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Top 10 Best Skateboard Wheels in 2018 Reviews

The skateboard is one of the most important parts of the skateboard that determines its durability and efficiency. This is the reason why you need a high-quality wheel made from a durable and hard composite material.

Best Skateboard Wheels in 2018

Besides this, the skateboard wheel should also have a greater contact path for a great performance. With high quality and smart skateboard wheels, you will be able to move at a higher speed and greater stability. Below are the top 10 best skateboard wheels in 2018.

10. Tiger Boards 59MM Skateboard Wheel

10-tiger-boards-59mm-skateboard-wheelThis is one of the top rated skateboard wheels that is designed to offer you excellent services. The skateboard wheel measures about 59mm and are the super soft wheel that allows for a quick movement. You will always find your favorite color as they come in a variety of bright colors.

They are very compatible with a number of skateboard sizes besides the Tiger skateboards. This is, therefore, one of the top rated skateboard wheels on the market that you will definitely love. Make your order today for the skateboard wheel and it will be delivered within the estimated time.


9. Bones STF Street Tech Formula Skateboard V4 Wheels



Are you looking for elegant and very durable skateboard wheels that will deliver you greater services? The Bones STF Tech Formula is the ultimate solution that will offer the ultimate services. The wheels offer a very comfortable ride.

It is made in the USA and white in color. This, therefore, implies that if you love the white colored skateboard, then these are the perfect 4 wheel set for your skateboard. Despite their high-quality nature, they are relatively cheap and affordable. Get them today for a great and comfortable ride.


8. Orangatang In Heat 75mm Skateboard Wheels


This is a four set skateboard wheel that is softer and grippier, hence will ensure a greater speed with stability. They have a durometer of about 86a, and this offers a slider/harder wheels that will easily move on any given surface.

They are also very unique as they are the only skateboard wheels that will be able to slide even when broken. Give them a try today and you shall never regret as they deliver beyond expectations.


7. Wonnv LED Light-up Skateboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings


Do you love high-quality skateboards that feature a high-density LEDs to decorate your skateboard? In case you need something unique, then this is the skateboard wheel to go for. The skateboard wheel has the ABEC-7 road runner bearing, hence very excellent and will guarantee quality and reliable services.

The high-intensity LEDs have multi-color lights that will spin when it moves. This is one of the world’s best skateboards on the market today that you will really love. They are available at a pocket-friendly price, hence relatively cheap and affordable. Light up your skateboard by getting these 4 set wheels and you will love its appearance.


6. Bones Wheels 100’s Skateboard Wheels


This is another high-quality skateboard wheel that delivers reliable and convenient services. It is made in the USA and will always offer you a very comfortable ride. They are able to move on any kind of surface and will assure you of a very high speed and stability.

Despite their high-quality features, they are available online at a pocket-friendly price. To get them today, you just need to make your order and they shall be delivered within the estimated time. They also come with a warranty.


5. Shark Wheel Sidewinder Skateboard Wheels


Do you love skating on rough terrains? In case you do, then you need high-quality wheels that will endure the rough surface for a higher speed and smooth movement. The Shark Wheels are the ultimate choice as they are designed to move on all surfaces including the rough terrain.

They are also known for providing a good slide control and due to their sine-wave shaped design, they are very fast. Enjoy a high-speed drive by getting these elegant skateboard wheels that will provide you a good slide control.


4. Sunset Skateboards Cruiser Wheel


This is one of those wheels that come with an ABEC – 9 bearing or a 4 pack. Once you decide to buy these wheels you will realize that they have been designed for offering a performance to their level best. They come with a small size and they are soft cruiser wheels.

This skateboard wheel is super smooth and it is designed using the brightest LEDs. These bright LEDs can glow for as long as 100,000 hours. The wheel is also highly affordable as it comes at a price that s below $50. You do not need batteries while using the wheel.


3. Sector 9 Slide Butterballs Longboard Wheels



This is a skateboard wheel that you can purchase with great confident that they will easily cruise and slide. Even if your wheels can be broken in, they will efficiently give you a smooth slide in an amazing way.

It comes at a pocket-friendly price to enhance its affordability to anyone who is interested in buying the amazing wheel. It leaves fatty lines behind due to the butter based urethane. The wheel rolls really fast and speed should not be an issue. The wheel also offers a consistent and smooth slide.


2. Ricta Clouds White 78a Skateboard Wheel


If you are looking for a skateboard wheel that will offer you lots of grip on the market, this is the perfect wheel that you are looking for. Apart from this, they will surely maintain the skateboard in motion. They are stunning wheels that you can use on manhole covers, twigs, crappy movements, electric covers, rocks and grates.

One of the great and amazing things about this skateboard wheel is that it is highly affordable and right now it is selling at a discount of $50. They offer a smooth rolling and comes with a modern shape. They come with 78A soft urethane and is usable even on the roughest surfaces.


1. Powell Peralta Rat Bones Re-Issue Skateboard Wheels


This skate wheel is not on our top list for no good reason. This is because it is a premium set of wheels which are known to come with an outrageously stylish design as well as a high quality. They are the kind of wheels that are highly durable and this means that if you make an informed decision of buying them, it will take you a really long time to go back in the market to replace it with another.

This skateboard wheel offers a smooth and free ride. The wheel comes with a diameter of 60 mm and a width of 44 mm. This gives a suitable surface for skating to any skating lover and comes with a hardness of 85a that enhances durability.


These are some of the top rated skateboard wheels that you will find on the market today. They are perfect and will always offer you top-notch and durable services.

This is because they are made from a high-quality material that will guarantee you great service. Get any of them today and you will enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride irrespective of the surface.







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