Top 10 Best Vinyl Cutting Machines in 2020 Reviews

Working with designs of advertising materials, whether as a hobby or as a craft requires the best vinyl cutting machine you can find in the market. All the more reason why their aspirations go beyond a small business and you want to dedicate yourselves seriously to the creation of labels, stickers, printed flannels and large advertising posters, whose designs you will have to print on a vinyl support.

The plotters are very useful and often complement the functions of sublimation, embossing and engraving on some mediums and plates of great length as well as on other smaller ones of just a few inches.

Best Vinyl Cutting Machine Reviews

10. Xyron 624632 Creative Station

Xyron 624632 Creative Station

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If you are wondering which is the best vinyl cutting machine on the market , Xyron 624632 Creative Station is one of the likely answers. This is a monochrome vinyl cutting machine that is compatible with a USB 2.0 connector. It can therefore be perfectly connected to a PC, a Mac or a tablet. You will be able to easily release your digital creations to make them even more real. Bluetooth connectivity will allow even more freedom in connection modes.

This unit has a strong blade that cuts a wide variety of materials. Thus, whether it is paper, cardboard, vinyl or fabric, the machine will have no trouble performing the cutting. A spacing of 2mm makes it possible to cut much thicker material than a single sheet of paper.The Xyron 624632 Creative Station is also equipped with a touch screen to allow you to have more control over the process in progress. Mini-tutorials are available to better guide you in the use of the device. The blade can be replaced by a pen and the machine will then be able to draw on the exposed surface.


  • Connectivity: This item can be connected to a computer or tablet with a USB cable or Bluetooth connection if you want to connect remotely.
  • Versatile: This vinyl cutting machine accepts a hundred different materials, be it paper, cardboard, fabric or even vinyl.
  • A wide choice of cutting: You will just have to connect to Silhouette Studio if you want to find different models of cutting.


  • Complexity: Not only will it take time for you to have full control of this machine, but you will also have to experiment a few times before finding the right blade setting.
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9. Greenstar 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter

Greenstar 14" Craft Vinyl Cutter

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Finding the best vinyl cutting machine is not an easy thing, but the Greenstar 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter is not far from this description. This vinyl cutting machine with integrated scanner is one of the most convenient to use. Indeed, it acts simply as a photocopier. Traditionally reserved for professional machines, the scanner makes it easy to cut an image just by scanning it. It is no longer necessary to scan your hand drawings or other creations to make scrapbooking, regardless of the material you use: paper, fabric, leather, adhesive, magnetic paper, etc. With a resolution of 300 dpi, the color scanner is of great precision to ensure the faithful reproduction of your works.

The Greenstar 14″ Craft Vinyl Cutter has a large LCD touch screen that makes it easier to control the operations you perform on the machine. It is also possible to add patterns to the scanned image for even more creativity. In addition, you can add your own patterns via the USB port of the device and thus not limit yourself to only pre-recorded models.


  • Multifunction: This device is very interesting because it can be used for both cutting and scanning.
  • Personalization: With this machine, personalize your creations for more originality. You only have to scan an image and she is responsible for making the cut for you. In addition, you can add the patterns you like.
  • Reproduction: Thanks to the high precision of the color scanner, you will be able to easily reproduce your works.


  • Limited use: Because it requires an internet connection, this device is less convenient on the move, because you will need to have a connection to work and cut.



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The price-quality ratio is one of the most important criteria in the purchase of such equipment. If there is one property that is immediately noticeable with the GRAPHTEC CE6000-120, it is that it is not expensive. It is a manual vinyl cutting machine that nevertheless offers a wide range of applications. Whether for scrapbooking, sewing, creative hobbies or even jewelry, she will always be useful. In addition, its use adapts equally well to beginners and more experienced creators.

For a manual machine, ease of use is paramount. The handle of the rollers is very ergonomic, which makes handling very easy, whatever the material to cut: paper, felt, fabric, cardboard, foams and metal crafts and many more. In addition, the machine is equipped with a carrying handle to be able to realize your creations anywhere. The steel roller system allows the machine to have a long service life. It is compatible with universal relief dies. This makes it possible to use it even for stencils and dies other than those proposed by the brand.


  • Best value for money: The GRAPHTEC CE6000-120 is of a good quality while it is not at all expensive.
  • Versatile: With a wide range of use, this manual cutting machine can be used for scrapbooking, creative hobbies, sewing and possibly for jewelery.
  • Easy to use: For beginners or already experienced creators, this machine is very convenient thanks to the handle that can carry it everywhere.


  • Tired enough use: As it is a mechanical machine, you must make muscular efforts and this could be tiring for some.

7. Sizzix Eclips2

Sizzix Eclips2

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This Sizzix Eclips2 is particularly interesting as it adapts to all kinds of users. So, whether you’re just discovering the world of scrapbooking or you’re already experienced in the field, you’ll always find a way to take advantage of this machine. This device includes a selection of matrices that allows for a wide variety of projects. The fields of application are not lacking, whether for fashion accessories, decoration, knitting: this cutting and embossing device will always accompany you.

The brand Big Shot was not at all spared with his machine. The packaging includes 12.3 cm x 15.2 cm paper and a cotton fabric signed My Life Handmade. Thus, you will be able to begin your work immediately upon receipt of your device. The starter kit will, therefore, especially for beginners, to quickly embark on the realization of a first project without having to wonder too much the necessary accessories. The Sizzix Eclips2 is also in the list of the best mechanical cutting machines. It is intended for experienced in the field, but it is also particularly ideal for beginners who want to engage in cutting and in the world of scrapbooking.


  • Aimed at all: You will have no difficulty in using this device because it has been designed for all levels, whether you are a regular in the field or a beginner.
  • Affordable price: Among the vinyl cutting machines available on the market, it is cheaper. If you start in the field, this is the best investment for you.
  • Versatile: With its wide range of dies that allows you to realize a wide variety of projects, choose this machine to accompany you for knitting, decorating or fashion accessories.


  • Weight: This machine is less convenient because it is a bit heavy and is difficult to store.

6. Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

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It includes 3 sheets of the Roland Blades line and it is a machine that is compatible with almost all the softwares available for these tasks (Auto CAD, Art Cut, Corel Draw, etc).

It comes with a 12-month warranty, an aluminum support with rollers for more support and a practical pen with a support to draw the cuts with absolute precision. The whole kit is completed with a knife, a spatula to clean glass and tape.


  • The user manual has been drafted and reviewed especially by the technical team based in the United Kingdom, ensuring easy understanding and excellent technical quality.
  • A machine with a superior power and that can be used by anyone, even if there is no previous experience in the handling of these devices.
  • By having a very large surface of 72cm, the device allows you to conveniently cut vinyl and other materials larger than the A1 size.
  • Built-in rollers ensure better control of surfaces and cutting parts, improving accuracy, and the rollers ensure better control.
  • Through a comfortable built-in ruler, you can take measurements in a simple way and regulate the angle of cut according to the different thicknesses of the materials.


  • It is not compatible with MAC and only works with Microsoft computers, which limits the possibilities of leaving out Apple users.
  • The drivers to install the program of the machine on the computer can give an error. In any case, the manufacturer’s customer service will solve the problem.

5. Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Cutting Machine

Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Cutting Machine

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The Brother ScanNCut CM100DM Cutting Machine is an electronic cutting printer that allows jobs up to 30.5 cm wide, with a blade that guarantees a maximum pressure of 210 g. It has a cutting speed of between 10 and 100 mm / s and a USB connection to adapt it to Microsoft and Apple devices. The blade can be configured in up to 10 different settings so that the user always has many options in all their jobs.

The device detects the edges and cuts directly without having to go through a vectorization step! The control of the machine is done using a 7.62cm touch screen. The ScanNCut can, therefore, be used completely independently, without a computer. You can scan any image you have on hand, and 600 designs are pre-recorded in the camera. In addition, Brother provides free online software ( ScanNCut Canvas ) for importing new images. The ScanNCut is the ideal choice for those looking for a high-precision plotter that is easy to use and simple to use on a daily basis. It is the first (and only) vinyl cutting machine with an integrated scanner. Its use is extremely simple: 1) scan your drawings or images and 2) cut!


  • The ScanNCut can cut paper, cardboard, fabric, flex/flock, felt, self-adhesive vinyl, stencils, pads and other fine material (0.8mm with the standard blade and up to 1, 5mm thick with deep cutting blade ).
  • As we said before, it can scan documents useful for your creations, but it also acts as a “normal” scanner allowing you to scan documents (photos, newspaper articles, …) and send them to your computer.
  • It can be used as a plotter to draw. This requires a Color Pen or a universal pen holder.
  • The ScanNCut is an ideal machine for sewing.
  • The cutting width is limited to 30cm, its length to 60cm (with the large cutting mat).
  • The software to control the ScanNCut, ScanNCut Canvas, is only available online. The main advantage is that your software benefits from the latest updates from the publisher, the disadvantage is that you must be connected to the internet to use it.


  • Limited use: Because it requires an internet connection, this device is less convenient on the move, because you will need to have a connection to work and cut.

4. KNK Force Cutter

KNK Force Cutter

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The KNK Force Cutter is an electric vinyl cutting machine that can also engrave, sketch, etch and much more. The device can do two things at once, such as drawing and cutting. It does not only work for paper but you can also put in wood, leather, foam and even metal to decorate or cut.

Thanks to the special platform, this device can cut material that is 2 mm thick. It also has various new tools such as a stipling tool, an etching tool, and an embossing tool.

Although there is only one review pending for this beautiful vinyl cutting machine offer, it is still mostly positive. It is a handy device that you can even use to make creative prints for a t-shirt. The price and quality are in good proportion with each other, it is a more expensive product but you also get value for money.


  • A wide choice of cutting: You will just have to connect to Silhouette Studio if you want to find different models of cutting.
  • Connectivity: This item can be connected to a computer or tablet with a USB cable or Bluetooth connection if you want to connect remotely.
  • Versatile: This vinyl cutting machine accepts a hundred different materials, be it paper, cardboard, fabric or even vinyl.


  • Complexity: Not only will it take time for you to have full control of this machine, but you will also have to experiment a few times before finding the right blade setting.

3. US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter

. US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter

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When looking to buy a new vinyl cutting machine, we want it to be practical and easy to use.US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter is an electronic cutting machine intended mainly for personal use. It allows realizing clearly and faithfully different cutting projects on paper, film, transfer textile, cardboard, etc. This device is easy to use. A USB cable is provided to connect to your computer to transfer your digital creations to the machine. This will act as a printer that can cut the digital pattern on the inserted material. Silhouette Studio cutter compatible with Windows and Mac is also included with the camera to simplify its use.

The manufacturer also offers you 50 cutting templates for you to easily get started in the world of scrapbooking. Anyone buying the US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter will also have access for one month to the Silhouette Shop to get new models. Do you intend to realize cutting projects on paper, on transfer textile, cardboard or film but you do not know where to buy the best vinyl cutting machine? US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter is the model for personal use that you need. It is both practical and easy to use.


  • Practice: As the Silhouette Studio cutting software that will guide you comes with your machine, you can directly transfer your creations to your computer via a USB cable.
  • Pre-made models for beginners: You have 50 cutting templates that will make learning scrapbooking easy.
  • Bonus: By purchasing US Cutter MH 34in Vinyl Cutter Plotter machine, you will have access to the Silhouette store for one month and get new models.


  • Operating problem: Some users have experienced that sometimes the device does not work suddenly.

2. Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine

Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Machine

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The Silhouette Cameo is driven by the Silhouette Studio software that must be installed on your computer. This software has the advantage of being simple to use and extremely powerful, especially for vectorization.

The Cameo and the Portrait have identical technical characteristics (strength, depth, and speed of cut), but the Cameo (unlike the Portrait) has a digital screen and a USB key reader, which makes it possible to do without a computer to start a cut. But the most important difference between these 2 plotters is the cutting width, which is 20cm for the Portrait and 30cm for the Cameo.

With its reduced price, the Silhouette Portrait offers excellent value for money, but if you often use scrapbooking 30x30cm paper, the choice of Silhouette Cameo is essential.


  • The Silhouette Cameo 3 can cut paper (up to 350g), cardboard, fabric, flex/flock, self-adhesive vinyl, stencils, stamps and other fine material (up to 2mm thick with deep cutting blade ). However, it does not cut felt, wood, metal or rigid PVC.
  • It can be used as a plotter to draw. This requires a Sketch Pen or a pen holder.
  • It allows you to cut and draw in one pass with its double head.
  • The Print & Cut function allows you to send your work to a printer and cut it to the desired locations using Cameo.
  • A cameo is an ideal machine for scrapbooking, card making and vinyl cutting.
  • The cutting width is limited to 30cm, the length to 3m.
  • The Cameo must be connected to a computer, which is done via a USB cable or bluetooth if you opt for the “Bluetooth Edition” model.


  • This model does not serve to cut Eva rubber, but there is another within the same brand that
  • can cut this material.
    It does not serve to fill or make gradients like a normal printer, but it is a single-cut printer.

1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine

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Cricut Explore Air is known for its robustness and ease of handling. The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the machine with the highest cutting force in its class. As a result, it can cut a large number of materials : paper, cardboard, fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, burlap …), flex/flock, felt, vinyl sticker, stencils, pads, magnets, aluminum, foam paper, leather, balsa, and other fine material (0.8mm with standard blade and up to 1.5mm thick with deep cutting blade ).


  • It allows to cut and draw in one pass thanks to its double head (from the Explore Air). If you want to use it as a plotter, you will need to equip compatible pens.
  • The cutting width is limited to 30cm, the length to 60cm.
  • This is the fastest machine in this comparison in terms of cutting.
  • The Cricut Explore Air has a USB and bluetooth connection (USB only for the Cricut Explore One).


  • Cricut Design Space is much more limited. Let’s say it’s more about importing pre-existing patterns than creating custom shapes from scratch.
  • Space design is currently only available in English, which means that the unit of measure is the inch and not the centimeter. A permanent work of conversion is therefore to be expected.

Main new Features in 2020

Cutters are machines that have existed for a long time, however, with the seasons the models perfect their qualities and make them more attractive for the amateurs and business owners that belong to the branch, here you will see some of those qualities that considerably improve the capacities and qualities of these machines

Check Product Features
  • Wireless capacity: Some of the most modern cutters now have an option for bluetooth which means that you can design from a table on the sofa in your room and send the design to the cutter with a single click.
  • Automatic adjustments: The most modern and advanced cutters are able to automatically adjust to a range of materials with the push of a button. Gone are those years where you had to move the pressure rollers of the blade to achieve the adjustment to different materials.
  • Software: There are different, and these generate more controversy over the years. We always recommend those that have support with Adobe Illustrator for the best and most advanced design.

Use Tips

So that the cutter has an efficient operation, it is very necessary that you give them the proper use. These little tips can help you

Check Use Tips
  • If you want to avoid annoying air bubbles that ruin your work with the use of an air release tool you can solve this. If you use a knife or razor blade, it is very likely that the vinyl will be damaged.
  • It is necessary that you measure the compatibility of the impression with that of your tools, for that you must make a test of the previous impression.
  • It is important that you start with a slow cutting speed so that you increase only when you make sure that a fast movement will not exceed the space of the areas affected by the blade

Maintenance Tips

In order for your machine to have a more efficient and lasting service life, it is appropriate to pay attention to the following tips:

Check Maintenance Tips
  • You must make sure that the cutter protection strip is always clean and free of debris. You can do it by simply wiping your finger along it every day.
  • It is important that you check the blade of the blade regularly. You can use a magnifying glass to help you.
  • You must periodically remove the waste material and inspect the holder of the sheet.
  • It is necessary that, after use, you cover the unit with some cover to avoid dust accumulation, these devices are very sensitive to dust.
  • You must keep the unit clean. This will prevent the accumulation of vinyl remains in the blade holder because this can affect its proper rotation.
  • It would not be a bad idea if you buy a protector against electrical overloads that protects your cutter since surges can damage it.

Buying guide

To choose the right vinyl cutting machine, it is necessary to take into account different parameters. It would be particularly useful to look at its features according to its needs (types of cut materials, cutting models available …), as well as its ease of use. Tips to keep in mind before buying the best cheap vinyl cutting machine of the moment

There are many varieties of the vinyl cutting machine, many brands and an offer that year after year grows and diversifies, taking into account the growth and specialization of the user’s own demand. But there are a number of guidelines to take into account when assessing which is the best cheap vinyl cutting machine that can serve our purposes. What to take into account when evaluating a vinyl cutting machine?

  • Cutting accuracy: It is the characteristic that best defines this type of tools and their reason for being. There can be no imprecise vinyl cutting machine, even in a few millimeters, because they were created for that: to give more precision to cuts that were not precise before. That’s why the built-in blades must have an advanced engineering design so that the objects we cut are perfect, without unwanted edges and without forcing us to match them with new cuts.
  • The angle of rotation: The cutting blades must be able to rotate freely and comfortably to make any movement when cutting. And not limited to straight vertical and horizontal cuts, but have a wide capacity of its angle of rotation to influence drawings or letters with rounded tips and worked edges.
  • Connectivity: A good vinyl cutting machine is one that allows a comfortable connection with computers in which all jobs are scheduled. Through design programs, the user prepares the dimensions of the cuts that the plotter must then fulfill with the fidelity with which the design was drawn.
  • Print size: Entry-level cutters are limited when it comes to designs because they only have a couple of inches of the printing surface. You will know when one is really good because it will give you, at least 12 inches wide or up to one foot in length. Those that are for industrial use can give you up to two feet of ideal width to create banners and signage in the open air.
  • Types of materials you can handle: You can find a machine that only cuts vinyl, but in the market, there are also those that are capable of cutting in different materials. Some machines cut even in 12 different materials, these are the most recommended because they will give you greater capabilities to take on certain projects and, obviously, more versatility.
  • Design software included: Almost all machines currently bring their own program or application for cutting operation. It is done through a simple operation in which you connect the cutter to a computer and control the software that, through that path, you provided the manufacturer.
  • Guarantee and support: The longer the warranty, the better the machine is, the more so if the manufacturer apart from a good warranty also provides you with good technical support according to the qualities of your machine. The advantage of these machines is that they have a long service life and that even the lowest performance will last a few years.
  • Quality of the blades: It is important that you take this detail into account because it is closely linked to the durability of your machine. The life of a vinyl cutting machine is, therefore, the blades, when damaged, the vinyl cutting machine will no longer serve, so in this case, you should also look if the blades are replaceable because this quality is not allowed in some machines, in whose case you should replace the machine with a new one. There are others that, if they accept replacement of blades, so, in the long run, the latter may be a better investment than the first, it is a matter of looking at the options well.
  • Security: Good vinyl cutting machines do not usually represent a real danger for children or pets, however, it is a consideration of interest that you should also take into account if at home you have either or both. Anyway, few are the pieces of these machines and the movements that make that they can cut or pinch or that can represent a danger of suffocation for children and pets.
  • Power: The power of the blade goes hand in hand with precision: without sufficient power, accuracy can not be guaranteed. Therefore, we must ensure that the vinyl cutting machine has a powerful blade, designed by engineers in the best laboratories and that promises that the cuts are made in a single pass.
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