Top 10 Best Ventless Dryers in 2020

Approximately 80% of American homes use clothes dryers, and if you have limited space, you may frequenting your local laundromat might be a daunting task. But you have another option; the ventless dryer which has been used for decades in Europe and America even though it’s only recently that they started gaining popularity in America. One of the main reasons why they are so popular in Europe is that European homes tend to be far smaller than the typical U.S. home. This means if you have a smaller home or limited space, a ventless dryer might be a great addition to your home.

We have compiled a list of 10 best ventless dryers, and we are sure you will find that best suits your specific needs.

Best Ventless Dryers Review

10. Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer

Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer

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Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer is an excellent option especially for anyone who can’t tolerate heat in their home. It’s absolutely silent, safe and when it’s done you simply remove your clothes and place them into the close, ready for use. You will be able to dry all your regular clothes, jeans, sweatshirts, socks, towels, coats, bedsheets without the need of folding, bagging or ironing!

Check Product Features
  • 120V outlet
  • 60 dB noise level
  • 22lbs maximum load capacity
  • 180 minutes maximum drying period
  • Provides various settings for your specific needs
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • No Vent or special outlet needed
  • Plugs anywhere
  • It may take a long while to dry larger items

Panda Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer is easy to operate as all you have to do is remove your clothes from the washer, shake them out, and place them on hangers. Then, simply place them inside the dryer and set the timer and you can place them in your closet even without the need to change the hanger.

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9. Portable Caredy Ventless Clothes Dryer

Portable Caredy Ventless Clothes Dryer

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Portable Caredy Ventless Clothes Dryer has an expansive top planar area and multiple rails which support a massive load of clothes. This multi-functional design dryer also features a bottom rack that will accommodate your shoes, slippers, hats, and other smaller items. Moreover, this ventless dryer doesn’t require any assembly, you can simply plug it in and its ready for use. You just need to wipe it with a wet cloth to clean it. The drying rack used the tubular hot air circulation drying principle, which has the advantage of low noise, high working efficiency, and convenient use.

Check Product Features
  • Weighs approximately 1541g / 54.4oz
  • Need 800W of power
  • Dryer size is approximately 10.2 x 6.3 x 5.1in
  • Drying time is between 30 and 120 minutes
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • High-quality construction material
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • You need to set it up every time before using it

The Portable Caredy Ventless Clothes Dryer has a folding design for compact storage. It is lightweight and you can move it anywhere which makes it great if you don’t want to buy separate machines.

8. RSTJ-Sjec Ventless Cloths Dryer 

RSTJ-Sjec Ventless Cloths Dryer 

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This ventless dry allows you to dry your clothes by simply hanging them by hangers, to avoid them wrinkling. It features noiseless technology which means that you can use it even while your baby is sleeping. RSTJ-Sjec Ventless Cloths Dryer has an automatic fuse that automatically shuts down the machine when external or internal temperature reaches 105 degrees Celsius for improved safety. Moreover, it features a compact design that makes it great for camping, RVs, motor homes, condos, apartments, and dorms.

Check Product Features
  • 33 lbs maximum load capacity
  • 1000 W power
  • 0 to 180 minute timer
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Foldable and easy to store while saving space
  • Dustproof and easy to clean
  • Very Quiet
  • You may need more time to totally dry your clothes

RSTJ-Sjec Ventless Cloths Dryer needs minimal power, which lowers the operational cost to just a fraction of what the typical dryer requires. This exo-friendly ventless dryer is designed to minimize energy consumption which is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint.

7. EVEN Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer 

EVEN Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer 

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EVEN Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer is designed to dry clothes, shoes, hats, and feather products quickly. It is designed to dry your clothes on hangers to avoid them getting wrinkled, which is equivalent to Steam iron. The heavy protection thermostat automatically cut off power when the specified temperature is exceeded to protect your clothes. You can use it as a portable wardrobe while not in use!

Check Product Features
  • Manual control method
  • 10 to 180 minute timing range
  • 1200 W power
  • Three layers
  • 15-kilogram load capacity
  • Easy to clean and safe
  • Multifunctional dryer
  • It is equivalent to using a highly functional steam iron
  • Easily portable
  • Very practical and effective
  • After setting a preferred program, you operate it with just the push of a button
  • Dissembling process is cumbersome

EVEN Portable Ventless Cloths Dryer cleans your clothes from dust, insects, and bacteria. This increases the hygiene level compared to traditional methods of drying clothes. This machine makes your life easier since you can skip ironing your clothes and it is ideal for all kinds of garments, including delicate baby clothes!

6. Xinxinchaoshi Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer 

Xinxinchaoshi Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer 

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Xinxinchaoshi Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer can be used anywhere, including in the office, dorm, studio, dormitory or apartment provided there’s a power outlet. The waterproof nylon seal cover will help keep your child’s cloth clean and hygienic. The temperature is controlled between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius. If this temperature is exceeded, it shuts down automatically to protect your clothes.

Check Product Features
  • Round Clothes Dryer
  • Aluminium alloy, tarpaulin, and plastic construction
  • 180 minutes time range
  • 1000 watts power
  • High-density waterproof sealed nylon cover
  • Large capacity accommodating 10~15KG at a time
  • The ionizing feature eliminates bad odors
  • Can be used anywhere
  • None we can think of

Xinxinchaoshi Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer allows up to 15kg of clothing to be dried at one given time. When the dryer is not in use, you can fold and store it away to safe space. Xinxinchaoshi Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer is safe for elderly and pregnant women thanks to intelligent touch screen control. It protects your clothing from overheating when there is an overload!

5. JXWWN Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer

JXWWN Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer

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JXWWN Portable Ventless Clothes Dryer has a dual-action hot and cold technology that offers the fastest, easiest, and safest way to dry your delicate clothes. It comes with free specialty clips and designed for drying your delicate clothes, shoes, shirts, baby clothing, garments, dresses, lingers, blouses, and more.

Check Product Features
  • ABS and flame retardant ABS
  • Hot and cold air conversion working mode
  • Temperature control system to prevent overheating
  • Automatic shutdown after 6 hours
  • Detachable, easy to move around
  • Eliminates wrinkles
  • Portable size
  • The ionizing feature eliminates bad odors
  • Not suitable for mass drying of clothes

JXWWN is lightweight, making it easy to pack away in your suitcase. No need to use conventional dryer when drying just a few garments. It provides an excellent way of reducing energy use.

4. JXWWN Blue Mini Folding Ventless Electric Air Clothes Dryer 

JXWWN Blue Mini Folding Ventless Electric Air Clothes Dryer 

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JXWWN Blue Mini Folding Ventless Electric Air Clothes Dryer is designed to gently dry your clothes using a warm air motor that evens out creases and leaves your garments feeling fresh, clean, and soft. The inner temperature is up to 60℃, achieving a better sterilization effect while protecting your clothes from the external environmental elements such as dust, insects, and bacteria.

Check Product Features
  • Portable clothes dryer
  • 30 to 180 minutes setting
  • Hangers and bracket Included
  • Large capacity
  • Foldable to save space
  • Designed to save on power
  • Dries clothes efficiently and quickly
  • Takes longer to dry heavier garments.

JXWWN Blue Mini Folding Ventless Electric Air Clothes Dryer is portable and convenient to use anywhere, such as offices, hotels, dorm rooms, apartments, and much more. This mini dryer doesn’t have a frame which helps to increase your safety.

3. Fisher and paykel DE4024P1

Fisher and paykel DE4024P1

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This ventless dryer hailing from New Zealand is designed to get the job done and deliver 100 percent dry laundry. However, one of the main takeaways is that the Fisher and paykel DE4024P1 runs hot and fast compared to other models. The Everyday cycle can reach more than 170°F and the Delicate cycle can reach a scorching 150 °F and the end result is 100 percent dry laundry. Such high temperatures are typically associated with a normal cycle.

Check Product Features
  • Uniquely designed stainless steel drum to gently tumble dry clothing
  • Features a drying rack for gentle drying of delicate items
  • See-through door
  • Equipped with a hose for draining water automatically
  • Auto-sensing function for sensing moisture level automatically
  • Condensing technology for removing water from the ventless dryer to a drain or tank
  • Easy to operate
  • Can handle a wide range of fabrics
  • 100% dry clothes
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Prevents lint from occurring
  • Ideal for people suffering from allergies
  • Prone to running hot
  • Not ideal for large families

Despite being a solid and reliable dryer, the Fisher and paykel DE4024P1 Ventless Dryer has fewer features compared to other models in its price range.

2. Bosch WTG86401UC

Bosch WTG86401UC

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Bosch is renowned worldwide as one of the best manufacturers of ventless dryers and this model is no different. It has a distinguished pedigree and is bound to impress with its quick and delicate cycles. Although it takes longer to dry heavier items, it comes with highly responsive controls and is extremely easy to use even when your fingers are wet. Moreover, its typically German precision ensures smooth operation without the risk of breakdown.

Check Product Features
  • 8 options and 15 dry cycles
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Washer plugs into the dryer for hassle-free installation
  • Dimensions: 23 1/2 X 33 1/4 X 25 in.
  • See-through door
  • Large LED display
  • Extremely efficient
  • Easy to use
  • Space-saving
  • Neat white design
  • Reversible door
  • 4 temperature settings
  • Slow cycles

Bosch WTG86401UC is easy to install and doesn’t require any customized additions. It also features a child lock moisture sensor that helps prevent over drying and wasted energy.

1. Blomberg DHP24412W

Blomberg DHP24412W

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Blomberg DHP24412W features a heat pump that gets clothes dry using a lot less energy than its counterparts, making it a good choice for anyone looking to save energy. However, its essential to understand that heat pump ventless dryers typically cost more upfront compared to other types of dryers.

It features a Quick 30-minute cycle that gets clothing 100% dry as well as a Bulky cycle that lasts up to 2 hours.

Check Product Features
  • 1 cubic feet capacity
  • Aquawave drum delay time
  • Bi-directional drum action
  • Child lock in chrome
  • 16 different programs to choose from
  • Weighs 125 pounds
  • Clear controls
  • Heat pump drying
  • Energy saving
  • Numerous cycles
  • Minimal customization

Despite being rather expensive, Blomberg DHP24412W ventless dryer is a good option for environmentally conscious consumers.


The ventless dryer will fit under your counter or even in the closet, provided you have proper airflow and an electric socket. It can even be stacked or placed side by side with the washer to save space. On the other hand, you can even create some space over your washer and dryer in your kitchen to create an area for eating when you are not doing your laundry. With a ventless dryer, you don’t need to punch holes in your walls which may potentially waste energy used to heat or cool air using your HVAC system. Ventless drying is also excellent on your clothing since your clothing comes out of the dryer cooler compared to the vented dryer, which may cause over-drying, shrinking, color running or fading.

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