Top 10 Best Table Lamps in 2021 Reviews

Whether it is for educational or work purposes or for aesthetic purposes, table lamps are a valuable addition to any space. New designing innovations in the designing space have introduced new types of table lamps that are worth checking out. In this article, we are reviewing the top 10 best table lamps in 2021.

Best Table Lamps in 2021

 10. 360 Lighting Store Morecel Modern Industrial Black Table Lamps With LED Lights



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In this package, you get two-night lamps. The product measures around 24 ¼ inches in height and 6 ½ inches in width. Each lamp measures around 4 lbs. The lamp is powered by a 100-watt standard-medium base bulb, but you have to purchase it differently. However, the product does come with 4-watt LED Edison filament bulbs that are added to the base.

Moreover, the lamp features a 4-way rotary switch to lighten the bulbs both at the top and bottom. A great thing about this product is that it comes integrated with a 1.0 amp USB port at the base of the lamp. It has an elegant metal construction, which is accompanied by linen shades that cover the top bulbs. There is also a 0-foot long cord to power the lamp.

  • Features USB charge for efficient functioning
  • Dual bulbs in each lamp
  • Sophisticated design for the right visual appeal
  • Easy to assemble
  • The nightlight bulbs are too bright without hood shade.
  • Limited color shades
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9. TaoTronics Desk LED Lamp



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This is one of the best table lamps in the market, featuring a sleek design. If you are looking to add a lamp to your desk without crowding it, then this would be a perfect choice.

The height of the lamp is adjustable that allows you to use the lamp for different purposes. For instance, you would perhaps want a different kind of light when reading than what you would choose while working on the desktop. The lamp is offered in white as well as black color, so you can choose according to your decor and style preferences. Moreover, you can modify the light level as it ranges from cool to warm. Impressively, the table lamp has interesting features such as a USB charging porch, energy-efficient LED bulb. The former can be used to charge your electronic devices.

  • Comes with seven brightness settings
  • Adjustable settings for versatility.
  • USB charging port for charging
  • Feature five different colors
  • The powering off process is too slow
  • The lightweight design makes the lamp tilt a lot.

8. NoVoLido LED Desk Lamp



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The next product on our list has lots of interesting features. It is a 4-in-1 multi-function LED desk lamp, which features a pen holder for easy storage. Interestingly, the base of the table lamp can be used as a mobile holder. The lamp comes with a USB charging port that can power the night light, USB fan, smartphone, etc.

With this lamp, you get soft LED light that comes with energy-saving lamp beads, prevents radiation, offers eye protection, and offers longevity. Additionally, there are two color modes that offer infinite brightness. There is also a long touch for the control from which you can use different brightness modes. The metal hose can be rotated to 360-degree for more flexibility.

  • Multi-function lamp featuring pen holder and mobile holder.
  • It comes with a USB charging output
  • The metal hose can be rotated to 360-degrees
  • Infinite brightness setting for different tasks
  • The pen holder is shallow
  • It lacks sufficient brightness.

7. Limelights LT2024-GRY Steel Lamp


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It is one of the stylish table lamps that you can consider for your home or office. The shade of this lamp is made of cotton material that accentuates the lighting. The base is made of brushed steel featuring a charging outlet. These are designed to be added to the master bedroom, kids room, nursery, college dorm, etc.

The diameter of the product stands at 8.5-inches of diameter and 19.5-inches at height. Moreover, it uses a 60W type A medium base. You will have to purchase the build separately as it is not part of the package.

  • The minimalist design of the product makes it ideal for any space
  • It can be conveniently placed
  • It features a charging outlet to power your devices
  • The grey shade complements any kind of furniture.
  • It is not a floor lamp
  • The lamp lacks stability

6. AFROG Multifunctional LED Table Lamp


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The table features a robust LED lamp that offers optimum illumination for greater visibility. Moreover, the lamp features five light modes and brightness levels. This allows you to adjust the light based on the requirements. Additionally, this multifunctional LED lamp can be used as an office lamp, bedside lamp, study room lamp, etc.

Moreover, it features a wider base that offers excellent stability, and the unit is embedded with a 30/60-minute auto-timer function. Moreover, the product is embedded by a wireless Qi-certified base that offers efficient and fast charging. An interesting thing about the product is its foldable design, allowing it to be more portable and easier to place in smaller areas.

  • It features a wireless Qi-certified charger
  • Sleek design with foldable features
  • Five modes of brightness
  • The wider base offers good stability
  • USB port does not pull power if the light is on
  • Often the light keeps flickering
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5. Deeplite LED Desk Lamp


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This battery-operated desk lamp is integrated with a battery, so you do not have to plug the wire when using it. But you have to charge the lamp in order to protect the battery. It features dimmable touch control offering three-level adjustable brightness. This makes the product ideal for working, reading, crafting, studying, camping, college dorm, living room, office, bedroom, etc.

Additionally, the lamp is highly flexible as well as foldable. The lamp can be folded to make a small lamp, making it ideal for traveling. There is a USB charging cable that allows you to charge your phone, tablets, etc. Moreover, the lamp also provides energy-saving and eye-caring LED light.

  • The product works with battery and cord
  • It features dimmable touch control with three levels of brightness
  • Flexible and foldable design makes it portable
  • Energy-efficient and eye-caring LED lights
  • Cordless brightness is dimmer
  • The lightweight dress makes the product unstable.

4. Brightech Madison LED Floor Lamp


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The next product is by a reliable brand in the market-Brightech Madison. It comes with two two USB ports along with one outlet. This allows you to plug your electronic devices. The lamp is very visually appealing, along with being versatile. The space at the base can be used for art books, vases, books, etc.

Moreover, the drum shade features three color variants black and white pattern and white or rustic Havana brown featuring a diameter of 12-inches. The product offers Alexa compatibility and an Apple Home kit that can be used to power on and off. The table lamp can be used in a living room, bedroom, and study room. The small size of the table lamp makes it easier to place in smaller spaces. The lamp comes with an LED Bulb that offers 20,000 hours of life. It uses a 9.5W LED bulb.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • It comes with a visually appealing design
  • The lamp offers compatibility with Alexa and Apple Home Kit
  • It integrates a USB port for charging
  • The compatibility with Alexa is not efficient.
  • The product lacks stability.

3. LEPOWER Metal Desk Lamp


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This efficient table lamp features a high-quality metal lampshade as well as a base. The material offers aesthetically appealing and durable materials. It is a perfect table lamp to include in the bedroom, living room, and study room. A switch is added at the base to easily power on and off. The product uses a 4W-6W LED bulb that is energy efficient.

Additionally, it comes with flexible swing arms that make it easier to get the ideal lighting angle. A good thing about this lamp is that it is lightweight and quite straightforward and comes with a 12-month warranty.

  • It boasts a high quality metal base
  • There is a convenient on and off switch
  • The LED bulb is energy efficient.
  • The swinging arms allows you to get perfect lighting
  • It does not come with a bulb
  • The lamp starts to heat up when it is powered on for a long time.

2. JUKSTG LED Desk Lamp

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This table lamp comes with seven brightness level accompanied lighting modes. Additionally, the product also features sensitive-touch-control for four lighting modes as well as seven brightness adjustments.

The adjustability of the product makes it perfect for reading, relaxing and studying. A great thing about this product is that it comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee. Moreover, the products can enable optimization of lighting feature multiple angle adjustment functions.

  • USB Charging port to charge your device.
  • It features four lighting modes
  • The lamp has a strong base, which offers stability
  • It comes with a one-hour auto timer
  • There is no mentioning of UL Listing
  • The touch is less responsive

1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp


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The main feature of this excellent lamp is that it is eye-friendly, so even when you are using the light for a long time, you will not feel fatigued. There are seven brightness levels and five lighting modes that allow you to use the lamp for different purposes. It features an integrated USB port that allows you to charge your mobile and other smart devices.

It integrated energy-efficient LED technology to save money and energy. The design is quite sleek and flexible, making it a perfect addition to your space.

  • LED Panel that offers eye-sensitivity
  • It comes with seven brightness levels and five lighting modes
  • It features a built-in USB port
  • It exhibits a sleek and flexible design
  • It lacks longevity
  • Lack of control illumination makes it difficult to work in the dark.


There you have it, some of the best table lamps in 2021. Read through this review to make a well-informed and worthwhile decision.

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