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Top 10 Best Hair Building Fibers in 2019 Reviews

Many people all over the world both old and young always suffer from the loss of hair. The loss of hair is embarrassing to the affected people and has an adverse effect on their self-esteem plus self-confidence. There are multiple factors that contribute to this hair loss. In many cases the loss of hair is hereditary but there are other factors that contribute to your hair losing its texture and falling off finally. These factors are; lack of vitamins, stress, diet, some hair-styling products, keeping the same hairstyle for long, childbirth, menopause, medicine and diseases.

The best and natural way of improving the balding and thinning hair appearance is by use of the hair fibers. The hair fibers achieve that without the help of any surgery, nasty chemicals and drugs which can be expensive and potentially dangerous. It has the ability to add your hair volume making it appear luxurious and full, and when you go for a best and right brand your hair will appear natural with no hints of it being artificial. Both men and women hair fibers are available, with different colors and shades.

But, there are numerous hair concealer products on the market today and thus knowing which one works best for you might be difficult. We have therefore tried to make work easier for you by preparing a list of the hair fibers:

Best Hair Building Fiber Reviews

10. Infinity Hair Loss Fibers

Infinity Hair Loss Fibers
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The Infinity Hair Loss fiber is made by the Nano Fiber Technology. This is the best hair loss concealing product that is made for both women and men. It conceals the bald spots on the scalp and thin areas. The Infinity Hair loss fiber has a 28 grams bottle that offers its user around 40 to 80 applications. This hair loss fiber can be used for a period of between 6-8 weeks. The fiber gives a fuller and a ticker looking hair in just seconds.

The Infinity hair loss fiber comes in several colors and works on all hair types. It’s easy to use this fiber as you just shake it the bottle and apply the fiber on the required areas of your scalp. This fiber is normally applied just ones in a day to prevent baldness and remove the thinning hair appearance. The hair building fibers play a big part in building your
hair’s density and volume. The Infinity hair loss fiber is made to stay in place as you exercise, sweat, weather elements, after shampooing and also in your outdoor activities. This is just the best hair loss fiber that gives a very natural coverage on thinning spots and balding on the scalp, even when under direct sunlight or close- up view.

  • Doesn’t wash out or stain clothing
  • Made with microfibers that bond with hair
  • Can be used on sensitive skin or scalp
  • Comes in several hair colors
  • Available in various hair colors

  • The fiber flows at a lower rate
  • Can make your hair very heavy

9. Eclipse Instant and Hair Filler

Eclipse Instant and Hair Filler

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The Eclipse Instant hair loss fiber comes in three different sizes from 3-8 grams. In addition to the sizes, it also comes in ten different colors; white, gray, light blonde, dark blonde, cinnamon, auburn, light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. This hair loss fiber makes use of the micro-fiber technology in creating a natural hair bond in just seconds. This product is best in balding and thinning hair. The product requires an addition of a finish after application by the use of the Eclipse Fiber Spray, to give the waterproof and natural look.

The Eclipse Instant hair loss fiber gives a pump applicator for good precision, a kit of the beauty salons and the famous four colors samples. This product works well for both women and men and is applicable to all hair types and very safe to use.

  • Works best of all hair types and the textures
  • It’s suitable for both women and men
  • Its application remains intact for long

  • It is very expensive

8. Samson Hair Loss concealing Fibers

Samson Hair Loss concealing Fibers
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The Samson Hair loss Fiber is the best hair loss concealer and it is an amazing hair loss fiber that comes at a very affordable price. For those looking for a refill of their used Toppik bottle, Samson Concealer also sells the refill pouches. If you want to have a voluminous and natural look then the Samson Hair Loss Fiber is your best option. This hair loss product doesn’t use any woolen type, no irritation from its usage or messy ingredients. It is made of natural and original fibers that give you the natural look, which is very undetectable.

It isn’t a spray bottle you have to sprinkle it evenly on all your affected areas. Sprinkle the fiber until the area is covered fully. You don’t need to brush it through the scalp.

  • It lasts throughout the day and night
  • It does not stain nor smear clothing
  • It is suitable for both genders
  • It lacks animal ingredients, preservative, fillers and the synthetic dyes

  • You can neither comb or style your hair after the application
  • The smell is not suitable for everyone
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7. Caboki Hair Loss Concealers

Caboki Hair Loss Concealers
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Caboki Hair Loss fiber is an amazing product that helps you hide your thinning areas and bald spots, giving you a natural, thicker and fuller hair. This Caboki Hair loss fiber comes in form of powder with the micro fibers that are obtained from plants and plays a crucial role in covering hair loss, the thinning areas plus the bald spots. This product comes in 9 different colors; dark brown, medium brown, silver/white, Auburn, dark gray, blonde, black and gray. It is suitable for both men and women and types of hair.

Unlike other traditional hair concealers, the Caboki is created from natural ingredients. The main ingredient for this product is obtained from the Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum plant. This makes it safe to use. This plant ingredient has properties similar to those of the natural hair and it matches the hair color naturally. Dyes are used in the mineral-based and the natural iron oxides.

  • Made of all-natural ingredients
  • It’s can be used on the sensitive scalp
  • It is suitable for both genders and all hair types
  • Doesn’t stain cloth nor skin

  • It is quite messy to use
  • The quality of the product is questionable

6. Strand Keratin Hair concealing Fibers

Strand Keratin Hair concealing Fibers

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The Strand Keratin hair loss fiber is an amazing product that you should consider buying and it comes in powder form. This Strand hair loss concealer is made for all genders that wish to cover their thinning areas and bald spots. Unlike other similar products, this product last for long, it’s easy to use and doesn’t stain clothes and also, it doesn’t give the hair a greasy feel or look.

To use the product, you simply have to sprinkle this colored powder on the desired areas on your scalp. After application, your hair will get a thicker and fuller look in seconds. The Strand Keratin hair loss concealer lasts throughout the day regardless of the weather or sweat and it doesn’t flake off. This hair loss fiber can easily be washed off by the use of shampoo when necessary.

  • Suitable for all genders
  • Doesn’t have any side effects
  • It’s quite affordable

  • Not suitable for those with extreme hair loss
  • Comes in just one color

5. TOPPIK Hairs Building Fibers

TOPPIK Hairs Building Fibers
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TOPPIK Hair loss Fibers is a fabulous hair loss concealer that is made for all genders and all types of hair. This product is among the best hair loss fibers that are used in concealing bald spots and thinning areas. The fibers in this product are made of the proteins of natural Keratin that are charged statistically to intertwine easily with your hair giving you a completely natural look; thus making it a quality product.

The Toppik Hair loss concealer comes in nine different colors; gray, white, light blonde, auburn, medium blonde, black, light brown, dark brown and medium brown. All these colors can give you a natural look coverage that perfectly matches your hair color. This product is proved to be resistant to sweat and weather elements and can be easily washed by use of shampoo when desired. It is easy to use and you can apply it to your style or shampoo your hair. It’s advisable that you pat down your hair after applying it.

  • Made with the natural keratin fibers
  • Normally activated by the static energy
  • Resistant to sweat, rain, and wind
  • Easy to apply

  • Takes time disperse this its fibers in your hair
  • Not suitable for those with severe hair loss

4. X Fusion Keratin Hairs Fibers

X Fusion Keratin Hairs Fibers

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The XFusion keratin fibers can undetectably blend with your hair strands to give you a healthier and thick hair appearance. The fibers in the product are made of the keratin proteins that have similarities with human hair. The product is best in extension covering tracks and touches your hair roots in the hair color appointments.

The manufacturers of this products claim that it enhances the sparest head areas. The X Fusion hair loss fiber comes in 8 colors; gray, black, auburn, medium blonde, dark brown and medium blonde. The X Fusion Keratin hair concealer gives a solution to thinning hair for all genders of any age.

  • Comes in nine different color
  • It is resistant to perspiration, rain, and wind
  • Suitable for all hair type and textures
  • Can be washed with shampoo if desired

  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for bald spots

3. CUVVA Hair concealerFibers

CUVVA Hair concealerFibers

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The CUVVA hair loss fibers are made of the keratin fibers of the organic proteins that are same as the human hair. The fibers are always charged by the electrostatic energy that aids in binding your thin hair immediately. According to its manufacturer, the hair concealer works best for those people whose air length is between 1 to 1 inches. It is always easy to apply the product and to get the best-expected results; you should pat down hair fibers after the application to help in settling down. You should use hairspray to apply as it helps in holding them together for long.

The CUVVA comes in four different colors; black, dark brown, medium brown and light brown. A bottle of just one CUVVA has to go for at most 75 days; even it depends on the usage. The manufacturer has backed up this product with 30 days money back guarantee.

  • Wind and Sweat resistant
  • Easily washed with shampoo
  • Undetectable even at a closer look
  • Has 30-days money back guarantee

  • Not suitable for gray hair
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2. Strand Maximizers Hair Concealing Powder

Strand Maximizers Hair Concealing Powder
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The Strand Maximizer hair loss fiber is the best option for those suffering from thin hair and would wish to cover it up. There are keratin fibers in the product that are made of structural proteins that can be charged by the electrostatic electricity. The Strand hair loss fiber blends and strongly binds to your natural hair shaft. It is suitable for both genders.

According to this product’s manufacturer, it is the best option for those taking the rogaine or propecia medications for balding and hair loss. The product is always in powder form and this makes it light, bouncy and it easily adds volume up. The Strand Maximizer hair powder offers immediate hair coverage for the thin hair, giving it a thicker look in seconds.

  • It blends perfectly with natural hair, leaving the undetectable finish
  • Remains intact throughout the day in all weather conditions; wind, sweat, and rain
  • Easily washed with shampoo if desired
  • Suitable for all hair textures and colors

  • You must keenly follow the process or no results will be achieved

1. Dr.Hair Thickenings Keratin Fibers

Dr.Hair Thickenings Keratin Fibers

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This is the best-rated hair loss fibers as give a person an amazing natural thicker and fuller looks in few seconds. The Dr. Hair Thickening fiber works best on thinning hair or the balding spots on your scalp. It’s made with the keratin fibers, which perfectly adheres to your hair when you spray it on the required areas.

The product is suitable for both genders. It comes in 13 distinct colors and is suitable for various hair types. It is easy to apply this hair loss fiber and gives lasting results. The Dr. Thickening hair loss fiber is resistant t all weather condition and daily activities without calling for any reapplication. This product is made with a good formula, which is free of toxins or any hazardous or dangerous chemicals. This makes the product very safe and effective to use.

  • It is made with original keratin hair fibers
  • Comes in 13 distinct colors
  • Resistant to all weather conditions plus sweat and the daily activities
  • Made with toxin free ingredients

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Leave flakes on your hair


Bald, thinning and having hair patches is a condition that majority of people have to encounter at one point in their lives. It is difficult to live with this condition as it changes people’s perception of you and also the ways you feel about yourself. The good thing is, there are several easy and cheap solutions like using the various hair loss fibers that are
listed above.

The products above are the best hair loss fibers you will find on the market today. You should, therefore, go through the list and find the one that best suits your wallet and hair type.

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