Top 10 Best Squat Racks in 2022 Reviews

Are you a gym enthusiast and squats are part of your routine? There are several things you could want to do with your body; however, squats help in building core muscles at the lower body, calves, and butt. While you are interested in this body-building exercise, you should pay attention to this review of the top 10 best squat racks in 2022.

Generally, there are different squat variations, depending on what your body can handle – endurance, mostly. Now, to make sure those weighted  are even and adequate, you need squat racks. Not only are they safe during this exercise, but they are excellent, versatile additions to your gym.

Best Squat Racks in 2022

10. YHAR Squat Rack with Adjustable Folding

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YHAR is on a long list of the top brands to patronize for gym equipment, especially squat racks. It is quite multi-purpose in design, following the fact that it allows for all sorts of exercises, including shoulder press, and bottom dip. It is useful in the transformation of the body, and building of core muscles.

This squat rack is effective, as it makes a perfect addition to a mini-home gym. It is easy to install with adjustable features (a folding) for height and weight, depending on the user. With the safety clips on the racks, you should have accident-free workouts.

YHAR Squat Rack is built with top-notch materials, that aid its solid construction. For instance, the handle heavy barbells are strong enough to support weights up to 580 lbs. Overall, it is useful and comes with gear adjustments for convenience.

  • Strong and durable
  • Safe and adjustable
  • Versatile
  • None

9. ORISTUS Barbell Squat Rack


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ORISTUS Barbeell Squat Rack is another interesting choice to add to a home gym. This squat rack is known for its 13 unique rack levels to deliver excellent performance to a user. Therefore, it allows you to adjust from 40 inches to 60 inches, depending on your height and comfort level.

The squat-stand rack has an anti-skid design to ensure stability and provide support. Besides, there are the anti-scuff rubber feet to prevent falls and accidents. It is indeed, safe and can support weights up to 550 lbs.

Additionally, ORISTUS Barbell Squat Rack has 2 unique heavy-duty solid metal squat racks for barbell. Its steel construction further helps in maintaining durability and effectiveness. For a couple of gym exercises, you should find this squat rack useful.

  • Durable and Stable
  • Anti-accidents
  • Adjustable for height and comfort
  • Versatile
  • Sometimes, the posts wobble

8. HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Squat Rack


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An impressive rack with optional attachments for exercise is the HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Squat Rack. It comes in different styles; however, the Cable Crossover is a good choice. This style further supports all HulkFit power cages for maximum efficiency.

This squat rack has a heavy-duty steel frame construction that guarantees strength, stability, and durability. Also, the wide-open base helps in extra-stability and safety. It is indeed highly recommended because of its lasting qualities.

HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Squat Rack has wide-open wings for free access, even with 7ft barbell. With its extra-long 2” diameter weight posts, it can accommodate plates without pressure.

  • Stable and Safe
  • Highly efficient
  • Available in different styles
  • Adjustable with accessories
  • There are ingenuine products
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7. MENCIRO Squat Rack

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MENCIRO is one of the best squat racks that give room for full adjustment and ensures safety at the same time. It works using a T-shaped mechanical structure and thick heavy-duty steel tube frame construction for durability and strength. Thus, this squat rack’s design is to support a maximum load of up to 450 lbs.

This piece of gym equipment has an adjustable barbell stand with height ranges from 42 to 65 inches. Also, you have an option to create training goals/routines with the 12 squat height gears and 6 bench press height gears. It is indeed a good choice for all types of gym-users.

MENCIRO Squat Rack is quite multi-functional following its practical design; hence, it is useful for a couple of exercises. Additionally, the stability of this rack is all dependent on the anti-slip, and non-slid rubber caps with safety spotters and pads.

  • Very stable
  • Solid construction
  • Adjustable heights
  • None

6. UBOWAY Barbell Squat Rack

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About security support, UBOWAY Barbell Squat Rack is an ideal choice for home gyms. It is also adjustable and can support weights up to 550 lbs. Based on the design, it is indeed one of the multi-function weightlifting gym equipment.

This rack is stable and durable, with the aid of its heavy-duty steel structure and strong stands. The adjustability of the height is also another exceptional quality that makes it a good value for money. With a combination like – 12 adjustable heights and 10 adjustable widths, top-notch efficiency is guaranteed.

Following the rich qualities of UBOWAY Barbell Squat Rack is 2 adjustable barbell storage racks, which is quite useful. While the base is T-shaped, the stability stays excellent.

  • Stable and adjustable
  • Height combinations
  • A good addition to home gym equipment
  • Feels a little defective
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5. Ollieroo Multi-Function 46.8 – 68.1” Barbell Squat Rack



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Ollieroo is also another brand to check out for their incredible squat racks. At the moment, there are different sizes available on the market; however, the 46.8 to 68.1” height adjustable racks are one of the best-sellers. It is, without a doubt, an excellent, family gym fitness equipment.

This rack combines sturdiness with durability following its high-quality steel construction. In the same vein, this structure ensures its maximum safety. It can hold weights up to 480 lbs.

Ollieroo Multi-Function 46.8 – 68.1” Barbell Squat Rack has a double-height adjustment that makes it useful in many ways. Furthermore, its innovative multi-functional design is another impressive quality that makes it a good value.

  • Safe and sturdy
  • Family-friendly
  • Varying height adjustability
  • The structure sometimes feels/looks weak

4. Ollieroo Multi-Function 40.6 – 64.2” Barbell Squat Rack


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Another exclusive Ollieroo Multi-Function Barbell Squat Rack is the 40.6 – 64.2” size. It features the same durability and stability as its older models; high-quality steel construction is a responsible factor.

This rack ensures maximum safety; thus, it sizes up to carry about 480 lbs. In the same vein, it features a double-height adjustment setting to provide unlimited options for different people.

Ollieroo Multi-Function 40.6 – 64.2” Barbell Squat Rack has an innovative design while being versatile. It is a useful piece of equipment for flat, shoulder bench presses, and mostly squats.

  • Top-notch durability and sturdiness
  • Versatile
  • Guaranteed safety
  • The racks need a little work
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3. Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Rack


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A top-rated squat rack with extraordinary features is the Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Rack. It is unique with its premium-quality heavy-duty frame construction and a power rack that holds up to 850 lbs.

This rack further has an angled adjustable and reversible pull-up bar that accommodates 8 different positions for maximum use. More importantly, it features spotter arms for safety latches and guaranteed performance.

Sunny Health & Fitness Power Zone Squat Rack has 6 resistance band pins for versatility and improved squats. Additionally, the Olympic plate storage ensures stability, while this piece of equipment is in use. It is indeed a safe home gym fitness rack.

  • Extraordinary performance
  • Good resistance and top-notch versatility
  • Safe and Stable
  • Lacks some accessories

2. CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Squat Rack

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Another popular rack with assembled specs and excellent efficiency is the CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Squat Rack. It features heavy-duty construction that consists of 12- and 14- gauge steel thickness. Further, it has top-grade tubular steel to ensure maximum use.

The rack is durable and reliable with the help of a 3-step powder-coated finish, gussets, and capped frame. It guarantees reinforced support, which is one of the things most conventional racks lack. Based on the design, it can support weights up to 600 lbs.

Other unique features of CAP Barbell Deluxe Power Squat Rack include two plate posts and three-band posts for versatility, and resistance. Most importantly, this rack has ABS sleeves that makes it scratch-resistant and good quality.

  • Good weight support
  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Prevents oxidation
  • Versatile
  • No quality control

1. Marcy Adjustable Squat Rack


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Following the impressive design and top-notch quality of Marcy Adjustable Squat Rack is its tough construction and enhanced comfort. This rack can hold up weights to 300 lbs., which is considerate.

This squat rack provides long-lasting comfort with its featured padded vinyl foam seats on the bench. Furthermore, the rubber grips and arm curl handle give you more control and extra-comfort. It indeed provides better flexibility, compared to most racks.

Marcy Adjustable Squat Rack as a two-piece design, as it is constructed with a 14-gauge tubular frame for good resistance against water and rust. With a piece of equipment like this, the home gym is at its best.

  • Stable and Flexible
  • Features a couple of accessories for maximum use
  • Water- and Rust-resistance
  • Comfortable and Easy to control
  • None
Buying Guide

For a complete guide to choosing the best squat racks, you need to consider some factors. Below is a list of essential factors to make sure you choose the best offer available.


Squat racks always need to be sturdy, stable and strong so that they can support different weights. Now, the ability to support these weights is dependent on the construction. Most racks are made of a high-quality steel frame, which is durable and strong; thus, it would be ideal for picking them.

  • Weight Capacity :For every rack, there is an amount of weight it can carry. For effective use, you should go for squat racks within your weight range. If you are a little higher, you shouldn’t choose something lower, so that it could work effectively in building the muscles.
  • Safety: When handling gym equipment, safety is a paramount factor to consider. Racks are mostly heavy metals that need to be handled carefully to make sure they don’t put you at risk. Thus, safety straps, pins and arms are often important in a squat rack; therefore, you should look closely before picking.
  • Rack Sizes: Usually, there are different rack sizes, based on height adjustment potential. Choose a rack size that fits perfectly into your height, or rather, that can be adjusted to fit.
  • Versatility: Overall, the versatility of a squat rack is a vital factor. For some reasons, squat racks have been useful in other exercises, apart from squats; thus, it would save you some money. You won’t have to spend more on other gym equipment if you have a multi-functional squat rack.


While you are looking for gym equipment for the home, here is a review of the top 10 best squat racks in 2022 that would do you a lot of good. These are not only incredible in design, but they have features that make them useful for the designed purpose. Pick the most preferred choice and get the best from your squat exercises.

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