Top 10 Best Squat Racks in 2020 Reviews

The squat is one workout that most people engage in to stay strong and healthy. To enhance the squatting exercise, you require the best squat rack that will offer the best support and stability as you train. So, how do you find the right squat rack? The squat rack should be adjustable in order to provide different fitness levels.

Secondly, the rack must be strong, which means that it should be constructed using heavy-duty steel material. The other important factors to look out for include the design, cost, assembly, and durability among others.

Best Squat Rack Reviews

10. F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack

F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack

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Do you need a versatile squat rack you can use at the gym or at home? The F2C Adjustable Height Power Squat Rack is one quality squat rack designed for quality and intense workouts. The squat is highly durable since it has been designed using the premium material. Additionally, it features a powder-coated finish that offers the best durability needed.

Besides this, the quality squat rack is multi-purpose as you can use it for different workouts besides squats. It is ideal for curls, deadlifts, and weightlifting among others. Apart from this, the squat rack features a strong and sturdy overhead workout bar. This makes it more versatile as you can use the overhead bar for; chin-ups, pull-ups, and leg raises. Lastly, it is adjustable to 29 levels; hence great for every user.

  • Powder coated finish
  • Overhead workout bar
  • 29-level adjustable heights
  • Versatile rack

9. Akonza Adjustable Stand Barbell Squat Rack

Akonza Adjustable Stand Barbell Squat Rack

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When purchasing the squat rack, you need to consider whether it is adjustable or not. This is an adjustable squat rack that suits different users. You can easily adjust the height to suit different users depending on their heights. Secondly, the squat rack is very strong as it can accommodate up to 400 lbs capacity. This is ideal for handling plenty of average lifters.

You will also get it appropriate for a number of workouts besides squatting. For example, you can use it for curls, rows, and the incline, decline, and flat bench presses among others. To offer additional stability, the squat rack features an extra-wide base that offers it the best stability. Other than this, it also has heavy-gauge steel that keeps it sturdy.

  • Adjustable heights
  • Heavy-gauge steel frame
  • Versatile squat rack
  • 440 lbs weight capacity
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8. Ollieroo Multi-Functional Adjustable Fitness Squat Rack

Ollieroo Multi-Functional Adjustable Fitness Squat Rack

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For a long-term service, you need to get a sturdy and strong squat rack that will support your weight. This is one reliable and durable squat rack built with strong and sturdy steel; hence provides long-term service. The rack has been designed to accommodate a maximum weight of about 440 lbs. In addition to this, the rack is very stable.

It features an abrasion resistant rubber and non-slip feet, which makes it ideal for all floors. It will not damage the floor; hence an excellent choice. Other than this, the squat rack is also user-friendly and with the innovative design, you will get it excellent for daily use. It can be adjusted from about 40.6-inches to 64.2 inches; hence appropriate for different users.

  • Durable and sturdy steel stand
  • Abrasion resistant and non-slip rubber base
  • 480 lbs weight capacity
  • Easily adjustable

7. Yaheetech 2Pcs Adjustable Squat Rack Stands

Yaheetech 2Pcs Adjustable Squat Rack Stands

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This is a smart squat rack that has been recommended by experts. This is because the squat rack is highly versatile and suits different forms of exercises. The squat rack can be used for bench pressing and standing apart from squatting. The rack is very safe as it features anti-skid feet pads that will keep it stable and prevents the damage of the floor.

Besides this, the rack is very strong and can accommodate a weight of 480 lbs. This makes it reliable and great for different users. It can also be adjusted from 44 to 70 inches, which suits it for various users. This quality squat rack features a black metal finish that makes it ideal for use at home and at the gym. Assembling the squat rack is very fast and easy.

  • Easy assembly
  • Black metal finish
  • 44 to 70-inches height adjustment
  • Carbon steel construction

6. Rep Fitness Dual Pull-up Bars Squat Rack

Rep Fitness Dual Pull-up Bars Squat Rack

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Are you after a strong and steady squat rack that will support up to 700 lbs? This is the ideal rack that is super strong and stable to support different weights. The 700 lb is for the bar hook and up to 1000 lbs on the bench. For the pull-up and dip attachment, it supports 400 lbs. Since it is adjustable from 26 inches up to 44 inches, you will always enjoy plenty of working room.

This will definitely enhance the workout intensity. With the matte black powder coating, the squat rack is ideal for use at home and at the gym. This also brings about the durability of the rack; hence you are guaranteed long-term service.

  • 700 lbs weight capacity
  • Adjustable heights
  • Matte black powder coating
  • Safe squat rack

5. Titan Fitness T-2 Series Squat Rack

Titan Fitness T-2 Series Squat Rack

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The safety of the squat rack is very essential when making the order. You can now workout safety by getting this strong and stable squat rack that features a non-slip base. The base is also wide as it measures approximately 48 by 58 inches to ensure more stability. This will also keep the floor safe; hence can be used at home or at the gym.

The squat rack is recommended for a wide range of workouts like; deadlift, pull-up, and cross fit among others. You can also adjust it to different heights based on your own height. With a weight capacity of 700 lbs, it is a reliable and sturdy squat rack that you will find excellent for daily use. Despite the high-quality features, it is an affordable squat rack you never wish to miss out.

  • Cost-effective squat rack
  • Steel construction
  • Stable and non-slip base
  • 700 lbs maximum weight

4. Merax Athletics Fitness Power Squat Rack

Merax Athletics Fitness Power Squat Rack

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With a total of 17 variable positions for the bar support, this is an excellent squat rack that will serve different users. You can adjust it from 17.5 inches up to 68-inches, which makes it appropriate for different people. Secondly, this brings about workouts at different levels that will allow you to intensity the training. This elegant squat rack has a strong steel frame that you will use for different activities besides squatting.

Other than this, it also features a foam covered utility bar. This is designed to suit workouts like curling and rows. You can also use it for the pull-ups since it has solid steel chrome with knurled grips to keep you safe. For additional stability, the squat rack has four solid adjustable steel chromes that will easily support the weight.

  • Solid steel chrome
  • Adjustable weight bars
  • Foam covered utility bar
  • 17 variable positions

3. Gold’s Gym Squat Rack, GGBE20615

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The Gold’s Gym Squat Rack is a perfect pick that suits all levels of training and different workouts. This is due to the fact that the squat rack can be easily adjusted to attain different levels. You need to adjust the rack upright in order to attain different levels of workouts. It features an exercise chart that will guide you on the key tips to maximize the workouts.

Other than this, the squat rack last for relatively longer. This is due to the strong construction that will extend the lifespan of the rack. It is very stable and ideal for use on any floor. This is because the base is non-slip rubber. The cost of the squat is now reduced to suit your budget.

  • Exercise chat
  • Durable steel construction
  • Adjustable uprights
  • Cost-effective squat rack
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2. CAP Barbell Power Squat Rack

CAP Barbell Power Squat Rack

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Whenever you think of purchasing an ideal squat rack, you need to get this elegant and durable choice. The squat rack is very strong and will serve you longer just as needed. It is because the rack is designed using premium steel that offers a long-term service. Besides this, the process of assembling the squat rack is faster and elementary. The parts needed for the assembling are all included; hence you will take the least minutes to fully assemble.

Apart from this, it also features three-step powder coated finish. This not only increases the durability and stability of the rack but also gives it an elegant look. With this, it will serve at the gym and suits home use. The versatile rack will also serve different workouts at various levels.

  • Three step powder coat finish
  • Steel construction
  • Stable and durable
  • Easy assembly

1. Fitness Reality Super Max Power Squat Rack

 Fitness Reality Super Max Power Squat Rack

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What is the average maximum weight capacity of squat rack do you need? For increased stability, this is an exceptional squat rack that accommodates up to 800 lbs. Due to this, it will support different weights. The rack is also easily adjustable up to 19 levels. This makes it ideal for different users as you can adjust to attain the required height.

In addition to this, the squat rack features a steel frame construction that will support various workouts of life curls and pull-ups. It is also very safe and compatible with the 7-inch Olympic bars. This makes it a multi-purpose rack you can rely on for all workouts.

  • 800 lbs maximum weight
  • 19-adjustable heights
  • Safety bars
  • Steel frame construction

Squat Rack Buying Guide

When you wish to get the ideal squat rack that will serve you longer, you have to check out for certain important things like;

  • Adjustability: This is one vital factor that has to be considered whenever buying the squat rack. You need an adjustable squat rack that will match the height and intensity of the workout. There are smaller racks that can only be adjusted to four positions or less. You need to find one that allows for more adjustment positions like 17 to 19 levels. Such rack will serve different users; hence assures you of reliable service.
  • Durability: Since you require something that will serve you for years, you need to think about the construction of the squat rack. The rack should be built using quality steel material that will last longer and provide the best support. Always check for the quality of the steel material to be guaranteed of long-term service.
  • Non-Slip Base: The squat rack should always be very stable and strong to accommodate your weight. In order to stay safe, it should have a non-slip rubber base or abrasion resistant base that will guarantee you of the safety. The non-slip base is also friendly to the floor as it will not cause any form of damage.
  • Weight Capacity: You also have to consider the maximum weight capacity of the squat rack before buying. The ultimate choice should be one that can support more weight like 700 to 800 lbs. Such kind of rack will always support a number of users. However, when you need something for kids, then you should get one that can accommodate about 300 lbs to 400 lbs.
  • Assembly: For quick assembling of all the parts of the rack, you have to consider one that will take less time to assemble. The racks that come with all parts in the box make the process of assembling easier and faster.

Apart from these factors, you also have to check out for the cost of the squat rack plus the warranty. You may also check out for the finish and design among other vital factors.


For the best squat rack, you now have myriad selections to choose from. The above picks comprise top rated and some best-selling squat racks that have been recommended by experts. All the above squat racks are constructed using quality steel metal to provide durable service. The racks are also very sturdy and stable.

With the abrasion resistant and non-slip rubber base, you get the best support as the floor remains safe. Other than this, these racks are easy to assemble and the costs are reduced. Getting any of them only requires one to order immediately.

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