Top 10 Best Slipcover Sofas in 2023 Reviews

When you purchase a sofa for your house, you got to purchase a sofa slipcover alongside it. The purpose is that the sofa is constrained to wear & tear each day that is certain to damage the sofa quicker than it ought to have been & having a slipcover, you’re will increase the lifespan considerably.

Away from camouflage from spill and dust, they will protect the sofa from pets and kids. I have highlighted the top 10 best sofa slipcovers in the year 2019 below for you to pick from & they’re suitable for recliners, sofa & chairs. There’re multiple-color choices available & they’ve non-slip quality. Go ahead & shield your sofa with some more bucks & increase its lifespan to the peak.


Best Slipcover Sofa Review

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10. ChezMax-Striped-Cotton-Slipcover


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Stripes happen to be a perfect design texture which can change the appearance of any particular room. This cover is created using soft-cotton & is accessible in 12-different stripe sequences. Made to suit sofas extending from 74.8-inches to 90.5-inches wide, the cover possesses an elasticized base & strap, meaning it keeps in place very well.

The cover happens to be machine-washable, though you’ll require to wash & dry it inside-out to see the fabric appearing as if new. In case you got a plain and boring appearing room, this striped-slipcover is a wonderful approach to make your coach a true great piece.

Check Product Features
  • Machine washable
  • Masterpiece design texture
  • Available in 12-different stripe blends
  • Made using a soft cotton
  • Elasticized-bottom & strap
  • Fits Sofas 74.8-inches to 90.5-inches wide
  • Cotton fabric happens to be soft to rest on
  • Stripes may turn your coach into an important piece
  • 12-colour choices
  • Elastic base and strap implies the cover is especially secure
  •  May not be sufficiently big for big sofas
  • Only 1 piece
  •  Stripes may appear weird in case they’re overstretched
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9. Surefit-Stretch-Jacquard-Damask-Sofa-Slipcover


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In case you need a more sophisticated appearing slipcover, this slipcover got a soft damask-pattern which would raise the appearance of any given sofa. The cover possesses 2 pieces which created using 94% polyester and 6% spandex, meaning it’s stretchy sufficiently to suit over any particularly shaped sofa. There’re additionally elastic-bottoms on every piece & seam details which led your sofa to appear as if it was re-upholstered.

The cushion case possesses a zipper, so it’s especially simple to remove and put it into the washing machine. The slipcover is created to suit box or square cushions & will suit a sofa somewhere between 74-inches & 96-inches wide, & 26-inches to 30-inches height. The damask-pattern is sufficiently light so it won’t submerge a room, however, it still attaches some design-texture which would appear really nice in a living-room or master-bedroom. Colours ready: grey, oyster, mushroom, raisin & sage.

Check Product Features
  • Elastic bottoms
  • Stretchy material 94% polyester & 6% spandex-cover
  • Different Colours Available
  • Cushion cover having a zipper
  •  Easily stretches throughout your sofa
  •  Pretty damask-design
  • Zipper makes it simple to take the cover off & put it on
  • 2 pieces make it appear more like upholstered
  • More expensive compared to other slipcovers
  •  Some customers had problems with the cover-collecting-lint & hair
  •  May slide up while you stand up after sitting
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8. DyFun-Two-Piece White-Sofa-Slipcovers

DyFun-Two-Piece White-Sofa-Slipcovers

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In case you’re searching for a crisp-white sofa-slipcover to cheer up your room, this slipcover happens to be fresh & a bright-white. White is a good colour bottom for a coach, as it lets you attach in fun throw-pillows or a bright-blanket to match into the rest of the area. Made of stretchable-material, this slipcover is going to fit any particular sofa extending from 72-inches to 92-inches wide.

The fabric is also soft & lightweight & is simple to remove & throw in the machine to wash. As the slipcover happens to be in 2 pieces, the slipcover is going appear more like real upholstery. In case you don’t like white, the slipcover is additionally accessible in army-green, khaki & grey.

Check Product Features
  •  Stretchable material
  •  Soft & lightweight fabric
  • Size extending from 72-inches to 92-inches wide
  • Accessible in other colours
  •  Machine washable
  • Crisp-white colour is going to brighten up any area
  • Slipcover suits a sofa up to 92-inches wide
  • 2 pieces make the coach look upholstered
  • Can get wrinkled following drying
  • Darker-coloured sofas can show within the slipcover
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7. Chiara-Rose-Anti-Slip Armless-Sofa-Protector

 Chiara-Rose-Anti-Slip Armless-Sofa-Protector

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In case you got an armless coach or a sofa having ornamental arms, this slipcover happens to be the ideal solution for storing your sofa fabric wrapped & protected. As there’re no arms to aid keep it safe, there’re anti-slip-rubber dots over the back which hold the cover from slipping around.

The cover is additionally decorative because it got a plush-velvety-texture & small leaf-pattern which will cover your sofa. The material happens to be 100% polyester & is accessible in 9 various colours: burgundy, beige, grey, light taupe, light pink, purple, tan, red and tartan.

Check Product Features
  • Decorative arms
  • Anti-slip rubber-dots
  • A plush-velvety-texture
  • Material is 100%-polyester
  • Available in 9 various colours
  • Decorative design
  • Armless cover functions well for armless coaches & sofas having decorative arms
  • Anti-slip backing
  • Cheaper than the other covers
  • Material happens to be a little tiny
  • Doesn’t work with big sofas
  • No plain-colour choice

6. Subrtex-Two-Piece-Spandex-Stretch-Sofa-Slipcover


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In case you’re trying to make a bold-statement using your coach, this slipcover is accessible in bright-colours like blue (more of a teal), wine, orange and more. Created using jacquard-spandex-fabric, the sofa slipcover fits sofas somewhere between 68-inches & 92-inches wide, up to 34-inches high, & 38-inches deep.

It additionally has elastic-corners that make sure a better fitting & that the cover will stay in place, & the 2-piece cover is going provide your sofa with a polished appearance. The cover is also soft & machine-washable, meaning it’s simple to retain clean & will withstand to wear & tear from pets and kiddos.

Check Product Features
  • 68-inches & 92-inches wide
  • Available in bright-colours
  •  Made using jacquard-spandex fabric
  • Up to 34-inches high
  • 38-inches deep
  • Variety of bold-colours
  • Machine washable
  • Two-pieces make the coach appear upholstered
  • Elastic corners imply it’s not going to slip around
  • Cushion piece can be too little for big cushions
  •  Some colours happen to be a little distinct compared to what is portrayed
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5. Stylemaster-Alexandria-Large-Sofa-Furniture-Throw


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In case you don’t need to bargain with elastic-corners & straps, this furniture-throw may be a great sofa slipcover choice for you. Made to suit a coach up to 170-inches wide, this big throw is going to fully cover your sofa, & all you got to do is hang it over your coach & tuck it inside the cushions.

In case you find yourself lifting the slipcover & washing it many times, this is a great choice because you can simply remove it & put it in the washing machine. Or, in case you require a mere solution to preserve your sofa when visitors come over, this is simple to slip on because you don’t need to fuss with elastic bands and straps. The cover is created with 55% cotton & 45% polyester & is accessible in 4 colors: burgundy, beige, mocha, and chocolate.

Check Product Features
  •  Elastic corners & straps
  •  170-inches wide
  • 55% cotton & 45% polyester
  • 4 available colors
  • Extra large-size
  • Four 4-choices
  •  Easy to throw up your sofa
  • Easy to take off & wash
  •  Will arrive untucked because there’s not elastic
  • Doesn’t appear as fine as a suited sofa slipcover
  • Doesn’t make to the shape of the sofa

4. Brenna-Collection-Basic-Slipcover


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Having a bold pattern accessible in 4-colours, this slipcover is going to make your coach the important piece in any given room in your home. This polyester-slipcover will assist protect your furniture off stains because it’s stain-resistant & machine-washable. The slipcover is one-piece & will suit many sofas up to 90-inches wide.

It has an elasticized-bottom, therefore it won’t slip about & you won’t mind about any particular straps to ensure it’s secure. In case you’re searching for a more unbiased color, pick chocolate or charcoal. In case you need to create a bold comment with your coach, either the blue color or burgundy would function beautifully. The slipcover is additionally accessible in chair sizes and love seat.

Check Product Features
  • Available in four colors
  • Stain resistant
  • Machine washable
  •  Elasticized bottom
  •  Bold, fun pattern
  •  Elasticized bottom keeps it in place
  •  Stain resistant and machine washable
  • Fits sofas up to 90 inches wide
  •  Doesn’t have a separate cover for cushions
  •  Fabric may pill over time

3. Chunyi-Two-Piece Jacquard-Polyester-Spandex-Sofa-Slipcover

Chunyi-Two-Piece Jacquard-Polyester-Spandex-Sofa-Slipcover

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In case you got sort of an oddly-shaped sofa or seem to prefer a very clean slipcover appearance, this 2-piece slipcover happens to be a great choice because it’s created with spandex and polyester. The spandex available in the material happens to be very stretchy, allowing it to stick to the edges of your sofa, making it difficult to see that it’s really a slipcover.

It additionally comes in 2-pieces, meaning you can cover the second slipcover throughout your seat-cushions for an equal and more natural appearance. The material happens to be machine-washable, & as a result of the spandex/polyester blend, you won’t require to iron it. The slipcover is going fit sofas anyplace between 72-inches & 92-inches wide, & it’s easy to slide it on. There’re 13-colours to pick from extending from dark magenta to coffee, and the little dot jacquard-pattern is going to appear beautiful in any particular room.

Check Product Features
  •  13-colours to pick from
  •  Made of spandex & polyester
  •  Machine-washable material
  •  Slipcover is really two-pieces
  • Spandex material lets it expand & form to all sofa-shapes
  • Does not appear wrinkled
  • 13-colour choices
  •  Colors can appear inconsistent than what’s portrayed
  •  No pockets or elastic-straps to hold the slipcover grasped
  • Material happens to be on the thin-side

2. Maytex-Pixel-Stretch Two-Piece-Slipcover

Maytex-Pixel-Stretch Two-Piece-Slipcover

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The big advantage with this cover is that it got 2 pieces: one for the base and backrest of the sofa, and the other for the seat cushion. This causes the cover to look a lot more tangible, as it appears like a conventional sofa instead of a sofa which has a single large slipcover wrapped over it.

This slipcover possesses deep-elastic corners, that assists the cover to be in place. Additionally, it’s simpler to put it on, because you simply slip it on top of the cushion instead of whimpering over ties. The fabric can stretch & can match furniture between 74-inches & 96-inches wide and up to 34-inches high, and up to 38-inches deep. It’s additionally simple to fit your actual room decor because there’re f5 colors accessible: chocolate, charcoal, sand, dark olive and wine. The slipcover is also machine-washable.

Check Product Features
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Deep and elastic corners
  • Five-colors available
  •  Elastic corners
  •  Two-pieces Slipcover
  •  Machine washable
  •  Colors can be a little off than what is portrayed
  •  Won’t go for a sofa which doesn’t possess separate seat-cushions
  • Zipper is flimsy & can break quickly

1. Original-Sofa-Shield Reversible-Furniture-Protector

Original-Sofa-Shield Reversible-Furniture-Protector

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This slipcover happens to be fabulous for someone who just needs part of their coach cover. This cover slips up the rear of your sofa & up your armrests & is further ensured with an elastic strap. The oversized-sofa guard can suit a sofa up to 78-inches wide, therefore it’s big sufficient to suit most sofas, though because it’s not a full-slipcover, there’ll be few of the sofa still showing.

The case is additionally reversible, meaning you may flip it up anytime you need a brand-new color to display, or you got guests visiting & you don’t have a chance to wash & dry the cover. There’re 7 different color blends, so it’s simple to fit your sofa & decor.

Check Product Features
  • Reversible cover
  • Elastic strap
  •  7 different color blends
  • Can fit a Sofa Up to 78-inches wide
  •  Fits coach up to 78-inches wide
  • Reversible cover
  •  10-year guarantee
  •  Elastic strap assists hold it in place
  • Doesn’t entirely reach the sofa
  •  Quilted material can get warm to rest on
  • Not supported for leather sofas

Buying Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying

  • Material: Slipcovers are composed of different materials such as wool, cotton, spandex, polyester & even linen. In relation to the utilization of your slipcover or the kind of traffic you have on your sofa daily each day, you ought to purchase accordingly. The heavy-cotton slipcover is created for heavy-duty usage. The spandex and polyester mixture is stretchable & they’re fit for pets and kids who do different activities which could endanger the sofa otherwise. Having woolen-slipcover can be hard to wash off time to time because spandex and polyester slipcovers happen to be machine washable.
  • Fitting: Different sofas have various shapes and styles. There are some having headrests, some having armrest & even the recliners got the footrest. In relation to the sofa type & shape you got, you ought to purchase the slipcover which can reach the whole area. There’re multiple lots of slipcovers accessible to cover the various parts yet sustaining the overall form. They are simple to set up and take off for washing. There’re some that come having straps to tie them tightly and others are strapless & they got elasticized base & corner for the excellent fit.
  • Protection: Many slipcovers are created to shield the sofa from dirt, dust and constant wear & tear. However, spilling liquid & the juicy meal is a great interest for the consumers. At that time, you can purchase a waterproof-slipcover which will offer you sufficient time to take off the spill minus leaving any given stain. Moreover, if there’re kids & pets in your house, they’re probably going to scratch the cover & remove things. The slipcover has to be immune to light-scratching. They have to additionally be rubberized or foam-filled backs so as they don’t slip away. In case they’ve both sides operational, it’s going to be a premium.


There are two purposes why an individual purchases a slipcover. The number one purpose is obviously to shield the couch off dirt, dust, spill, from pets and kids. The second one is to hind the former look of the sofa and presents it with a modern look using a new slipcover. All the top 10 immeasurable sofa slipcovers in 2023 as highlighted above are of great material and they got all the needed features including multiple-colors and patterns.

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