Top 10 Best Lucky Scooters in 2024 Reviews

Getting a complete scooter will definitely enhance your riding style. The Lucky has always been known for some of the top rated and excellent scooters on the market. They mainly offer four types of scooters namely; Kota Sig, Crew, Clover, and Strata; hence you get a wide range of selections to choose from. When you need the right lucky scooter, there are other things you will have to think about away from the four main types listed. To begin with, do you need a scooter for a beginner?


Best Lucky Scooter Reviews

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What is the size of scooter you need, and how much are you looking forward to spending? With these in mind, you will always be able to get the perfect lucky scooter. Other than this, you have to think about the decks, wheels, and bars among others. With the below Lucky scooter buying guide, you will definitely find the ideal choice.

10. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete Trick Scooter

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The lifespan of the scooter is a very crucial factor that you need to check out for. Here is a perfect lucky scooter that has been crafted from grade aluminum; hence will serve you longer. It is a fully equipped s scooter that features the custom graphics.

These will aid in collaborating with the tanner. The scooter is ergonomic as it comes with a fully integrated Lucky REVO headset. With this, you will easily control the scooter for a smooth ride.

  • Custom graphics
  • Pro-performance
  • Grade aluminum
  • Integrated REVO headset

9. EXOOTER M6 Manual Adult Kick Scooter

EXOOTER M6 Manual Adult Kick Scooter

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For a smooth and comfortable, this high quality and the durable lucky scooter has been recommended as the ideal choice. It is because the scooter offers enough foot space and durable deck; hence will keep you comfortable. Secondly, the scooter is also fully equipped with key features like the ViceGrips, SCS clamp, and steel brake.

This makes it a complete scooter that you will enjoy riding. It has also been constructed from quality grade aluminum that makes it a durable scooter. Even though it is one quality scooter that will serve you longer, it is budget-friendly and offers a six-month warranty.

  • Fresh graphics
  • Built to last
  • Fully integrated headset
  • 6-months warranty
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8. Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter

Lucky Covenant Complete Scooter by Lucky Scooter (2017 Neo Chrome)

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Here is another amazing and high-quality lucky scooter that will make you love the riding. It is due to the fact that it is a complete scooter with an integrated headset; hence will allow for elementary control. The scooter features the fresh graphics that provides ready-to shred edges and steel flex brakes.

In addition to this, it also features a fully integrated headset that makes it a great choice. With this lucky scooter, you will easily learn how to ride when you are a beginner. The lightweight and versatile scooter also offer a superior freestyle performance you are going to like.

  • Fully equipped scooter
  • Aluminum HIC compression
  • Fresh graphics
  • Steel flex brake

7. Lucky Scooter Lucky Protest Complete Stunt Scooter (Neo Gold)

Lucky Scooter Lucky Protest Complete Stunt Scooter (Neo Gold)

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Since you deserve the ultimate scooter that is going to offer you a long-term service, the Lucky Scooter Lucky Protest Complete Stunt Scooter (Neo Gold) is one choice to give a try. This lucky scooter will provide you top-notch performance since it features 110mm wheels that move with a lot of ease. It will, therefore, maneuver easily and smoothly.

Secondly, this scooter has been designed to last. With the high-grade aluminum construction, it is going to provide you a lifetime service. The deck is very spacious and the integrated headset will ensure that you easily control the scooter.

  • 6-months warranty
  • Concave top
  • Flushed out head tube
  • 110mm wheels
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6. Lucky Crew Pro Stunt Scooter, Black/Blue

Lucky Crew Pro Stunt Scooter, Black/Blue

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Do you need a portable lucky scooter that you can always use away from home? Here is a fantastic scooter that weighs about 12.8 lbs; hence can easily be ported. The scooter features the Chromoly Tig welded constructed and a spacious deck that will keep the feet comfortable.

This excellent scooter is also very safe since it has the lucky steely brake. With this, you can always ride with a lot of confidence. In addition to this, it features a fully integrated headset and with the ViceGrips, you will definitely like the scooter. It is one excellent scooter you never want to miss.

  • Lucky steely brakes
  • Chromoly tig welded
  • Fully integrated headset
  • Dirt SMX fork

5. Lucky Pro Crew Freestyle Scooter

Lucky Crew Pro Stunt Scooter, Black/NeoChrome

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Are you looking for a budget-friendly lucky scooter that will offer you up to six-month warranty? The Lucky Pro Crew Freestyle Scooter (Black/Hi-Liter) is a perfect choice of scooter that is now available at a reduced cost. It features large wheels that will allow for easy movement.

This is an ideal scooter that suits the beginners since it is a complete scooter that will definitely enhance your riding styles. Apart from this, the scooter has been fully equipped with different features like; dub clamp, steely brakes, and fully integrated headset; hence one smart scooter you never want to miss.

  • Six-month warranty
  • Versatile and comfortable
  • 8.4 lbs in weight
  • Fully integrated headset

4. Lucky PROSPECT Complete Pro Scooter (Teal)

Lucky PROSPECT Complete Pro Scooter (Teal)

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For a stylish and colorful lucky scooter, this will be a perfect choice that you are going to like. The scooter easily maneuvers with a lot of comforts since it comes with large wheels. It also has an integrated headset that allows for elementary control of the scooter. You can, therefore, easily move on various pathways.

The scooter has been constructed from aircraft grade aluminum, which ensures that it serves for long enough. In addition to this, the scooter has a perfect design that makes it one ultimate scooter to order now.

  • Fully equipped
  • Aircraft grade aluminum construction
  • 6-months warranty
  • Dub clamp

3. Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter, Neo Purple

Lucky Covenant Complete Pro Stunt Scooter, Neo Purple

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This is a top quality and ergonomic lucky scooter that has been built from the highest quality of the aluminum material. It will, therefore, guarantee you of the longest-term service ever. The scooter also features the steely brake and BUBL clamp that makes it excellent for ridding. With the 110mm wheels, this scooter is going to move through different terrains.

It also has a fully integrated headset with the bearing and cup bearings. You can now have a full control of the scooter just as you need. Lastly, it has a large deck and ergonomic bars.

  • Fresh graphics
  • Newly designed silo bars
  • 120mm compatible Indy folk
  • Smooth 110mm toaster wheels
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2. Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky Pro Scooters Crew Freestyle Complete Pro Scooter

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Here is an excellent and one high-quality scooter that you can now rely on for a smooth ride. It has some of the best features like; bigger wheels and fully integrated headset for a better control. The scooter will, therefore, allow you to ride like a pro even though it has been recommended as the entry-point for beginners.

This high-quality scooter is very safe as it has the steel brake system. In addition to this, it has been constructed from the quality aircraft aluminum material; hence one you can rely on.

  • 19 x 4.25-inches deck
  • Double clamp
  • Steely brake
  • 110m smooth wheels

1. Lucky Covenant Complete Stunt Scooter (Black)

Lucky 2017 Covenant Complete Stunt Scooter (Black)

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For a better freestyle ride, this is one great scooter that is extremely comfortable and safe. The lucky scooter has got a large deck that makes it comfortable. It is also lightweight and durable scooter that has been constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. With this, it is going to provide you a long-term service just as expected.

The scooter has got 110mm large toaster wheels with a large urethane; hence easily maneuvers through different points. This scooter features the lucky steely brake that makes it safe for all riders. Even though it is one high-quality lucky scooters now on the market, the cost is budget-friendly.

  • Vice Grips
  • Large deck
  • 110mm toaster wheels
  • Durable and lightweight

Buying Guide Lucky Scooter

Other than the price and warranty of the scooter, you will have to fully check out for the different features of the scooter. Here are some of the main factors that are going to help you in making a better purchase;

  • Deck: The latest lucky scooters now feature different decks that vary in widths, lengths, styles, and concaves. Despite this, you will still need to choose the ideal deck size that will offer you the best comfort. Since the deck is one key important parts of the scooter, you need to find one that is ergonomic and comfortable. For example, you should go for decks with integrated headsets that are ready to use. In addition to this, you need a deck that has been well-built to offer balance and high-performance. This will require that you check out the material used in making the deck. Lastly, since the deck carries the whole scooter, you have to consider the weight of the deck. Find one that is lightweight and can easily be ported.
  • Wheels: You will also have to check out for the types of wheels the lucky scooter has. The lucky scooters are known for coming with some of the durable and classic wheels but still, you will need to check out the ideal options. Since these wheels have been constructed from both urethane and core, you need to find the ultimate wheel made from the highest quality of urethane. This is going to provide you with a better feeling and will last longer. Additionally, you will need to make a choice on the size of the wheel. Do you like the larger or smaller wheels? In most cases, the larger wheels (110mm) have been recommended as they are smoother and faster. This is due to the fact that they have more urethane. In case you prefer a certain color, you will also check out for the favorite wheel color.
  • Bars: The bars of the lucky scooters are now different in both style and type. This means that for every scooter bar you choose, it needs to provide you with the best support and allows for easy control of the scooter. In choosing the right bar, the diameter of the scooter will be very vital. You can select either the standard diameter or the oversized diameter. Irrespective of the type of diameter you choose on, they will both need to be compressed. Secondly, you will also think about the material used in the construction of the scooter. They can be made of either aluminum or steel tubing. The aluminum bars are the most common and provide relatively long-lifespan.
  • Headset: The headset of the scooter will always contain the bearing cups, fork race, top cap, and bearings. It is also the type of headset that will determine the kind of feeling you will get when on the scooter. You, therefore, require the highest quality of headset that is going to offer you a smooth and silent operation. With this, you will be able to maneuver easily and safely.
  • Cost and Warranty: Away from the features of the lucky scooters, the cost and warranty are other key important factors to check out for. The costs of the lucky scooters definitely vary from one piece to the other. This is determined by the quality of the material and other features. Depending on your budget, you need to get one scooter that is affordable but durable and efficient. In addition to this, you need to consider the warranty period.


These are some of the main factors and features to think about when shopping the lucky scooters. You may also consider other things like; clamps, compression, and brakes. Here are the top-rated lucky scooters that you will like in 2024.

These are the top rated lucky scooters that have been recommended by experts. They are highly rated scooters, which shows that a number of users have also recommended the products. These smart lucky scooters differ in size, cost, and other key features. Despite these differences, you will still find the ultimate choice anytime you place an order. They have also been built to last; hence the top recommendations for you.

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