Top 10 Best Super Mario Odysseys in 2024 Review

Super Mario is one of the most popular characters in the video gaming industry. He is well known for his tough demeanor, characterized by his ability to jump on the heads of his enemies.

He is the kind of fellow everyone wants to see, that is why a series of games featuring Super Mario has been created mainly for Nintendo. The character is loved not just by children but by adults too. That is why you need to go through this list of top 10 best Super Mario Odysseys in 2024 Reviews.


Best Super Mario Odyssey Review

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10. Super Mario 3D Land

Super Mario 30 Land

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This is the game that is bound to give you the kind of 30 experiences you have never had before. It features a rather difficult progression that has been expertly balanced, a dazzling level design as well as masterful power-ups. The gamer goes through various levels that can be unlocked using extra content available and it can get deeper and longer as you play.

  • A unique and brilliant game
  • Features a simple but adorable story
  • Comes with a rich sound that will stick in your head
  • Provides the best 30 experience
  • Can be addictive
  • Can only be played in 30s system


9. Super Mario Sunshine

Super Mario Sunshine

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This is a very solid game that features a distinctive look. The game has a lot of great moments, and it is pretty easy to play. In total are 120 shines in the game buy a player can finish the game with a number less than that Players go through various levels, each of which has its own goals.
Like every other Super Mario Odyssey, this is a game that will keep you glued and fully entertained.

  • The game is quite stylish, featuring more polished graphics
  • It is pretty simple and easy to play
  • Entertainment guaranteed for video game lovers
  • The game’s music is good
  • It lacks innovation, therefore, can be boring
  • It can be addictive


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8. Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World

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This Super Mario Odyssey is a 2013 platform video game that was developed by Nintendo for Wii U. The game is very creative, featuring the best in characters and levels. You will love its soundtrack too. Players can switch between a fun solo game and a great competitive co-op play.

  • A very beautifully designed game
  • A multiplayer option to enter you into a competitive mode
  • An unrivaled creativity
  • Excellent characters, levels, and music
  • Not a good challenge for veteran Mario gamers
  • It uses four-player camera


7. Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64

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This is a 1996 platform video game created by Nintendo for its Nintendo 64. This is the very first game in the Super Mario series to use 30 graphics. Since that time the game has remained one of the greatest videogames to date. The game features breathtaking levels. There are a total of 15 massive courses which earns Mario 7 stars per course. In addition to that, there are secret areas and bonuses which include 15 extra stars.

  • A very brilliant game with no chance for dull moments
  • Comes with more options for players
  • Features the best in music and sound effects
  • A huge selection of vast levels that leave a lasting appeal
  • The game is not easy to access
  • It can be challenging to get the correct viewpoint


6. Super Mario World

Super Mario World

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This is a 1990 side-scrolling video game that was developed by Nintendo for the Super Entertainment System. Then, the game was the winner among Nintendo faithful and today; it is among the most popular video games. Its most memorable features are the winding paths and the hidden exits, which makes it even more interesting.

  • It’s the greatest Mario 20 platformer available
  • Features a very attractive design
  • Very creative elements to elevate your experience
  • Over 70 playable levels
  • Soundtrack not remarkably memorable
  • It’s a bit lacking compared to some of the recent games in the industry


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5. Super Mario World 2

Super Mario World 2

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This is a 1995 platform video game that was developed by Nintendo for its Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Popularly known asYoshi’s Island, this is among the biggest games in the video gaming industry today. Unlike other Mario games, this game has players playing as Yoshi. It features the multi-colored species of dinosaur in a beautiful and well-laid land ready to traverse.

  • The game has a unique gameplay
  • Very challenging, with only 10 seconds allocated in every level
  • Has a very simple setup therefore very easy to play
  • Quite artistic
  • The gameplay is not quite revolutionary
  • Lacks character development


4. Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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This is a platforming video game that was developed by Nintendo for the Wii and was announced in 2009. This game is creatively done, enriched with a variety of options and so much challenge put into it. The game is absolutely amazing. It is a great improvement to the Super Mario Galaxy.

  • The most fulfilling video game experience
  • Very creative
  • it uses a brilliant gravity platform
  • Fantastic music and soundtrack to keep you entertained
  • Doesn’t appeal to players the same way
  • Can be very addictive


3. Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

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This is a 30 platform action-adventure video game that was developed by Nintendo for its Nintendo Switch. This is a video game that has so much fun to offer to players when compared to many others in the industry.

It is the kind of game that evokes and honors other games in the industry. It has been greatly inspired by games that came before it as seen in its characters, music and also mechanics.

  • Uses 30 platform, which is more fun
  • Great challenges lie in the exploration of the game
  • Several control options to play the game
  • There is always so much to do after it is over:
  • Doesn’t provide a way to slay all the genre’s demons
  • its camera causes trouble sometimes


2. Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mayo Galaxy

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This is a 2007 platform video game that was developed by Nintendo for the Wifi. The game is more like the Super Mario 64 but in the outer space. Players of this game will explore over 40 highly different galaxies, each of which contains world with as many as six or seven challenges.

  • A ridiculously entertaining game
  • Provides the best gaming experience to gamers
  • Very easy to use platform
  • Amazing challenge in the different levels
  • Its auto-camera is a bit faulty
  • Has a low level of difficulty


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1. Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros

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This is a platform video game that was developed by Nintendo for its entertainment system. The game is epic and a blast to play every step of the way. Players can easily venture through the various levels, with no restrictions on exploration. There are map screens introduced to players to give them a choice of where to go next.

  • The game has great features including a reserved item menu and map screens
  • Several items can be activated on the game’s maps
  • It provides an expansive adventure full of actions and many secrets
  • The product very easily accessible
  • It is a 20 platformer
  • The game’s version may not be appealing to many gamers



Fun, challenge and endless entertainment are all one can say about Super Mario Odysseys. With so several games to choose in this series, you can be assured of continuous entertainment if you are a video game lover.

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