefore, the flow of hot air goes downwards and, once it reaches the bottom, returns upwards. This allows it to easily reach each of the five stackable plastic trays, spreading out evenly.

The structure is therefore a tower, and each tray has a height of 13 millimeters. It, therefore, takes up very little space, and you can place it anywhere in your kitchen! Alternatively, if you still don’t have much space to dedicate to it, it will be easy to store it after each use. Due to its size, the foods you decide to dry will need to be cut very thinly.

They will therefore be tastier, more practical to eat, and the drying operation will take time. Despite the super-competitive cost, the dryer is made of rigid, solid, and durable plastic. The trays are easily removable and conveniently dishwasher safe too! You can therefore use this appliance in total safety, and with all the hygiene you need.

  • Air circulation function
  • Overheating protection
  • Easy to use
  • It may be not very quiet

1. COSORI Premium Food Dehydrator  



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With this dryer, you have a quick and efficient process as the heating element and the fan are positioned on one side of the appliance. Precisely for this reason the flavors and smells of the products do not mix even if dehydrated at the same time, as each type of food is placed on a different shelf where they receive equal quantities of heat and air.

With the powerful 600-Watt motor and a drying area of ​​3/5 m2, it can meet the needs of large families. It is designed with an easy-to-control LED panel, with a programmable timer for up to 48 hours. and temperature adjustment from 95°–165°F. The internal trays in stainless steel allow greater hygiene and do not alter the taste of the food.

It has a special tray in which to put fruit pulp for alternative snacks The transparent door allows you to visually control the dehydration process Its high power allows you to dry quickly

  • Stainless steel trays.
  • Fruit roll sheet.
  • The large size and six trays.
  • Fan system for even drying.
  • Timer for up to 48 hours
  • Automatic shutoff and overheat protection for safety
  • Temperatures may not be accurate

Guide to Buying the Best Food Dehydrators

 To help you find the food dryer on the market today, take a look at the information we are giving you, they are opinions and advice that will allow you to independently evaluate the purchase of the best dryer at the best price available on the market.

  • Dimensions and capacity: Preparing and then dehydrating your foods naturally is usually a lengthy process, so larger capacity food dryers can save you valuable time if you have a lot of food to dehydrate. That said, larger capacity machines take up more space than smaller capacity ones. The trick is to find a unit compact enough to fit on your countertop (or anywhere else you decide to place it) but that can still dehydrate all the foods you want.
  • Design: Look for clever designs. There are machines with fans that are on the smaller side but can hold more trays and, if necessary, can be expanded by adding new modules. Of course, if you plan to dry small batches of food, it is more than acceptable to purchase small capacity dehydrate.
  • Number of trays: Most food drying units have between 5 and 10 trays. If you plan on doing a lot of production then it’s good to go for more generous sized models.
  • Consistent drying: To properly dehydrate a batch of food, you need to have an appliance that dries all trays on each level evenly. The food dryer will do this on its own, without you having to rearrange the trays. Look for units with powerful fans (where they’re placed doesn’t seem to matter much) and good drying systems – systems that dry food evenly, no matter what tray they’re placed on.
  • Power: The different units generally have a power of between 200 and 1100 watts. Larger equipment typically requires more power to maintain an even temperature distribution. The best thing is to have a device that can maintain a constant temperature of 70 ° C. However, if you only use your machine for drying vegetables, an operating temperature of 50-55 ° C is more than enough. Keep in mind that to obtain products of the highest quality it is recommended to keep a temperature below 45 ° C inside the dryer.
  • Extra features: While some people want to dehydrate only the most conventional foods (such as fruits and vegetables), others want to dry anything they can get their hands on. Look for simple or highly versatile dehydrators depending on the type of food you are most interested in. If you intend to dry the meat, check the characteristics of the unit and to make sure it is suitable for this type of operation (the meat requires a higher drying temperature). Likewise, if you want to dehydrate small foods like herbs, make sure the unit you like has an optimal drying temperature, as well as a fine-knit mat.


What is the best food dehydrator?

The dryer has a parallelepiped or circular shape, inside which there are drawers, or frames, with a mesh bottom on which the products to be dried are placed. The drying takes place through a fan, assisted by electric resistance.

How to use dehydrators?

To properly dehydrate your food, whether you want to get rid of water from vegetables, fruits, or herbs, it is important to carefully follow the instructions that come with the machine. The best dehydrators require proper air circulation and ventilation – make sure there are no obstacles to the airflow. Also, don’t overlap the food.

What is the best way to store food once it has dried?

To keep dry food fresh and safe for as long as possible, first, let it cool and then place it in an airtight container or freezer bag. Vacuum sealing can also be used, as this ensures the best possible durability. Plus, vacuum bags take up less space!


If you typed in a search engine “food dryer which is better to buy” and came to this post, you have discovered that a way of preserving food and a healthy diet consists precisely in dehydrating food: with a fruit dryer, for vegetables and meat or a dryer for mushrooms, foods keep their nutritional characteristics intact allowing them to be kept longer.

Before choosing the best device for your needs, it is always good to deepen the subject also by consulting the specialized sites that the one of other consumption, taking into account that the most advantageous purchases can be made in online sales.

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