Top 10 Best Pregnancy Body Pillows in 2022 Reviews

Any woman who is expectant or wants to conceive in the future probably knows the challenge of belly and hormonal fluctuations common with pregnancy. These body changes can wreak significant havoc on your sleep comfort. However, there is a solution for such comfort issues arising from your changing body shape and weight as you carry the new life inside you.

Your quality rest is as integral to your own health as for the fetus in your womb. As such, acquiring sleeping aids that can safely support your more comfortable rest is a great idea. One of the known best ways to achieve this is by using a pregnancy body pillow. On the market today, there are numerous models of this sleeping accessory. This makes it very tricky especially for first timers to tell the best ones apart. To help you narrow down to your favorite, high-quality deal, here down are the top 10 best pregnancy body pillows. Read on.

Best Pregnancy Body Pillow Reviews

10. Ang Qi 55-inch Pregnancy Pillow

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The Ang Qi 55-Inch total body support pillow is a newly designed model for pregnancy use. It was designed by an experienced physical therapist. It offers you customized support and comfort during the full pregnancy period and after delivery.

It provides premium-grade comfort to ensure expectant moms get the fully relaxing sleep as they ought by most alleviating discomforts common in this period. It also offers great support for convenient feeding positions after the baby is born.

  • The versatile U-shaped design is easily moldable to different position styles for various uses and customer convenience.
  • Design conforms to your natural body curves for custom comfort and support.
  • Ultra soft, zippered jersey outer cover is very comfortable and removable for easy washing.
  • There is a 100% polyester inner cover that is quite durable and also breathable.
  • For your sweet cozy sleep, the pillow has 100% premium polyester hollow fiber filling.
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9.ComfySure U-Shape Pregnancy Full-Body Pillow

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Although originally designed for pregnant and nursing mothers, this particular U-shape full-body pillow is also great for side sleepers. It provides belly, neck and arm support and comfort, helping alleviate discomfort and pains from gastric reflux, sciatica, and others.

The materials that make this pillow are safe for people with sensitive skins and for infant use, too. It is easy to manage, especially since it comes with an easily removable cover for seamless cleaning.

  • Versatile U shaped design that is moldable to different positions/styles for various uses.
  • It is made of 100% polyester that is hypoallergenic and thus safe for anyone, even infants to use.
  • The extra-large design is perfect for even king and queen-size beds, replacing the need for other pillows/cushions and offering full-body comfort/support.
  • The cover is ultra soft and comfortable; also removable for washing in the machine.

8.Restorology Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow

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This Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow by Restorology is a reliable choice with a design that follows your body’s natural shape and contours for complete, custom support. Its generously sized multifunction design eliminates the need for multiple pillows and then save a lot of bed space.

It amply supports the head, belly, and back all at once. The pillow’s unique shape is also great for providing relief from and preventing heartburn, lower back pain, sciatica, etc.

  • Multifunctional design offers multi-part support at the same time.
  • It has an easy to remove zippered cover for easy cleaning in the machine.
  • The materials are comfortable but also very breathable for proper ventilation.

7. Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Body Pillow

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If you want a pillow to help you with a better and sweet sleep throughout expectancy, this Meiz U Shaped Pregnancy Body model will work perfectly. It also forms into ideal belly support for watching TV, reading, nursing baby, etc.

It was originally created for pregnant women, but it is as well quite suitable for any person who wants greater support, recovery aid, or fed up with using separate pillow units for supporting their different body parts for a more relaxing sleep.

  • Its outer cover is 100% soft velvet, hypoallergenic and also machine washable.
  • The zippered cover means easy removal for thorough and hassle-free cleaning.
  • Flexible polyethylene 7D Hollow Fiber filling is odorless and stays in good shape for a longer value.
  • The design can be repositioned in several styles for different settings and use.
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6. Boppy Wedge-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

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Use it anywhere, the Boppy Pregnancy Wedge is a reliably firm and very versatile, portable pregnancy body pillow. It delivers excellent support for the mother’s bump, back, and knee.

Its compact, travel-worthy design allows mothers to bring it with them while on the go for good support when side sleeping, as well as for proper sitting and knee support in the car, hotel, or campsite.

  • It has a soft and easy-to-remove jersey slipcover, providing comfort and cleaning ease too in the machine.
  • The design is firm and versatile, ensuring reliable support for different body parts in different body positions.
  • It is compact and easily portable, so mums can bring it while traveling with ease.

5. PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

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Pregnancy does not have to be deluged by pains and discomfiture again. This PharMeDoc’s pillow is a full-body pregnancy model that delivers the ideal balance between support and comfort for not just the belly, but also back, hips and legs.

Thanks to its versatile multi-use design, you get to enjoy incredible sleeping or lounging comfort as you read, watch TV or even work on the laptop. It is also ideal for excellent nursing support.

  • Its C-Shaped full-body design supports many body parts from head to legs, replacing 5 pillow units.
  • It uses Poly-fill material that delivers the ideal balance between excellent support and comfort for hips and belly.
  • Its cover is made of 100% premium jersey cotton for both unique comfort and high durability.
  • Double-stitching round the edges ensures reduced wear and tear for extra durability.
  • The pillow cover is hypoallergenic and removable, therefore safe and easy to clean.

4.Today’s Mom Cozy Full-Body Pregnancy Pillow

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Good quality maternity pillows are hard to come by, but you can count on this one by Today’s Mom. With a curved U-shaped design and large headrest area, this is a great pregnancy full-body support pillow that offers belly and lumber support both, creating comfort for the mom and the unborn.

This is exactly what an expectant moth needs to get a relaxing, comfortable sleep. It does so by caressing the natural contours of your body to not only cradle but keep the entire body in consistent comfort.

  • The U- shaped oversized, curved design offers an excellent shoulder and lumbar support.
  • The multi-position design makes this pillow versatile for different uses, from sleeping to lounging to nursing.
  • The pillow case is zippered for easy removal and is easy to clean in the machine.
  • It is made of incredibly soft, comfortable, safe and durable materials.

3. Bluestone Full Body Pregnancy Pillow

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It can be very tricky to set up a comfortable sleeping plan during pregnancy. However, this Bluestone’s full-body pregnancy pillow is your comfort guaranteed. With its U shaped and uniquely contoured design, it alleviates the discomfort by offering ideal support to the shape of a pregnant belly.

It is also designed to allow different pillow positions and styles to help moms get the comfort they need when sleeping on the back, side or belly.

  • The oversized U-Shaped design is long enough to allow fully supported full body stretching.
  • Its hourglass inner curves embrace your entire back and align your hips to support neutral joint positioning.
  • Made of 100% cotton, the hypoallergenic outer cover is zippered to allow easy removal for hassle-free cleaning.
  • The polyester hollow fiber filling is soft, comfortable and flexible.
  • The design is versatile, allowing multi-positional use.
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2. QUEEN ROSE 55-inch Pregnancy Pillow

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The QUEEN ROSE 55-inch pregnancy pillow is one of the more popular models available today. Made of premium-grade materials, it delivers exceptional comfort for any expectant side sleeper while holding its shape for longer, consistently great performance. Contouring to your body curves for custom comfort, the big U-shaped design is versatile in use, offering support and comfort for sleeping as well as breastfeeding, reading or TV watching.

As well as for pregnant moms, this pillow is a favorite for people who are seeking to alleviate back or hip pain, sciatica, and poor posture among other problems.

  • Multifunctional design delivers comfort and support in different body positions for different relaxing settings.
  • High-density, extra soft premium-grade filling material ensures excellent comfort now and in many days to come.
  • The pillow has a special curve design that contours to your body curve for extra comfort.
  • The materials are breathable, ensuring you stay dry and cool throughout your sleep.

1. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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A highly popular option, the Leachco’s Back N Belly Original pregnant body pillow offers well-balanced support and comfort to both the back and belly. Its design also eliminates the task of repositioning the pillow in the middle of your sleep when you want to turn.

It has unique inner contours that resemble your body’s natural curve and shape to provide snug comfort, while the cover is soft and made of a safe material for use by allergenic persons.

  • It comes with an easy to remove the cover, which means easy cleaning and care.
  • The U shape design with 2 contoured legs’ allows supports multi-position and versatile, comfortable sleeping.
  • It is made of quality and cozy polyester filling that is highly flexible for custom comfort, yet very durable for longer delivery.


As aforementioned, especially newbie moms can find it a little daunting to tell the best pregnancy pillows apart. This is why we had to choose the top 10 best pregnancy body pillows currently available on the market. For from the above options, you can easily discover your favorite pick that will help you get the ultimate sleeping comfort you need throughout your pregnancy and after delivering.


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