Top 10 Best MacBook Air in 2024 Reviews

Apple is a world leader in technology, offering high-end notebooks packed with innovation with its MacBooks. The ultra-slim, ultra-lightweight technology brings just one kilo on the scales and scores in return for up to 12 hours of battery life. Thanks to optimal energy efficiency, most fans do not need to install a fan – which makes the notebooks ultra-quiet.

Apple MacBooks are higher priced than equivalent devices from other manufacturers but can score for it with numerous advantages and comfortable operation. Available in a variety of configurations, they feature perfectly matched components to help you unlock the power of your MacBook. Selected software ensures high system stability and security.


Best MacBook Air Reviews

The MacBook Air is the notebook’s latest product line and was first launched in 2008. It is considered the thinnest notebook in the world and is only 17 mm high. As a result, the MacBook Air also has a lower performance than its relatives. Undoubtedly, the MacBook Air is not easy to miss: it’s Apple’s cheapest notebook, issued in just about every store, and it’s Apple, so it must be good.

And it is not bad, but today you do not have to avoid compact Windows notebooks when buying. On the contrary, they are significantly better than a few years ago and many are even better than the MacBook Air.

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 10. Mac mini

Mac mini (2014)

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The smallest and least expensive Mac is the Mac Mini. It’s barely bigger than a stack of DVDs and yet it’s a Mac. However, his once-astonishing performance is fading more and more: the Mac Mini stays at its 2014 level while all other models pass it. After all, you can also order the Mac Mini with a Fusion Drive. The combination of fast SSD and the large hard drive is worthwhile. Attention: All Mac mini models come without optical drive, mouse, and keyboard.

The Mac Mini is still the Mac for the entry, but already outdated. It is suitable for simple office work but also as a second device in the living room for connection to the TV. Since Apple has no real server in the program, the Mac Mini can also be used as a home or workgroup server. Whether Apple still upgrades the Mac Mini, expires it, replaces it with a successor or offers a simple modular Mac as a new mini, is completely uncertain as of November 2017. With a Mac Mini, you would put an older Mac on the desk or in the living room, which can not be upgraded.

9. 13-inch MacBook Air

13-inch MacBook Air (2015)

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The 13 “MacBook Air comes with 8GB of memory, a 5th generation Intel Core processor, Thunderbolt 2, great integrated apps and battery life for the whole day. * It’s thin, lightweight and so rugged that you can take it anywhere – and it has enough power for everything you want to do there.

The display dissolves with FullHD resolution and has IPS technology, which ensures that both Office applications, as well as films and games, can be displayed very well. Since the device is priced in the lower midfield, the purchase is especially worthwhile for those who are looking for a model with which you can play most new games on medium quality settings but still have to carry around no heavy block, if you want to carry it around with you.

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8. 15-inch MacBook Pro

15-inch MacBook Pro (2016)

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The iMac Pro, however, we expect for 2019. Or even the last days of the year 2017. Maybe even a little before, because on his website Apple calls December as an appointment, if not an exact day. We remember the Mac Pro, which Apple had announced in the summer of 2013 for the end of the year. The larger of the two variants was on December 27 in the Apple stores.

6. 12-inch MacBook

12-inch MacBook (2016)

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The MacBook Air is Apple’s most affordable mobile Mac, but clearly defined as a discontinued model. The 11-inch model no longer exists, only the 13-inch screen – and this is the last non-retina screen in Apple’s portfolio. With the Intel Core i5 processor from the Broadwell series and fast SSD drives, the MacBook Air still feels like an adult system.

However, all MacBook Air models lack an optical drive. Anyone who wants to play or burn CDs or DVDs must access an external drive here. After all, the price starts at affordable, albeit with only a very meager 128 GB of memory.

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5. 27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display

27-inch iMac with 5K Retina display (2015)

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The iMac is an all-in-one desktop computer. Only the processor of the entry-level model expects two cores, all other iMacs are equipped with quad-core chips. In addition, ex-works: eight gigabytes of RAM (surcharge up to 32 GB of RAM at 21.5 inches and 64 GB at 27 inches), fast graphics chips from AMD, wireless keyboard (Magic Keyboard) and mouse (Magic Mouse 2) as well as a 21.5 or 27 inch monitor.

In addition to the larger screen, there are a few minor differences: Both series work with the Intel chips of the youngest, the seventh generation: Kaby Lake, i5 or i7. The chips in the 27-inches have a slightly higher clock speed and only the large model Apple delivers with 64 GB of RAM, for a hefty surcharge, of course.

4. Apple Magic Trackpad 2 (MJ2R2LL/A)

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The Apple Magic Track Pad 2 is completely redesigned, the new Magic Trackpad 2 features a built-in battery, Force Touch, a much larger surface, and pairs automatically with your Mac. It has our force sensors under the surface of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 detect subtle differences in how much pressure you apply.

You get increased functionality and a deeper connection to your content. Lots of workspaces the edge-to-edge glass surface area of the Magic Trackpad 2 is nearly 30 percent larger than the previous Magic Trackpad. Long-lasting power: your Magic Trackpad 2 stays powered up for about 1 month after every charge. The low profile design makes scrolling and swiping through your favorite content more productive and comfortable than ever.

3. MacBook Air 11 inch Core i7 1.8GHz

MacBook Air 11 inch Core i7 1.8GHz July 2011

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The MacBook Pro models are suitable for creative professionals. The retina display is especially popular with photographers, as it is particularly suitable for displaying photos but also for HD videos. Whether you want to pay the surcharge for the touch bar, is up to you. The generation of 2015 will probably not belong in the offer for those who do not want to dispense with proven interfaces or buy adapters.

A discrete graphics card from AMD’s new Polaris series, however, has to offer only the 15-inch MacBook Pro, whose prices begin but also at full 2700 euros. Somewhat cheaper is the 13-inch model, with a touch bar from 2000 euros and in a version with the conventional function keys for 1700 euros. The model from 2015 is still available in a variant, 15 inches, with quad-core i7 from 2250 euros to have. Allen MacBook Pro is also the SSD in common.

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7. 21.5-inch iMac 21.5-inch iMac (2017)

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The new iMac Pro has it all and not just to bridge the wait on the modular Mac Pro. As a workstation for video editing, audio production, architecture and CAD in general, as well as for scientific calculations, the iMac Pro is positioned in a price range beyond 6000 euros, bringing a high-quality display – the iKac 27 inch 5K display – but also at the same time.

The iMac Pro wants to convince above all with up to 18 cores of the Xeon processor and 10Gbit Ethernet. Variants with 8 and 10 cores will also be on offer. Apple has not yet come up with any specific pricing, but the 18-core processor could easily come in the dimensions of a fully-featured Mac Pro with maximum RAM.

2. 13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (2017)

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The devices of the new design offer a brighter screen at the same resolution than the models from 2012 to 2015, and the processors have now brought Apple up to date. The special feature of the Macbook 2016/17 is the Touch Bar called multi-touch bar, which has even integrated a fingerprint sensor, with which one either log on the computer or in the countries where this is possible via Apple Pay on websites paid. The Touch Bar does not replace the trackpad but complements it.

This has even become twice as large in area, also because Apple could save on the keyboard space, the Macbook known butterfly mechanism finds its way. Overall, the MacBook has become even thinner and lighter, the 13-inch model is now even slimmer than the same size MacBook Air.

1. Apple MacBook 12 inches Intel Core i5

Apple MacBook 12 inches Intel Core i5

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The MacBook Air models are particularly suitable for frequent travelers, where on the way every gram of weight savings counts. In addition, the devices are very popular with educational institutions. But even with a large iCloud photo library, you have to make significant compromises. 128 GB are no longer up-to-date and even 256 GB are not lush.

The most important purchase criteria for Apple MacBooks

  • Operating System: Mac OS Sierra is the current operating system
  • Display: 11 “to 15” with multiple display resolutions up to 2880 x 1800 pixels
  • Storage: up to 512 GB of flash memory for fast data processing
  • Main memory: min. 8 GB of RAM for smooth application of compute-intensive apps
  • Processor: Dual-core or quad-core Intel Core with up to 3.4 GHz processor power
  • Interfaces: USB, HDMI, WLAN, Bluetooth, Thunderbolt
  • Technical extras: pre-installed apps, HD camera, LED backlight, keyboard illumination, fingerprint scanner
  • Case color: Silver, Gold, Space Gray or Rose Gold
  • The brilliant display on the retina display: Modern Apple MacBooks are equipped with a Retina display. This is an LCD display with such a high dpi number that individual pixels are no longer recognized by the human eye. A 15 “display has more than five million pixels and is thus higher resolution than many high-definition televisions.The high dot density ensures razor-sharp images in brilliant colors – but the displayed images must also have a correspondingly high-resolution Retina display is pleasant to the eye and looks very realistic.
  • Wireless technologies on the Apple MacBook: Cables were gone – except for the MacBook Pro, the physical interfaces on the Apple MacBook have been kept to a minimum. Via a practical HUB, you can easily connect USB or HDMI cable to the notebook. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are supported by many apps for easy wireless connection to other devices such as routers, printers, and even headphones. Cloud services like iCloud or Time Machine make data backup a breeze.
  • Simplified operation with Force Touch trackpad: With the multi-touch trackpad, they interact in an easy way with the contents of your display. Zooming in and out can zoom in closer or farther away while rotating can adjust images and many other features make it easier to use. The trackpad can be clicked anywhere without a button and the right mouse click is still possible.


Apple MacBooks are optimally configured in each version and equipped with the same apps. Therefore, before you buy you should think about what you want Apple to do first and how much power you need. If your main concern is to always have your notebook with you, then a comparatively inexpensive MacBook Air is a good choice.

The lightweight has enough storage space and performance to fulfill numerous office tasks both professionally and privately. For graphics-intensive applications and gaming, make sure you grab a MacBook Pro. The notebook is designed for professional use and more than makes up for the higher price of its comfort features.

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