Top 10 Best GPS Trackers for Car in 2024 Reviews

Innovative technological advancement has led pushed the 21st-century global society to turn to the very best gadgets and devices such as GPS trackers fitted on vehicles. Most fleet and other companies are using GPS car trackers to keep safe track of their vehicles. And as for individual car owners, it is also working a wonderful deal.

Contrary to the past days, you don’t have to suffer a colossal loss due to your client dissatisfaction, since the GPS tracking system is here to ensure that you keep track with your fleet, feeding you with precise information.


Best GPS Trackers for Car Reviews

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10. Bouncie Driving Connected – GPS Location 

Driving Connected - GPS Location - Route History - Speed Monitoring - GeoFence

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Zubie ZK30012M makes driving experience easier, safer, and also less costly for you and your family. It is a smart design device that easily plugs into car’s diagnostics port and sends important information to you about your vehicle location, driving behavior, and car diagnostics via the free Zubie app and web view.

You will locate your driver anywhere, anytime, and get to see wherever they are heading on your computer or phone. Custom alerts inform you when the car is coming out of or moving from common places.

9. Optimus 2.0 GPS Tracker

6. Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

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Incorporating a style similar to the most popular GL300, the Optimus presents a reliable app for correct management of the data created by this GPS tracker. This device can send alerts for your car speed, as well as for geo-fencing, panic driving, and battery status.

It works with both iPhone and Android smart devices. When you are subscribed, you can access unlimited saved data history to reference for checking trends and rectifying issues over time. A magnetic waterproof case is available to keep it safe.

8. SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device

7. SPOT SPOT Trace

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The SPOT Trace Anti-Theft Tracking Device is easy to mount to your car, as well as on motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, or trailers. It lets you see exactly where your car is at any particular moment.

If you have let your teenage children go out in your car or just want to ensure that the car is safe while you are away, the SPOT’s Trace uses satellite-based tracking software to send the instant email or text notifications about the same. You can also customize update intervals, so you can see wherever your kids are headed for. It includes 4 batteries and USB charging cable.

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7. Accutracking VTPlug TK373 Vehicle Tracker

10. Accutracking VTPlug TK373 Vehicle Tracker

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The VTPlug TK373 is a very simple to install car tracker. It is also easy to switch between different cars tracking using this device. In a lightweight design, it is compatible with various vehicles.

It provides users with real-time tracking details while giving correct monitoring reports through text messages or email alerts. Moreover, this is a longtime value GPS tracker yet it is reasonably priced, making it a popular choice.

6. MT-OBD Live GPS Tracker

3. MT-OBD Live GPS Tracker

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This is one of the more popular models in this category. It is a small design GPS tracking device that easily plugs directly into your car’s OBD port. Not wiring or tools needed. This MasTrack’s tracker is used by companies for tracking their fleet of vehicles or individuals who need premium quality updates about the condition and whereabouts of their vehicles.

It is a high-end system that gives parents peace of mind as they keep an eye on their teen drivers, and also monitoring where their aged loved ones drive to. It works on smartphones, computers or tablets. You get access to unlimited data history.

5. Linxup OBD LPVAS1 GPS Tracker

5. Linxup OBD LPVAS1 GPS Tracker

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Linxup LPVAS1 provides a simple and affordable GPS tracking system you can trust. It is an easy to use, real time GPS tracking solution for your company’s fleet and personal cars. It lets you easily identify the driver location, review driving history, as well as monitor driver performance and safety.

It comes with free GPS tracker mobile apps providing limitless real time text message and email alerts. It is simple to install into the car’s OBD port and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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4. autobrain OBD Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles

autobrain OBD Real-Time GPS Tracker for Vehicles

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Experience great peace of mind when you use the Vector GPS and GSM car tracker. You will be able to locate where your vehicle is, anytime. It also comes with a pre-installed SIM card, allowing you to use it in any country where GSM services exist.

It uses my Apsenta app that is compatible with iOS and Android devices both and provides standard alerts either via SMS or in-app for things such as geo-fence or unauthorized driving. In it available in three color options, thus offering varieties for different car blending. You can also get history report up to 90 days old.

3. MOTOsafety MPVAS1 GPS Tracker

2. MOTOsafety MPVAS1 GPS Tracker

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MOTOsafety is more of a teen driving coach, but also a great performance GPS tracker that helps you monitor teen driver’s car location as well as driving manners.

It integrates driving instruction and law enforcement program, giving parents peace of mind whenever their new drivers take t the highway. You will be able to review the teenager’s entire driving routes and also where risky driving happened.

2. Vyncs 3G Car GPS Tracker

9. Vyncs 3G Car GPS Tracker

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You can use the Vyncs 3G car GPS tracker for not only tracking trips or teen driver coaching but also for free roadside assistance and engine diagnostics.

Coming with no monthly fee subscriptions, it is a more cost effective choice relative to most other models. For its quality effectiveness, it is one of the best GPS trackers out there. Many of its users report great service quality and satisfaction.

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1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker

1. Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker

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This is the ultimate choice when it comes to the best GPS trackers for cars. The cutting-edge and compact STI_GL300 lets you track anyone or your valuables while you are away.

Whether it is your teen child driving from school, a suspicious driver or spouse, or high-value company goods, this device has the most efficient GPS technology to help you keep real-time vigil. Since it offers location updates as frequently as in every 5 seconds, you will be able to track speeding drivers or vehicles easily.

Buying Guide GPS Trackers for Car

Moreover, thanks to the same devices, parents can now know their teenager’s whereabouts when the latter leave for car rides on their own. But how do you procure the best GPS car tracker deal on the market? That is the nagging question for every beginner who needs nothing but the best value out of these gadgets.

To get the right answer, read on below.

  • Tips for the Best GPS Trackers for Your Car: As mentioned above, car trackers are becoming increasingly popular for vehicle owners for their great benefits. GPS trackers can, for instance, help protect your car from theft and, even if it is stolen, the system aids in its quicker, easier recovery. Moreover, using the device can lower insurance premiums. Nevertheless, it remains a high imperative to choose the best GPS tracker for your vehicle. Since many models from different brands flock the market, it might be a bit challenging to tell the best part. That is why you ought to consider some key factors before making your ultimate pick. The following tips come in handy:
  • Choose According to Your Budget: In any product, pricing is an important consideration. For different GPS trackers, the prices vary in regard to the brand name and integrated features. Therefore, it is vital to know what tracker model fits within your budget range. In the same vein, however, you shouldn’t compromise quality for low budget.
  • Do Your Market Research: It is another top imperative to understand the relevant market dynamics in order to make your right choice. Yes, there are possibly numerous car GPS trackers on offer. However, you should go for a company with a great reputation for reliability and reasonable pricing. Again, it is good to be informed on the most recent developments in this industry and then chooses a device that provides accuracy and precision, while demanding the most competitive price. In addition, prefer an insurance approved GPS tracker to enjoy trouble-free protection for your car.
  • Pay for the Features You Need: In this technologically-dependent domain, prices usually vary in regards to the features. As such, be mindful to choose a tracker with the features you really need. This is largely dependent on your mode of usage. When you want GPS trackers for your fleet management, you may then require a few extra features. For individual car owners, however, the choice gets limited to somewhat bare essentials.
  • Test the GPS Tracker Efficiency: The GPS tracking system you choose for your car should provide a strict vigil on its whereabouts. It is only when you are assured of the reliable protection of your asset. Thus, ensure to check the testimonials and reviews from other users, while not forgetting to conduct a test of its efficiency yourself before your purchase. Toward that end, here are the top 10 best GPS trackers for cars in 2024, the topmost performance options to choose from.


Among the available models currently on the market, it is really hard to find any that beats the above highlighted top 10 best GPS trackers for cars in 2024. As such, to be sure you have the right device to help you know your car’s whereabouts and condition, choose your most favorite from the options above.






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