Top 10 Best Golf Clothes in 2022 Reviews

Golf is among the games where decency and uniformity in clothing are taken seriously into consideration. In fact, in golf wearing the best clothes is part of the decorum of the game. A player should always look elegant, fashionable and stylish. The choice of clothes should be eye appealing taking quality and comfort into consideration. Golf clothes should be designed in a way in which enables the user to feel always free and comfortable all the time. Due to the dynamic nature of the market, most brands have been striving hard to ensure the clothes they manufacture best fit the users.

Back in the days, golf clubs were strict on the specifics of the attire, but of late there are no limitations to certain colors. Adorning the right clothing not only makes you look great but it also has an immense influence on your general performance. Getting the right outfit sometimes is a bit tricky; this is because there are some factors you must take into consideration. This includes the fabric, color, stretching factor and price among others. This comprehensive guide will enable you to navigate through the top golf clothes currently in the market based on customer reviews, ratings, and real users.

Best Golf Clothes Reviews

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10. Adidas Golf Flat Front Short

Adidas Golf Flat Front Short

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Made in the United States, this new Adidas short is one of the best shorts to have in your golf closet. This flat front short is crisp and made of 100% machine washable polyester. It features the moisture wicking material which will leave your skin completely fresh and cool all the time. These shorts are designed with durable material which is wrinkle-free in all seasons.

Most customers like this short due to the ability to give free movement when playing and walking around on the golf course. It has two pockets each measuring 10.5 inches inseam which offers enough space to keep your items such as gloves and phone. It has been made in a way that it has no clinching and gives unrestricted range during a movement. This short also features the silicone inner waistband which will keep your shirt in place allowing you to make a powerful swing.

This product from Adidas comes with vivid colors which best fits with an array of shirts and other outwear. For perfect performance in summer, always go for this short and your play will be memorable. It also has two back pockets embroidered with Adidas logo in each. This short for sure matches peoples preferences and is appealing to golfers of all ages.

  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Comfortable
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Durable
  • Vivid color

9. IZOD Classic-Fit Micro-sanded Golf Pant

IZOD Classic-Fit Micro-sanded Golf Pant

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IZOD golf collection has been in the clothing industry for about years since inception, and their presence is almost felt everywhere across the golf world. This flat front golf pant is one of the best popular cloths from the company and features a great fabric offers maximum stretch allowing you to make an effective swing.

The Cool-FX highlighted in this pant will help to keep you dry and cool during the summer season of the golf course. It is made with a complete 100 percent polyester which is machine washable and also features side-seam pockets with a zipper and French fly. The belt-loop waistband and wet back pockets are also available in different colors and sizes.

Finally, this pant also features a moisture wicking material which helps to keep moistures away from your body and a UPF UV protective technology for sun control. All these features will enable you to have maximum comfort without worrying about anything including the harmful rays.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Sun protection
  • Swingflex stretch
  • Machine washable

8. Nike Victory Polo Strip Black

Nike Victory Polo Strip Black

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You will never go astray with this product from Nike. It features Dri-Fit technology and soft knit fabric which will help you stay dry throughout the game. It looks relaxed through the waist and arm thus giving you total comfort. Besides that, there are different colors you can settle within this model; this allows you to have the choice to select the best color which fits your pant.

It is made from 100% polyester and has the standard fitting which will guarantee you a great moment characterized by comfort. The collar of this shirt is ribbed; this will, in turn, prevent it from curling. It also has a three-button placket which allows you to have the freedom to adjust the shirt based on your preference.

  • Variety of color choice
  • Ribbed color
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Fitting

7. Puma Golf Tech Short

Puma Golf Tech Short

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When it comes to sportswear, Puma has been among the top leading brands in the market for a long time. This short from this company features a great design which combines quality and style for best performance. This short has been made with 97 percent polyester and 3 percent spandex. They are characterized by being moisture resistant, flexible and more comfort.

It has four pockets properly welted avoiding them from bulking. It also features great fabric made with 3D cell technology which allows you to have improved airflow and breathability. Having this short will guarantee you sweat free and cool feeling. The UPF 50+ in these short will protect you from harmful UV sun rays thus giving you more safe and amazing experience while playing.

  • High quality
  • Advanced technology used
  • Moisture resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible

6. Oakley 2.5 Take Pants

Oakley 2.5 Take Pants

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Oakley is a well-known brand for sunglasses, but they are also good in manufacturing golf apparel. This sportswear is not only popular in the golf industry, but it is more stylish and effective. It features the vented hems and 2-way woven fabrication which enhances mobility during a swing. It is made of 6 percent spandex and 94 percent polyester. It features the Hydrolix fabric which will keep you comfortable by keeping away sweat and moisture.

The O stretch technology used in making this pant allows the user to have maximum movement thus allowing you to make a perfect swing. This pant comes in a variety of sizes and colors with the Oakley logo embroidered on the back and front.

  • Moisture free
  • Strong and durable
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Comfortable
  • Flexible

5. Augusta Sportswear Premier Sport Shirt

Augusta Sportswear Premier Sport Shirt

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When it comes to functionality and fashion, the Augusta Sportswear takes the lead. It is made of durable material which guarantees you long stay in your closet. It features 100 percent polyester which can withstand maximum stretching and physical activities. Compared to similar products this shirt gives great wicking property which helps to keep moisture away from your body. It ensures the sweat evaporates quickly leaving your body dry and free of sticky feeling.

These golf clothes from Augusta also features the 4-way stretch polyester and spandex mesh which enables you to stretch crosswise and lengthwise. These features will enable you to stretch your arms with more ease during a swing. For clean and tailored look, this shirt has a set-in sleeve which fits smoothly over your arms. This shirt is really user oriented having smooth box-stitched placket and cross-stitched buttons.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Professional look
  • 4-way stretch

4. Adidas Golf Climacool Ultimate Airflow Pants

Adidas Golf Climacool Ultimate Airflow Pants

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This is the second product from Adidas to make into the list. Ultimate Airflow Pants are best for the warmer days, especially during the summer. If features Climacool technology which helps to wick away moisture enabling you to play golf while dry and comfortable.

It is made with 12 percent Elastane and 88 percent polyester; this allows the user to have maximum stretch which is good for mobility and during a swing. This product also features the Climacool mesh gusset and silicon printed gripper which enhances the ventilation. It is also available in the market in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Maximum stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable

3. Hanes Cool DRI Performance Polo Shirt

Hanes Cool DRI Performance Polo Shirt

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This graphite polo shirt has great looks. If you are a person who likes simplicity and elegance, then this model is for you. It comes in different shades, you one basing on your favorite colors and preferences. It is made of 100 percent polyester and has tagless back.

This polo also features the cool DRI Technology which ensures you are always dry and moisture free making you comfortable throughout the play. It has a UPF rating of 50+ which protects you from the harmful UV rays. It is machine washable and can wear this to work.

  • Fast drying technology
  • Machine washable
  • UV protection
  • Comfortable
  • Three-button placket

2. EAGEGOF Tech Performance Golf Polo Shirt

EAGEGOF Tech Performance Golf Polo Shirt

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This is an advanced polo made by EAGEGOF; it is made in a way that it is customer-oriented and features modern technology. This polo is characterized by high quality and performance. It comes in a variety of colors which enables you to pick the favorite based on your preferences. It features 100 percent polyester except in the ones with blue stripes, light blue houndstooth, pink checks, light purple houndstooth and sky blue fishbone which are made with 8 percent spandex and 92 percent polyester.

The collar and cuffs in this sportswear are anti-cult and have a loose fitting which enhances the free movement and breathability. This enables you to have extra comfort during the play no matter level of heat. The 35+ UPF fitted in this polo will protect your skin from the harmful rays from the sun. The Revolutionary Coolpass Technology in this sportswear enable you to have 360 ventilation, this, in turn, will give you maximum cooling during the summer. The quick-dry fabric in this golf cloth will wick away any moisture thus keep you completely dry. If you’re the person who does not like playing golf, you can get this EAGEOF short sleeve shirt and wear with your jeans; this is usually a perfect choice for the ones who like partying and outdoor activities.

This model is also anti-odor; this means it can prevent bacteria from forming thus protecting you from developing the unpleasant body odor. The smooth anti-pilling fabric comes with a cleaner, tagless labels and snag-free finish that helps to maximize comfort. The loose fitting also enables you to have maximum stretch and comfort during a swing. Always check the size which perfectly fits you well to avoid getting an oversized one.

  • Comes in many colors
  • Maximum stretch guaranteed
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable

1. Jolt Gear Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

Jolt Gear Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

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Jolt Gear features comfort, good feeling, high quality and good performance. It is designed to fit for sports and leisure perfectly. This shirt is made with Dri-fit material which makes it lightweight and ideal for all seasons. You can wear this product during the summer or winter; it can also protect you from the scorching sun rays during the hot season in the golf course. It is fitted with UPF 30+ which protects your skin from the harmful sun exposure.

This sportswear is also characterized by 4-way stretch fabric. The athletic long-sleeved polo has a loose fitting made from the stretch material. This enhances the mobility and movement in any direction thus enabling you to be comfortable and confident during the swing. This Jolt Gear shirt also features the firm collar, stretchy cuffs, and hidden buttons. It made with moisture-wicking fabric and anti-odor technology which prevents bacteria from forming. Always go for this brand for excellent performance.

  • Moisture wicking
  • Anti-odor technology
  • 4-way stretch fabric
  • Ideal for all seasons


As a golfer, always go for the best golf clothes in the market which is characterized by great fabric, durability, breathability and extra comfort among others. Due to the dynamic complexion of the market, an ideal golf cloth should also feature the latest technology and advanced features. Before you buy them, ensure it best fits your preferences taking the price and value into consideration. It is also advisable to buy products from the brands which are well known and trusted.


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