Top 10 Best Rooftop Cargo Carriers Reviews in 2021

Think smart and utilize space over your vehicle’s rooftop. The roof can be used for increasing the available storage in the vehicle. However, roof racks are not standard on all vehicles, but they can be installed as an option on vehicles after purchase. They will help you install a rooftop cargo carrier much more accessible. Well, there are many options in front of you to install it in the car. Not all cargo carriers require roof racks; most of them can be installed without them also.

Overall, investing in a rooftop carrier could never be wasteful because of such advantages. Just think of certain essential factors before buying the best rooftop cargo carriers, as mentioned below.

Top 10 Best Roof Top Cargo Carrier Reviews

Let’s see how the best rooftop cargo bag looks like in practice with following top picks. Given below is a detailed review of each carrier so that it would be easy to distinguish your choice.

10. Copsrew Cargo Roof Top Carrier 20 Cubic Ft 

Copsrew Cargo Roof Top Carrier 20 Cubic Ft

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If you are looking for spaciousness, this Copsrew cargo rooftop is for you. Its 20 ft coating with double coating and durability goes just perfect for everyone with a large vehicle. The thin PVC material is made from both waterproof as well as tear-resistant fabric. It consists of two security mechanisms, i.e., Velcro tape and zippers. A total of 10 sturdy straps are built so that carriers will not blow open while driving. The carrier is further suitable to use for any vehicle, whether it be SIIV, car, or vans, etc.

Copsrew offers a soft bag with high-quality and double-wall vinyl material. So, this could be the main reason for purchasing the product by most users. Also, it’s the most lightweight with just 525 grams of weight. You don’t have to worry if there is no rack over your vehicle. It is equipped with a total of 6 door hooks for convenience. There are just four simple steps for the installation of door hooks on vehicles without a rack. The users of this carrier can pack most of their cargo items all in one bag.

Check Product Features
  • Waterproof and the tear-resistant vinyl material
  • Weight: 525 g
  • 10 Tough Straps
  • 4 Door Hooks
  • Storage space: 20 cubic feet
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Easy installation
  • Material may be little thin
  • May not be that effective on sunny days

9. Fiery Red Roof Top Cargo Carrier 15 Cubic ft

Fiery Red Roof Top Cargo Carrier 15 Cubic ft

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Here’s another top pick by Fiery Red with space of 15 cubic feet. Well, you have two options for the size. The bag is highly flexible and features removable straps. Manufactured with high-quality, PVC coated mesh fabric. Whether you want to drive your vehicle in heavy rain or other harsh weather, the material is perfect for you. However, 100% protection from rainstorm weather is not guaranteed.

The ease of installation and high-quality material are two main factors people love this rooftop carrier. Also, it is built with notable width so that all kinds of cargo items, whether its hockey, skiing items, or any of your pet items, etc. Unlike other cargo carriers, it incorporates advanced sealing technology. Even after this feature, the product is quite affordable. Along with three installation modes, there is an anti-slippery mat.

Check Product Features
  • Material 500D PVC fabric
  • Advanced technology seaming
  • Weight: 3.40 kg
  • Storage Capacity: 15 cubic ft
  • Weatherproof
  • Waterproof
  • Simple 3 installation modes
  • Spacious
  • Not so many security features like zipper
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8. JEGS Roof Top Cargo Carrier 18 Cubic ft 

JEGS Roof Top Cargo Carrier 18 Cubic ft

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JEGS comes up with a hard cargo carrier along with worth noting features. This 18 cubic feet hard cargo carrier has dimensions 57 inches × 39 inches × 19 inches. For easy installation, mounting hardware with two keys is also provided with the product. The fit is ideal for every square, round, or aero bar design that is up to 4 inches wide.

There is a limited lifetime guarantee over the product for which there is a good backup of any kind of a disappointment if it occurs in the future. The box, as well as mounting hardware, is strategically built for quick installation. However, you have to be sure of the clearance of roof-mounted antennas, rear hatchback, and navigation fins.

Check Product Features
  • Storage capacity 110lb
  • Weight: 28lbs
  • Hard plastic material
  • Comes with mounting hardware and lock key
  • Waterproof
  • Limited lifetime guarantee
  • A bit flimsy

7. FIVKLEMNZ Cargo Roof Top Carrier 15 Cubic ft 

FIVKLEMNZ Cargo Roof Top Carrier 15 Cubic ft

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It is said to be the top-notch and safest design available with straps as well as an anti-slip mat. It is easy to install on any truck, car, or SUV in just a matter of minutes. Also, the color combination of black and orange is quite exceptional. We liked the width and length of the product for storing most of the cargo items. The waterproof material built with PVC tarpaulin cloth.

The robust material is kind of suitable for a heavy rainstorm also. Along with durable material, they are providing 80% waterproof and UV protected fabric. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are driving on a harsh sunny day. Even if your vehicle is without the rack, use their four-door hooks, and you’re good to go. Installation time is just 2-5 minutes.

Check Product Features
  • Carrier space: 15 cubic ft
  • Material: PVC tarpaulin cloth
  • Includes reinforced straps
  • 4 door hooks for vehicles without rack
  • Durable
  • UV protected
  • Waterproof
  • Reasonably priced
  • Not fully waterproof
  • May cause noise in strong winds
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6. P.I. Auto Store Roof Top Cargo Carrier 16 Cubic ft

P.I. Auto Store Roof Top Cargo Carrier 16 Cubic ft

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It is a rooftop cargo carrier suitable for most vehicles. The space of 16 cubic ft is more than enough to store your overall cargo items, including up to two big suitcases. Designed with heavy-duty Nylon Cordura fabric, which is five times durable than PVC material. An anti-slip mat is also available with the carrier.

The carrier is ideal in both length and width. Almost double the trunk space is there for the proper storage of items. It comes with unique waterproofing features, which means the Zipper is also waterproof. Well, there are just two straps which are enough with zippers provided. At the same time, straps are also useful when your vehicle has no racks.

Check Product Features
  • Material: Nylon Cordura
  • Space: 16 Cubic ft
  • With an anti-slip mat
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Straps are not tight enough

5. RoofPax Roof Top Cargo Carrier 19 Cubic ft

RoofPax Roof Top Cargo Carrier 19 Cubic ft

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It is quite a highly sturdy bag by RoofPax. The dimensions of the bag are 47.2″ × 35.4″ × 19.8,” which is suitable for storing most of the cargo items. The color combination of the bag is also fantastic, and provided with an additional key lock. Its material is military-grade and built with ten elastic velcro straps with NIFCO buckles.

The bag is quite large and can hold 4-5 suitcases with other items. It is ideal for working with or without rack on your vehicle. Almost six-door hooks provided for use on vehicles without a rack. It also consists of robust security features such as SBS Zipper along with its sturdy straps. Overall, the bag is nicely built with dual-seam technology and an inbuilt protective mat.

Check Product Features
  • Includes six-door hooks
  • Inbuilt protective mat and ten velcro mats
  • With strong zipper
  • Space: 19 cubic ft
  • Dimensions: 47.2” × 35.4” × 19.8.”
  • Durable
  • Weatherproof
  • Limited Lifetime warranty on buckles and zippers
  • Material may be little thin

4. RoofBag 15 Cubic ft Roof Top Cargo Carrier 

RoofBag 15 Cubic ft Roof Top Cargo Carrier

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Here is RoofBag’s Roof Top cargo carrier with required accessories. In terms of size, you have more than five options to choose from. Made with a safe and waterproof strap system that can secure your cargo items even at high speed. The bag is manufactured in the USA itself with Triple Seal technology and maximum protection for any extreme weather.

The significant part about the product is its non-toxic material. Its soft material itself reflects the reliability and durability. Moreover, it can be used with or without racks on any vehicles. Along with the carrier, you will get two straps, a storage bag, and an anti-slip mat. Unlike many carriers, there is no such interference with the door of the vehicle.

Check Product Features
  • Built with Triple Seal Technology
  • Space: 15 Cubic ft
  • Seat-belt style with 1.5” width
  • Includes two straps, anti-slip mat, and storage bag
  • Heavy-duty material
  • Non-Toxic
  • 3000lbs strong
  • Maybe little small than mentioned

3. Asani Roof Top Cargo Bag 15 Cubic ft

Asani Roof Top Cargo Bag 15 Cubic ft

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Asani comes with quite a simple black yet effective cargo carrier. It is manufactured using triple-layer tarpaulin waterproof cloth that can resist wind, rain, heat, grit, or any other extreme weather conditions. Also, the storage capacity of 15 cubic ft is noteworthy if you are looking carriers for somewhat small vehicles. Well, the measurements of 44” × 34” × 17” are made to fit most car models.

You could count on many reasons to buy this carrier. The 100% waterproof quality with sturdy straps and zippers are some of the featured points to be noted. Whether you are going for a simple trip or camping, it is made to suit all kinds of environment. When you don’t have to use the bag, simply fold it to the size of the tablet. Also, the maximum weight of a bag is noted at 99lbs, so no additional weight is shifted to the top of your vehicle.

Check Product Features
  • Fabric: Triple-layer tarpaulin cloth
  • Dimensions: 44” × 34” × 17.”
  • Storage capacity: 15 cubic ft
  • Includes buckles and eight reinforced straps
  • Durable
  • High-quality fabric
  • 100% waterproof
  • Can be easily packed
  • No door hooks for vehicles without rack
  • Material is thin

2. ToolGuards Roof Top Carrier 15 Cubic ft

ToolGuards Roof Top Carrier 15 Cubic ft

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It is a substantial yet very durable quality rooftop carrier by ToolGuards. It is made up of waterproof tarpaulin fabric along with coated zippers. The bag can even withstand on vehicles without racks. For extra protection, there are additional waterproof coated flaps over the zippers. Also, the buckles and straps are adequately seamed over the top of the bag. You will be provided with an anti-slip mat and door hooks.

The good part about the product is its 2-year money-back guarantee. All in all, it’s a structurally engineered product that can provide you memorable and long-lasting trip sessions. Despite heavy fabric, it is easy to carry with the provided storage bag. Most models of cars are suitable to fit in the carrier.

Check Product Features
  • Coated zippers
  • Waterproof tarpaulin cloth
  • With door hooks and anti-slip mat
  • Includes storage bag
  • Heavy-duty fabric
  • 2-year money-back guarantee
  • 100% waterproof
  • Not lightweight

1. SportRack Roof Top Cargo Box 18 Cubic Ft

SportRack Roof Top Cargo Box 18 Cubic Ft

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Sport Rack comes with a hard cargo carrier with amazing specs to consider. Apart from being a hard material, it is quite spacious and built with all the required features. The material is built with heavy-duty ABS construction and an inbuilt UV protection. For ease of installation, a U-Bolt mounting kit is also provided.

It is a universal carrier that can easily fit round, square, and most other factory racks. Well, it’s not possible to use this carrier on vehicles without a rack. Even if it is hard, the space inside is quite enough for secured storage. It is lightweight and comes in dimensions 17.25” × 63” × 38”.

Check Product Features
  • Hard ABS constructed material
  • Includes U-Bolt mounting hardware kit
  • Storage space: 18 Cubic ft
  • Locking system
  • Durable
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to use
  • Not for vehicles without rack
  • Cannot be fully opened

What To Look For Before Buying The Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier?

Alike other products, a rooftop cargo carrier also consists of certain qualities you need to consider. To pick up the top quality, you have to take care of the following points on a priority basis.

  • Durability: It is one of the substantial investments in which you always look that purchase will last longer. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you can go for the cheapest. You need to value for money as it’s one of the essential factors you need to look for. Look for material that will best maintain the carrier’s structure and secure your vehicle against adverse conditions of weather. Even if it’s a hard cargo carrier, it should be made of heavy-duty plastic that can tolerate even extreme weather conditions.
  • Capacity: The next thing you can importantly consider is the size of the rooftop cargo carrier. How much cargo items your bag can handle over the roof? The standard capacity is said to fall in 10 to 25 cubic ft. However, the size to choose also depends upon the size of your vehicle and the weight it can handle. You can think of different sorts of items you can keep within the bag at most.
  • Design: The design of the cargo carrier is also good to look for. For sure, you need aesthetics, even if it is a storage item. At the same time, you also want your car to maintain aerodynamics qualities. Something that is too square can create much drag on and let you spend more fuel. The design also impacts the wind noise you will experience.
  • Ease Of Use: The ease of use here refers to the ease of installation. You are more likely affected by a cargo carrier that is simple to assemble as well. A complicated assembly consumes too much time in making the cargo inflexible. So, you always need to select the hard ones that come with the mounting kit.
  • Security: Try to opt for a carrier with a security lock. You will want the confidence and knowledge that your cargo items are safe when you leave them unattended. Having a better lock is one way to keep your things secure. Also, the material should be strong enough not to be compromised or ripped.


So, these are some of the best rooftop cargo carrier systems to be well considered in 2021. Most of them are advantageous enough that can even be installed without racks on vehicles. It’s better to recognize the benefits of space utilization and invest in related products like rooftop cargo carriers.

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