Top 10 Best High-Back Executive Chairs in 2024 Review

Working for long hours in the office- sometimes you are multitasking- can be a nightmare if your chair isn’t comfortable enough. Is your current chair comfortable? Which features does it have on your back, head, arm, and legs comfort? Does it have lumbar support or do you keep complaining of lower back pains? With a quality high-back executive chair, you get to enjoy maximum comfort in the office or at home due to the emphasis they put on the posture of each of your body parts.

The chairs vary in regards to their height adjustability, materials used, rolling wheels, color, and sturdiness- all these lead to price variations. With this review article, you will get all the help that you need in deciding the right high back executive chair to buy.


Best High-Back Executive Chairs Review

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10. Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair

Flash Furniture High Back White Leather Executive Swivel Chair

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Give your office or study room a contemporary look with this white high back chair with a black frame and base, secure tilt lock mechanism, and a waterfall seat design. It has a memory foam padding on both the seat and the armrests for your sitting comfort. You will be able to adjust the height of this chair between 18.75 – 22.5 inches and the armrests between 26.75 – 30.5 inches from the ground. The backrest is 27 inches high, making this chair a good option for you if you are a tall person.

The cover is a mixture of leather and polyurethane, meaning that it is durable and have an incredibly soft feel. Its white color is beautiful to the eye and will complement your office finish so that you and your visitors feel fresh and rejuvenated when in the office. The tilt adjustment knob and the waterfall seat design takes care of your health by ensuring that your body positioning is as you would wish it to be and that blood flows freely all over your body.

The seat is 20.5”W x 19”D so that you will fit in well regardless of your size. Although you can opt to lock the chair’s wheels so that they do not roll, they are designed in a way that you can remove them altogether, and the chair will still look great. If you have a young kid or you intend to give the seat to a senior citizen, removing the wheels will be a good idea.


• Beautiful white color.
• Assembling is easy
• Easy to adjust.
• Comfortable and stylish.
• Cheap but of good quality.
• Wheels roll easily.


• Lower back brace is slightly uncomfortable.
• Some materials are hazardous. You will not be able to return it.
• Arms wiggles slightly.

9. BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather, Black

BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather, Black

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Make your living room, study room, or office more comfortable and modern with this 20”W and 360 degrees swivel high back office chair. There is a lever on the right side of the chair that enables you to raise or lower the chair depending on your height or the luxury you desire, within a range of 19-23 inches. If you are 250lbs. And below, then this chair is right for you.

Its seating and back surfaces are made of an easy-to-wash and dust-resistant leather material and are well so you can work or study for long hours. The stitching on the leather cover is done with utmost precision and professionalism to ensure that the seat is durable. To add to your comfort, this chair has cushioned, leather armrests. You will sink into this chair, lean back, swivel smoothly, roll around with ease, and enjoy answering phone calls or typing on your computer all day long without showing the slightest signs of fatigue. Assembling this chair is easy and convenient as the screws are few.


• Adjustable height.
• Easily assembled.
• Smooth 360 degrees swivel.
• Metal base
• Cheap and affordable.


• Lacks lumbar support.

8. Sadie Leather – Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support (HVST331)

Sadie Leather - Ergonomic Adjustable Swivel Chair with Lumbar Support (HVST331)

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With the help of a three-knob adjustable asynchronous control, you will not only be able to adjust the height but also the arms, seat back recline, and the back support of this comfortable and classy high back executive chair. It is 16 -5/8″ high from the floor, but you can adjust it up to 20 – 1/4″. If you are a tall person and you have not been lucky finding a chair that is made for your height, then this is the chair that you should consider buying. The chair swivels and rolls smoothly and luxuriously.

For your added comfort, this chair is cushioned and covered with a quality leather material on both the sitting and back surfaces, as well as an adjustable lumbar support system added to keep your lower back protected. With a weight capacity of 250lbs. And measurements of 26¼”W x 24″D, this chair is made to accommodate people of all sizes. You will have an easy time following the installation instructions and with only 12 screws and about six parts to screw in; the entire assembling process will take you less than 20 minutes to complete.


• Good height.
• Beautiful design.
• Smooth swivel and rolling.
• Easy to assemble.
• Has a lumbar support system.
• Durable.
• Wheels will not destroy your carpet.


• The foam padding is a little too soft.
• Installation instructions are many; tedious to read through.
• Heavy to lift or carry.

7. LCH Kadirya executive Office Chair – Adjustable Angle Recline Locking System and Flip-Up Arms

LCH Kadirya executive Office Chair - Adjustable Angle Recline Locking System and Flip-Up Arms

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Relieve your legs and lower back a great deal of pressure with this high back executive office chair whose lumbar support system is complemented by a waterfall seat edge to redefine your sitting comfort. If you spend long hours sitting at your computer desk, then this chair was designed with you in mind. You will be able to adjust your chair to the angle and height of your comfort while its unique angle recline locking system keeps it in the exact position you need it to be. As for the sitting surface, it will not flatten even if you sat on it for a whole 24 hours; its soft but firm padding and the bonded leather cover are incredibly soft and give you the ultimate comfortable feel.

The armrests are padded, leather-covered, and flappable so you get to choose when to or not to use them. To give you an upright posture, this chair has a headrest placed precisely where your head is- you will not have to slouch your head to be comfortable. This chair has a sturdy frame, stable nylon base, and smoothly-rolling nylon wheels that can carry a weight of as much as 250 pounds. You’ll get many videos on YouTube that will guide you through the installation process. Ten minutes are all you need to have the chair assembled and ready to use.


• Perfect waterfall seat edge.
• Well-positioned lumbar support and headrest
• Flip-up armrest.
• Quality and extremely soft leather
• Sturdy frame and base.


• Height adjustment levers are a little bit fragile.
• Bulky to carry.

6. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Design Chair

TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Design Chair

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Low on a budget? Are you 330 pounds or less? Are you tired of taking pain pills for back, head, shoulders and neck pains every time you work for long hours at your office or computer desk? TOPSKY Mesh Chair is the chair that will give you all that and still maintain high office elegance and modern appearance.

You will be able to adjust its height and lumbar support position with ease. It is wide and high enough for big guys, the armrests are well in place & adjustable up and down, while the foam used for seat padding is dense, firm & comfortable. With the unique skeletal back frame, this chair gives you enough air circulation so that you don’t soak in sweat on a hot day while the high-density mesh holds you safely in the chair when you decide to sit in.


• Cheap and affordable.
• Light to carry around
• Smooth rolling
• Adjustable armrest.

  • Headrest doesn’t adjust up and down
  • Many unlabeled screws will give you a headache when assembling.
  • Thin padding at the front of the seat.

5. Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair High Back Swivel Computer Desk Task Chairs

Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair High Back Swivel Computer Desk Task Chairs

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Are an online gamer, a student, or you work in the office? This chair is worth your attention- Beautiful, classy, sturdy, unique design, 360 degrees swivel, and designed to adapt to all body sizes. You can adjust the height, backrest height, armrests, and the headrest of this chair using a hydraulic lever system that is easy and safe to use. The lumbar support system is a masterpiece- beautiful in design and extra stable for maximum comfort on your lower back.

The perforated back and headrest will give you a cool breeze from behind for body heat control when working for long hours while the cross frame at the back strengthens the chair for your swiveling safety. As for your floor, the wheels are designed to exert the least possible pressure meaning that your floor is safe. The frame, on the other hand, is sturdy enough to carry as much as a 300 pounds person and still swivel and roll freely so that you multitask and communicate with your colleagues as you desire. It comes with a few bolts and screws- you will install this chair within no time.


• Unique design
• Easy to assemble.
• Sturdy frame.
• Not bulky.


• Scratches easily.

4. VIVA OFFICE Executive Mesh Chair

VIVA OFFICE Executive Mesh Chair

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This chair comes with 2-year free component exchange meaning that if you take good care of it, it will serve in your office for as long as you wish. High back, mesh seat, beautiful grey base, and a mesh fabric at the back are some of the comfort features that this chair brings to your office. The mesh seat, in particular, has single-layer hollow padding whose ergonomic concave design offers you an extraordinary relaxation experience.

VIVA OFFICE chair is designed to carry a weight of 250 pounds or less, but its adjustable height accommodates both tall and short people. Speaking of height adjusting, the chair has a pneumatic piston that helps you to adjust with easy and to lock in safely. You can change the headrest back and forth for extra comfort or remove it when need be.


• Great back support.
• Firm but soft cushion.
• Easy to recline.


• Not suitable for plus-size people.
• The back mesh sags with excessive reclining.

3. LCH High Back Executive Office Chair-Reclining Napping Computer Desk

LCH High Back Executive Office Chair-Reclining Napping Computer Desk

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Redefine your office mobility and napping experience with this high back executive office whose unique angle recline locking mechanism and heavy duty nylon base and nylon rolling casters are like no other. The chair is unbelievably large and sturdy for its cost, so you will multitask and move around without straining your body.

The lumbar support for this chair is exceptionally comfortable while the PU leather cover is soft and robust for improved relaxation. This is complemented by the waterfall seat edge and a footrest that relieves pressure from your legs and allows a continuous blood flow. The chair comes with elaborate installation instructions, so you will quickly assemble it.


• Straightforward assembling guide
• Nice looking.
• Sufficient padding
• Gives you a good value for money.


• Huge and bulky.
• Wheels not right for laminated floors.

2. La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

 La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

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If you are planning to add a classy brown chair to your office, La-Z-Boy Delano is an excellent option for you. Its seat and back cushions are firm and uniquely contoured for added strength and extra elegance. The cross base and the armrests are a premium wood finish that matched perfectly with the rest of the chair. The seat, on the other hand, is made with five layers of padding and its edge is a waterfall design for free full-body blood circulation.

If you are 400 pounds or less, this chair will support you perfectly well. The chair is designed with lumber, head, and armrests are all top-notch. As for assembling, the chair is shipped together with an adequately informative installation guide and some of the necessary installation hardware.


• Extremely comfortable.
• Sturdy and firm
• Doesn’t destroy the floor.

  • None

1. Halter EY-14A Fully Assembled Ergonomic Reclining PU Leather Executive Office Chair

Halter EY-14A Fully Assembled Ergonomic Reclining PU Leather Executive Office Chair

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The precise stitching, stunningly beautiful finish, and elegant brown & black color blending makes this chair stand out from other high back chairs to top the list. To emphasize how fantastic this chair is, it comes fully assembled and ready for you to sit in and roll around your office smoothly and nicely.

What’s more, it has a two-year warranty; you are guaranteed of a long-term relationship with this chair. Its lumbar support, backrest, headrest, seat edge are all top-notch and user-friendly. The materials- wood and PU leather- used to make this chair adds to its durability.

  •  Fully assembled
  •  Well stitched.
  • Unmatched comfort
  •  Stunningly beautiful.
  •  None.


Don’t be apprehensive about replacing that uncomfortable chair that is giving you pains from left, right, and center. The list of high back chairs in this review article are well reviewed and cost-effective; you will get a good value for your money by purchasing either of them.

In most cases, you’ll need to assemble the chair yourself, which may be challenging, but the hassle is nothing compared to the comfort you get after that. Bite the bullet and grab one for your office or study desk at home. That will be among the best decisions you have made this year.

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