Top 10 Best Room Divider Curtains in 2023 Reviews

At times, you will always need some privacy in your shared room, dorm, apartment, or even at the restaurant. To create such private rooms, you will require the best room divider curtains. The curtains are always of different sizes, which make it elementary to get the ideal curtain that will suit the space.

They are also of various colors that you can always choose to match the interior décor. When you need the right room divider curtain, there are features that you have to consider. You have to check out for the construction of the curtain and cost. Second, to this, also check out for the durability, size, color, and ease of installation among others.


Best Room Divider Curtain Reviews

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10. RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtain

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For the best interior color, this is one quality room divider curtain that will provide you with some of the best amazing colors to match the interior décor. The quality divider curtain will aid in creating some privacy whenever needed. This is due to the fact that it is heavyweight; hence doesn’t make someone visible despite allowing some light to pass through.

It also offers long-term service, since it is built with the heavyweight fabric material. With the large size, this is a multi-function room divider that you can use for different rooms. It also features in different sizes, which means that depending on the space you need to divide, always there is a perfect size for it. It cost relatively lower than you may expect; hence a great purchase.

  • Heavyweight curtain
  • Various colors and sizes
  • Attractive curtain
  • Multi-functional curtain
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9. NICETOWN 8.3 Ft x 7 Ft Room Divider Curtain

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The size of the space you need to divide is one factor that you will always consider before making the purchase. This is a largely sized curtain divider that will suit different spaces; hence a versatile choice. Other than this, the curtain is also sold in different sizes and colors every user can always pick from. It has been built using the best quality of the polyester material. This makes it highly durable and great for different rooms.

With the 14-silver grommets, it will always add that elegance to the room. In addition to this, it is ideal for use in apartments, bedrooms, or restaurants to provide the privacy needed. It can be set-up in minutes to create additional room needed at any moment. The curtain is also simple to clean and will last for years.

  • Portable and versatile
  • 14-grommets top
  • Polyester construction
  • Budget-friendly curtain divider
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8. Turquoize Grommet Top Room Divider Curtain

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Whether looking for the best room curtain divider that you can use in apartments, bedroom, workspace, loft, and dorm, this is the choice that you will need to try out. This is because the versatile divider curtain is always simple to install as it features the grommet top. Secondly, the quality room divider is also elegant and with the various colors, it will bring out the elegance needed.

You will use it for the longest time possible. This is because it is built using quality and durable polyester material. Besides this, the quality curtain divider is also large in size. It will, therefore, fit different spaces just as expected. The panels always feel smooth and soft; hence the ideal selection.

  • Smooth and soft polyester
  • Energy efficient
  • Total privacy
  • 16 stainless silver grommets

7. Flamingo P Full Blackout Patio Room Divider Curtain

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For increased privacy, this is a quality curtain divider that you will find suitable. It has a double layer that offers 100% blackout; hence brings about the required privacy. Second, to this, the divider curtain is also designed using the soft and faux silky fabric. This makes it ideal for any given space that requires to be divided. Other than this, it is machine washable curtains, which makes the maintenance simpler.

Due to the strong built, it will provide years of service just as needed. The divider curtain offers you one large panel with 16 grommets sewn into the header. With this, you will find it quick to install; hence you will create additional space in minutes. The versatile curtain is great for shift workers, infants, parents, and students among others.

  • Multiple functions
  • Easy care
  • Double layered curtain
  • 16-grommets

6. H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated Room Divider Curtain

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Every time you need to purchase the room divider curtains, you have to choose on the quality and durable options. The H.VERSAILTEX Thermal Insulated Room Divider Curtain is a perfect selection that will suit any room. The quality curtain has been built using the best microfiber polyester soft fabric to give it a long-term service.

It also blocks out up to 95% of light; hence will give the natural blackout needed. With this, you will always get the privacy needed. The different colors are always amazing and this makes it one convenient choice you never want to miss. The divider curtain is also of standard size. With this, it can always fit on any given space that you may need it to divide it. The unique home décor features the classic grommets Moroccan tile quatrefoil pattern that you will always like.

  • Unique home décor
  • Polyester soft fabric material
  • Multiple functions
  • Natural blackout

5. Kernorv Hanging Room Divider Curtain

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At times you may need privacy at the sturdy room, dining room, hotel, bar, or restaurant. To create such quick privacy space, this hanging room divider is the option to try out. The quality room divider is very safe since it has been designed using the environmental friendly PVC. This makes it safe and will serve for the longest time possible.

Due to the simple and fashionable carving patterns, this curtain will bring out that modish look in the room. It is also quick to install since you only need to hang it. This means that within some minutes you will be done installing the divider curtain. The standard size of the curtain is suitable for different spaces, which makes it versatile.

  • Fashionable and simple
  • Cost-effective divider curtain
  • Easy to install
  • Worry-free warranty

4. RYB Home Room Divider Screen Curtain 8 ft x 10 ft

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Here is an elegant and solid room divider curtain that will give you the privacy needed at home, dorm, or in the bar. The quality curtain is designed using the quality polyester material, which makes it soft and durable. The curtain measures about 8 feet by 10 feet; hence ideal for different spaces. The versatile curtain is suitable for use in the bedroom, dorms, dining rooms, ad study room just to name a few.

Other than this, the quality curtain is machine washable and quick to install. It has been designed to meet the standards of the home décor and with the different color selections; you will always get the favorite choice. Other than this, it provides the best blackout to keep your activities private just as you require it.

  • Durable polyester material
  • Wide compatibility
  • 10 ft x 8 ft in size
  • Easy installation

3. HLC.ME Redmont Lattice Extra-Wide Room Divider Curtain

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Are you sharing an apartment or bedroom with a colleague? In case you do and still needs some privacy, then this is the divider curtain for you. The quality curtain has been designed to offer quick privacy needed. Apart from use in bedroom or apartment, the portable room divider is also suitable for other places like; bar, restaurant, studio, and dorm. The set provides with you two thermal woven extra-wide blackout panels that you can use in any given space.

Additionally, the cost of the curtain is also budget-friendly despite its top-notch features. It is machine washable curtain that also features in various colors. Due to this, you can get the ideal choice to match the interior décor. You will install the curtain in minutes to give the privacy.

  • Multi-color selections
  • Two thermal woven panels
  • Machine washable curtain
  • 98% blackout

2. RoomDividersNow Muslin Curtain Room Divider

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This is another high quality divider curtain that will offer the needed privacy in the room. The curtain is designed in a unique way, which makes it great for use in different spaces. Since it comes in various sizes, you will always get the right size for the room.

In addition to this, the quality curtain divider is also durable. This is because it is designed using the best polyester material. It will serve for years just as needed. The maintenance is always easy as the curtain is machine washable. You will take a few minutes to finish the installation. Even though it is one recommended curtain room dividers. The cost is affordable. This implies that it is a perfect purchase for every user.

  • Affordable price
  • Unique and attractive design
  • Multi-functional curtain
  • Different sizes and colors

1. Rose Home Fashion Room Divider Curtain

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Do you need a thick, safe, and durable curtain to divide your room? This is the exact choice that every user has always recommended. The quality curtain brings out the best blackout. This is because it is designed using innovative fabric material. With this, you will always get it appropriate for use in all suitable places. The curtain provides you with different sizes you can always pick from. With this, you can easily get the required size for any given space.

It also hangs easily, which means that you will take a few minutes to install the curtain. The antique bronze grommets will allow for easy and fast installation ever. It is also a thermal insulated curtain that will always minimize the cooling and heating costs.

  • Energy efficient
  • Innovative fabric
  • Antique bronze grommet top
  • Easy care

Room Divider Curtains Buying Guide

In case you require the best room curtain divider, these are some of the main things you should check out for;

  • Installation Process: The curtain needs to be simple and quick to install. This means that when selecting the room divider, you have to check out whether it will be hanged or it has a grommet top. Such types of curtains will always take you a few minutes to install
  • Size: With the various sizes of the room divider curtains, it is important that you go for the right size for the curtain. The curtain should offer a proper fit for space without leaving any part uncovered. It should also touch the floor to give the privacy needed. There are large sizes that will always suit any given space. Apart from this, there are also curtains that offer two or more panels.
  • Built: It is known that the divider curtains are always built using the polyester material. This is because the material offers a durable and long-term service. When checking for the quality of the material, you should consider the highest quality of polyester material that provides the natural blackout. Besides this, it should be machine washable for easy maintenance. At times, you may also check out for the thermal insulated curtains. Such curtains are ideal as they will minimize the cost of cooling and heating.
  • Price and Color: These are also important considerations that you have to check out for whenever making the order. Consider the right color that is attractive and fashionable. The color should also match the interior décor for a great look. The prices of these curtains also differ depending on the size and quality. Get a budget-friendly curtain for the division of the room.


Now you can easily get the best room divider curtain by trying out these quality and elegant curtains. The durable curtain dividers have been built using the best polyester material, which will offer the longest term of service ever. Besides this, they are also ergonomic curtains that you will install within the shortest time possible.

Some feature the grommet tops that make the installation faster. Other than this, you also get the ideal size as the curtains are designed in different sizes and colors. You can now get any of these fashionable and elegant curtains in the next 24-36 hours when you order now.

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