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Top 10 Best Holy Stone Drones in 2019 Reviews

If you are searching for drones that look high-tech and powerful, then Holy Stone drones are your better option. Holy Stone drone refers to as a remote-controlled device that incorporates features designed for ease of use.

This is an aeronautics device that will exhibit all flying experiences memorable. It provides the pilots with all experience and the chance for enjoyable flights and to enjoy smooth flights because of its capability of performing tricks and flips, the capability of both capturing still photos and video hence proving its durability. This drone is incredibly reliable and durable. It features long-lasting battery.

Best Holy Stone Drone Reviews

Holy Stone HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone for Kids Gift Portable Pocket Quadcopter with Altitude Hold 3D Flips and Headless Mode Easy to Fly for Beginners
Holy Stone HS170 Predator Mini RC Helicopter Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis Gyro 4 Channels Quadcopter Good Choice for Drone Training
Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee Mini Racing Drone RC Quadcopter RTF 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro with 50KMH High Speed Headless Mode Wind Resistance Includes Bonus Battery
Holy Stone U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera 2.4 GHz 6-Axis gyro RC Quadcopter for Kids with Headless Mode, One Key Return and Low Voltage Alarm, Easy & Safe to Fly, Includes Bonus Battery
Holy Stone HS170C Predator 2 Mini RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera 2.4Ghz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro Helicopter,Color Black
Holy Stone HS230 RC Racing FPV Drone with 120° FOV 720P HD Camera Live Video 45Km/h High Speed Wind Resistance Quadcopter with 5.8G LCD Screen Real Time Transmitter Includes Bonus Battery
Holy Stone HS160 Shadow FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Wi-Fi Camera Live Video Feed 2.4GHz 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter for Kids & Beginners - Altitude Hold, One Key Start, Foldable Arms,Bonus Battery
Holy Stone F181C RC Quadcopter Drone with HD Camera RTF 4 Channel 2.4GHz 6-Gyro with Altitude Hold Function,Headless Mode and One Key Return Home, Color Black
Holy Stone HS110D FPV RC Drone with 720P HD Camera Live Video 120° Wide-Angle WiFi Quadcopter with Altitude Hold Headless Mode 3D Flips RTF with Modular Battery, Color Black
Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Live Video 1080P HD and GPS Return Home Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle WIFI Camera Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range

10. Holy Stone HS190 Headless Mode Foldable Mini Drone

Holy Stone HS190 Headless Mode Foldable Mini Drone

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HS190 is foldable, small, and portable holy stone with advanced features. From one key landing and takeoffs, this could come back to pilot function.

HS190 is undoubtedly the most unique contributions. It has a capability of delivering the best experience. For those who like foldable, miniature, drones, then this should be their choice!

Key Features
  • Features altitude hold function 
  • Portable and affordable
  • One Key return
  • High Rotational Speed
  • LED light system
  • Automatically come back
  • Can operate by a beginner
  • Easy to carry



9. Holy Stone 2.4Ghz HS170 Predator

Holy Stone 2.4Ghz HS170 Predator

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It is specifically designed for both experts and beginners. HS170 doesn’t feature ideal transmission range yet stable and responsive. It is optimal for nighttime, indoor, and outdoor flying.

It also features three modifiable speed modes for quicker flying.  It features a headless mode selection for trainees as well. HS170 incorporates 6-axis gyro technology which will offer you stability and enable you to accomplish some perfect rolls and 3D flips.

Key Features
  • 2.4GHz Technology
  • Wind-Resistant Control
  • 6-axis gyro technology
  • Features a headless mode
  • Stable and responsive
  • Adaptable speed mode
  • Lightweight
  • During windless condition not perfectly stable
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8. Holy Stone HS150 2.4GHz Bolt Bee

Holy Stone HS150 2.4GHz Bolt Bee

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Mini HS150 is known for its speed, handling, and agility. It also includes more speed modes. The HS150 is, therefore, offering a hectic experience, especially indoors flying over tight spaces is so challenging.

Ideal for many beginners to the professional flyer, the HS150 provides dual high-powered batteries to enhance your flight time while still enjoying every moment of flight. 

Key Features
  • 2.4GHz Technology
  • 6-axis gyro technology
  • Functional Modular design
  • Modular Li-Po Battery
  • Offers excellent stability
  • Accelerate very fast
  • Easier to control
  • Not suitable for outdoor

7. Holy Stone U818A

Holy Stone U818A

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Opting for your penultimate selection, it’s the U818A. This drone has ideal features, performance, and price. The drone also features inbuilt 6-axis gyro stabilizers unit that offers the device with all the responsiveness and stability that a beginner requires. It also incorporates the headless mode necessary for flying easily. 

The unit also includes the return home function for automatic craft recall. The system is also embedded in 2.4GHz 4 frequency controllers to allow for better flight. You will also get a spare battery that will enable me to efficiently multiply by 2 the drone’s flight time.

Key Features
  • Includes 720p HD camera
  •  360 flips function
  • Multi-axis gyro
  • The headless mode
  • Uses headless mode for control
  • More stable • Quality capture
  • Extra Li-PO battery
  • Easy to fly
  • None

6. Holy Stone HS170C 2 Mi i RC Predator Quadcopter Drone

Holy Stone HS170C 2 Mi i RC Predator Quadcopter Drone

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Holy Stone HS170C 2 Mini RC Predator Quadcopter Drone offers consistent HD recording which dependably produces high-resolution videos and pictures. This system is stable and can be upgraded with Micro SD Card of 4GB.

The featured in 3D flip allows the system to go left, right, backward, and forward while accomplishing 360-degree flips. It also incorporates a key return and headless mode that work well for all levels of holy stone drone flyer.

Key Features
  • Perform 360 flips
  • High-resolution camera
  • 6-Axis Gyro unit for stability
  • Move towards any direction
  • Ideal resistance • Cheaper for Beginners
  • offers more stability
  • None

5. HS230 RC Racing from Holy Stone

HS230 RC Racing from Holy Stone 

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HS230 RC Racing from Holy Stone ensures quick and fluent live video transmission. This drone features a top-quality camera that Captures and record high definition video. The process of installing modular camera is easier. There is a pair of powerfully integrated batteries plus 2 USB cables for charging this drone and also 1 robust battery along with 1 charging cable necessary for the transmitting device. You can enjoy the extended flying time.

Key Features
  • 360 flips function
  • 2.4GHz operating frequency
  • Multi-axis gyro
  • Incorporates 720p HD camera
  • The headless mode
  • 2 USB cables
  • Quick and fluent live video transmission
  • Easy installation of a modular camera
  • Captures and record high definition video
  • Ideal for entertainments
  • None


4. Holy Stone HS160 2.4GHz Shadow

Holy Stone HS160 2.4GHz Shadow

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HS160 appears like high-tech device. However, with its foldable arms, it becomes portable and ideal for outdoor and indoor flight. The most outstanding feature of this unit is VR compatibility.

The unit also featured in gravity sensor mode, enabling you to use the Android and iPhone fly the drone. Additional features of HS160 consist of 720p HD camera, 4-speed modes, and attractive nighttime LED lights.

Key Features
  • Blades are flexible and foldable
  • Portable • 4-speed modes included
  • Nighttime LED lights • Modular batteries included
  • 720p HD camera • Gravity sensor mode
  • Great performance and excellent control
  • Packaged incredibly well
  • It offers safer and ideal flight experience
  • Susceptible to breakdown
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3. Holy stone F181 and F181W

Holy stone F181 and F181W

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It features headless mode ideal for beginners. Both versions also feature the altitude hold function, one-key return function, and 360-degree version, and even incorporates a spare battery responsible for additional flight time.

The flight performance of Holy Stone F181 is excellent. It features a shorter battery life. With stability, durability, 4-speed modes, and astounding nighttime visibility. It’s got attractive demand and is beginner-friendly.

Key Features
  • Altitude hold function
  • one-key return function
  • 360-degree version • spare battery
  • Excellent flight performance
  • Astounding nighttime visibility
  • 4-speed modes
  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Shorter battery life


2. Holy Stone HS110D RC FPV Drone

Holy Stone HS110D RC FPV Drone 

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HS110D RC FPV from Holy Stone can enable you to do live video transmission rapidly. This unit features a top-notch camera that takes and record high definition video. However, you can enjoy extended flying time with 3.7V 1000mAh.

Stable, easy, flight experience qualifies this unit to be ideal for newbies, beginners, starters, kids,  The modularized camera and battery design provide more safety and convenience. 

Key Features
  • Altitude hold
  • WiFi Quadcopter
  • D Flips RTF
  • 120 Wide-angle
  • Incorporates 720p HD camera
  • The headless mode
  • Easy installation of a camera
  • High-quality camera 
  • Ideal for entertainments
  • None 

1. Holy Stone GPS HS100 FPV RC Drone

Holy Stone GPS HS100 FPV RC Drone 

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Holy Stone HS100 refer to an intelligent drone, incorporated with an innovative GPS system, designed to trace the drone. The in-built high-quality camera enables you to capture aerial footage. The unit has a capability of automatically following you keeping the camera overhead all the times, taking your every move.

With powerful battery, you can achieve ultimate flight times, providing you with broad flight experience. This unit is unique in a sense that it features inbuilt Return-to-Home which is GPS assisted flight.

Key Features
  • Include inbuilt Return-to-Home
  • 90 Adjustable angle
  • Follow Me Mode
  • FPV Wi-Fi Camera
  • Altitude Hold
  • Innovative GPS system
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Automatically come back
  • Help achieve ultimate flight time
• Expensive Conclusion


Key Things to Look Out for When Selecting Holy Stone Drones

Before you purchase a holy stone drone, here are key things you need to consider:

  • Design: Due to technological advancement, drones are also becoming more advanced. Therefore, consider selecting modern designs that incorporate GPS capability that will enhance control.
  • Flight height: Obviously, you should not let your device fly beyond the recommended height otherwise it will crash. Therefore, pick a device that suits your height requirements.
  • Portability: Always consider portability whenever you are looking out for holy stone drones. For more convenient and reliable services, you will require picking a portable one.
  • Battery life: This is yet another aspect you need to have a look at before you acquire a drone. When you are carrying out your research, there is likely finding that many drones incorporate battery backup that lasts for six minutes. In case you are aiming to have more inclusive flight time, it is suggested that you buy a more costly camera or an extra battery.
  • Imaging System: The imaging unit of the holy stone drone you intend to purchase must be superb and with a capability of capturing smart photos. Holystone drone that features shutter speed, high definition property, sensor size, and an ideal ISO range.
  • Flight Reliability and Safety: It is likewise crucial for you to consider your flight’s safety before purchasing any holy stone drone. For a stable flight, the flight controller should undergo regular advancement so as to accept command.
  • Camera type: When shopping for drone you should not forget this factor. It is advisable to spot the exact camera type of your choice because some drones feature inbuilt ones. However, many people choose the drones which feature an inbuilt camera. The reason being, inbuilt cameras are lightweight and more functional.
  • Transmission System: Holy stone drones should incorporate good transmission system for ideal aerial photography. You need to acquire the one with this system.
  • Replacement parts: After you select holy stone drone, you’d require ensuring that can easily access replacement parts for it, since at one point you’ll get in circumstances where you’ll require them. Occasionally you wish to replace your landing gear, propellers, camera or motors. So, ensure that you select a model that features adequate replacement parts available. The best nowadays is that almost all beginner-friendly quads have replacement parts available.
  • Flying range: The drone’s flying range normally varies depending on your budget. For a cheap one, it goes up to 100m and for technologically advanced and more costly ranges from 0.6km-5km. If you happen to be electronics professional, then you can do some modification on these ranges and increase coverage. Bad Weather can also contribute to the poor signal quality and more interference of your drone.
  • Speed: If you are capturing the individual who is underwater and skydiving the speed is vital factor requires to be considered.
  • Type of controller: The drone can be controlled using Tablet controller or Joystick controller. For surveying or where required to have emergency reverse control, joystick controller seems to be more comfortable. With joystick handling jerks is somehow easy. Consequently, if you intend to capture a stunning or landscape images where you will enjoy full control of brightness, field depth then you opt for the tablet as your ideal option.


With above review, selecting the ideal holy stone drone is made easier. The ideal quality will always provide quality and excellent videos. These drones are extremely ergonomic due to its shooting experience. Since the holy stone drones incorporate longer flight time, capturing more videos and photos is very possible with the right selection.

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