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Top 10 Best TV Wall Mounts in 2017 Reviews

Most people may not yet have come to the full realization of the importance of a good quality TV wall mount. Designed for the large, modern flat-screen TV sets, a TV wall mount secures the TV firmly in place, but it also improves the viewing experience since it holds the TV at a much more convenient position and angle. Even more, a great wall mount offers the TV greater flexibility, which allows you to enjoy the freedom of shifting positions in your room while still enjoying the optimal views.

Best TV Wall Mounts in 2017 Reviews

More importantly, you should note that different TV wall mount models may have some variations in their respective designs. For this, you need to do a good search in order to get the one that is most compatible with your TV set. The best model should also meet your demands, such as the viewing convenience you desire. It becomes quite a challenge to tell the best part, for many models of the same are currently flooding the market. Do not fret, though, for we have researched and highlighted the top 10 best TV wall mounts in 2017 reviews. With the following choices, you cannot walk without a great option for your TV wall mounting needs.

10. Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount

Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount

There is no disputing that flat panel TV sets cost several bucks, and you surely want to have yours well protected. At the same time, you need to position it where you get the real value for your money in terms of viewing convenience. To answer that, you can mount your TV on the wall easily by using the Sanus VMPL3-B Tilt Wall Mount, a heavy-duty product that brings the safety of your TV and your watching convenience together.

Great for up to 84-inch TVs, it can support as much as 280 pounds. Its designs allow for three-stud installation, offering you the added security you need. Moreover, the mount tilts.  As such, you are free to set your TV to your ideal viewing angle while you savor your favorite movies and shows. It is a simple to install one, providing seamless compatibility with most TV sets that
feature VESA mounting holes.


9. WALI WL-MA4602 TV Wall Mount

WALI WL-MA4602 TV Wall Mount

If your TV has four mounting holes horizontally and vertically separated, or if it weighs up to 88lbs, you have its perfect partner in the WALI TV wall mount for the best viewing experience. This is a full motion articulating mount to fit and safely hold the TV. It has a rotatable design that can also tilt and swivel, offering you the viewing experience you been dreaming for.

You will enjoy fixing this TV wall mount. This is because it comes with a good quality, standard mounting cable as well as other vital accessories, including bubble level and 6-ft HDMI cable. These further help in bettering your TV
viewing experience.


8. VideoSecu MW380B3 TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu MW380B3 TV Wall Mount

When you are looking forward to excellently mount any TV set from 32 to 65 inches on a wall, the VideoSecu MW380B3 could be your ideal solution. VESA-compatible, the mount is ideal for most TVs. It is strong enough to hold up to 165 pounds, while its lock-and-release system adds to the safety of your TV. With this mount, you can always get the ideal viewing angle no matter the size of your TV or angle.

It is designed to tilt, while its articulating arm offers the flexibility of moving it from the wall, swiveling it to your best position. VideoSecu MW380B3 is simple to install. The package includes an HDMI cable, game system, Blu-ray player, or HD-enabled cable box for purposes of smooth high definition TV content. You will find great value in purchasing it.


7. VonHaus Double Arm TV Wall Mount

VonHaus Double Arm TV Wall Mount

Also ranking among the best TV wall mounts is the VonHaus Double Arm Articulating Cantilever. It is a really strong model, durable and designed to deliver the best in its class. Despite the 2.7-inch low profile, this supports up to 100lbs TV set, securing it much closer and safer to the wall relative to most other models out there.

Moreover, the arms extend 14 inches off the wall and allow a 15-degree angle tilt. This is a wonderful feature in improving the flexibility to set the TV to your most desirable viewing angle. Not least is that the VonHaus is quite easy to install thanks to its straightforward but also compact design.


6. Mount-It! Swivel TV Wall Mount

Mount-It! Swivel TV Wall Mount

You wondered how a universal TV wall mount looks like? Do you need one? Mount-It! Swivel it, too. Okay, you got it in this high quality, high versatility model. One, the design is generous to conveniently fit most TV sets of 19 through 37 inches available on the market today. Again, great design the Mount-It! boasts such a full motion capability for rendering it the ideal solution for excellent corner installation needs or inside Television centers.

And the story doesn’t end there, for this mount further integrates a continuous tilt feature for allowing an even greater viewing angle while giving you greater flexibility for reduced glare. Another highlight is that it has a low profile design for keeping your TV close, and secure, to your wall.


5. VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

VideoSecu ML531BE TV Wall Mount

Also from VideoSecu, the ML531BE is another wonderful TV wall mount model you cannot over great design that fits 22 to 55-inch TV sets, it is sturdy enough to securely hold even 88lbs. This is credit to its high-grade steel gauge material built that also delivers on durability. This means greater value for your money, or you won’t be returning to the market for a replacement anytime soon.

This TV mount can also tilt—15 degrees forward and 5 degrees backward—providing you with the great chance to set it where you experience less glare and more viewing comfort. Choose VideoSecu ML531BE today and you will get a magnetic bubble level, HDMI cable, and standard mounting hardware for better, easier installation—all for free.


4. ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount

ECHOGEAR Full Motion TV Wall Mount

TV mounting gets a lot easier and fun when you use this wall mount. It is a wonderful and highly supportive full motion model that takes you thirty or fewer minutes to install. For upon purchasing it, you also get the most appropriate and simple-to-use mounting hardware. ECHOGEAR TV wall mount is made of heavy-duty materials that not only safely support TVs weighing up to 132lbs but again ensures commendable durability for long lasting value.

For the design, it is a great mount for 37 to 70-inch TVs. For those who need to regulate the glare, ECHOGEAR doesn’t disappoint. It can seamlessly tilt up to 15 degrees for a more customized viewing comfort.


3. Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB TV Wall Mount

Cheetah Mounts ALAMLB TV Wall Mount

And if yours is 23-inch TV, or one not exceeding 49 inches, you also cannot get it wrong with this Cheetah’s TV wall mount model. The ALAMLB is such an incredible choice for easy yet secure television mounting. In addition, it brings in the versatility of 180-degree swivel, up to 15-degree tilt, and 360-degree rotation. You can hardly get such flexibility with any other option in the competition.

Another feature that makes this mount even more impressive is a 20-inch extension which is collapsible to 2.5 inches. Such features as these no doubt offer you the best expectable TV viewing experience. Three Axis bubble levels and a 10-inch HDMI cable are included.


2. Mounting Dream MD2377 TV Wall Mount

Mounting Dream MD2377 TV Wall Mount

Yes, you can achieve your most desirable TV watching experience today thanks to the Mounting Dream MD2377, at the same time ensuring your television set is secure. This is an easy-to-install TV wall mount, coming with the needed installation hardware and clear manual guide. With its simple adjustment design, the Mounting Dream has managed to edge out most other models to become one of the most popular, most appreciated choices today.

It no doubt delivers on value, thanks to its robot welding technology for improved durability and lasting utility. A tilt of 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down is something else MD2377 offers, helping you avoid glare and enjoy your most fitting viewing angle.


1. Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Cheetah APTMM2B TV Wall Mount

Cheetah is here again, and now on top of the best. This is arguably the most popular TV wall mount available today. The Cheetah APTMM2B has a special design for great yet time-saving installation. It can swivel or rotate through 3 degrees, and it integrates a functional lock attachment, easy-adjust and easy-lift pull tabs for holding your expensive TV set most securely, and also allowing you to safely and conveniently pull down the TV.

Fitting 20 to 75-inch TVs, this mount is very VESA-compliant. What’s more, it is strong enough to support TVs weighing even a whopping 165lbs. Among included accessories are a 10-inch HDMI cable, twisted veins, and 6-inch 3 axis magnetic
bubble level.


What could be better than to watch your favorite TV show, movie, or any other desirable content from the most comfortable yet safe position? What about when you get such a wonderful experience while assured of the safety of your valuable TV set? Choosing a TV wall mount from the above reviewed models is the best way to go about it.







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